8 Fundamentals of Business (In the New Paradigm)

Feb 03, 2021

6 Min Read + 16 Min Video

The New Paradigm is asking us to change up the manner in which we conduct business. Life purpose is not something to chase, it is something to align to. Getting real, vulnerable and honest with ourselves, this is the magic….

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Business Fundamental #1: Know Thyself!

You are the fundamental aspect of your business….this may come as a surprise to you! And knowing yourself at a deeper level than just what your mind tells you that you are! Going past the mind that is always giving ‘push back’ as to why you should be doing this or why you shouldn’t be doing that….Getting to the heart and soul of the purpose you are designed to serve is the core fundamental of your business. This is a switch because mostly we think we start a business to make money! Having Money as the Focus is a sure fire way to lose your connection to your purpose! The future is not money-centric, on the contrary, the future is focused on the integration of your spirit and the expression of your purpose as the core driver...Don’t get me wrong here, money is the paradigm we live in at the moment and when used correctly, it can enhance a person’s life….However, the future is designed around you…not money.

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Business Fundamental #2: Crafting your Message

You are your best client!! Most coaches and service-based businesses have a deep desire to help others because when they were in a painful place in their lives, they looked for help in solving their own problem. Who you are serving is most likely a version of yourself from your past…Begin to journal your past pain as this will be the place you will go back to as you connect with your audience. What was the outcome you were seeking when you needed help? And this may seem like we are jumping ahead a little….but let me assure you, skipping this step has cost me years of pain as I grew my business…This is the space where we begin to flush out the ideal client (because the reflection in the mirror was most likely the reason you began this process of becoming a coach and entrepreneur)


Business Fundamental #3: Your Business Finances

Now, it is critical to know that taking your coaching and serviced based business online or up-leveling your currently business will an investment….So knowing your finances will help alleviate stress in the future. Each step in this process has a price attached. So be prepared to make investments along the way. How will you fund the creation of this business and stay afloat while building before any paying clients are even walking in your door?


Business Fundamental #4: Operational Processes

The functionality of your business must have few barriers to entry for your client as possible (this is the reason we began with you as the 1st step). Not only are the tech systems important but your systems on your certainty level is also important. If you don’t have a seamless process and a quick hook to grab the attention of your clients in the first 2.7 seconds of hitting your site…they will most likely move on…They have a pain and need a ‘quick’ resolution….They want something to ease their pain so they can move forward in their life….and if you anything like me, you know, quick fixes don’t work, however, this is how you can get them in the door…nurturing and really get to the pain takes time but your client does not want to hear that.


Business Fundamental #5: Your Desire to Be of Service

Many call this part the ‘goal’….and most of the time this goal has a money value attached to it…causing this massive push pull inside as the essence of who you are is wanting to be of service and be fulfilled that way and the ‘business world’ tells you to set goals so you have a target….In my experience and that of my clients, setting monetary goals can create self-defeating talk if not achieved. And then the ‘push back’ of the conditioned mind takes you back into a space where the disappointment of not hitting the goal is the fear you always were scared of because you fear the self-degradation more than you actually fear not hitting the goal…I changed this for myself and clients by setting standards and letting the purpose be the lead factor and not the value of my ‘monetary’ attachment…Don’t get me wrong…money is good, but it has a valuation that is outside our skin…once the valuation of standards from inside of you is set…the money will come.


Business Fundamental #6: Sales and Marketing

This is the one area that most people have a problem with because we have all had an experience with a salesperson who was only wanting to ‘line their own pocket with your money’ and did not have your interests at heart… Been there and done that….However, this aspect is already taken care of if you actually did started with fundamentals 1 and 2…Your marketing will come from the messaging that comes from these two steps because the repour you are creating when you interact with your client on social platforms, diners with friends and family, casual conversations with people you meet and the groups you are in will produce the clients for your business….every interaction will be closing them on the sale because you are dropping wisdom and speaking to the pain you have already encountered…Your mission, vision and unique selling proposition will be build right into these conversations…AND FYI, the client you are speaking to wants to know the benefits or outcomes…all to often (and again, I am speaking from experience here) the features are not going to have your client buy….An ingredients list is good but it the benefit of using that particular mixture of ingredients that will have your clients buying


Business Fundamental #7: Your Brand

So often I see this where my clients are racking their brain to come up with a catchy business name or a logo….and trust me when I tell you this…your clients do not care what your logo is…they want to know if you can solve their pain. PERIOD. Let this piece happen naturally instead of creating the ‘brand’ and then trying to fit yourself into the brand…this agony sorts itself out in fundamentals 1 and 2 as I walk my clients through these exercises. You are your brand, not the logo or catch phrase….now is saying this, you will have special techniques, modalities, or processes you use to get your client from pain to elation…that will get flushed out in the program creation phase…


Business Fundamental #8: ASK FOR HELP

You are NOT designed to do it all! This the why fundamental #1 is critical before anything else….the busy work is where we lose connection to our ‘zone of genius’, this term is coined by Gay Hendricks. Forcing ourselves to learn and get better at something when there are tons of wonderfully capable people, we can bring in to consult or assist in our business is sooooo important. Stop the busy work and show up in your genius….this, my friend, is how you will change the world! Oh ya…and the piece of this that is the kicker….you have to be willing and able to receive this help. Without that psyche in place, struggle is inevitable


Did this seem Counter intuitive to all the other Business Books, Seminars and course you have taken??? Good! That is the point…. business is changing and the old paradigm is falling away.


I help coaches, entrepreneurs and spiritual practitioners use the new paradigm of business to create and refine their practices so they can attract the right clients and receive income based in purpose.  


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