Private Coaching 


Here are the different ways I can help...


Get a Solid Foundation


This 1- hour call is designed to help you:

  • trust your decision-making strategy
  • understand your purpose
  • live your design with confidence. 
  • integrate the Not-Self 


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Business Growth Audit

This 2-Hour call is designed to help you:

  • create a growth strategy
  • understand your buyer's behavior's
  • Using your Human Design and Gene Keys as the foundational tool for the action steps to up-level your business
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Human Design Business Integrated Solutions

The business landscape is shifting as we move closer to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. 

The coaching industry is on the rise as humanity sheds the authoritarian Cross of Planning and re-integrates the truest version of self. 

In the Human Design Business Integrated Solutions process, I help you create a world class offer and take it to the market in Your Way. 

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Love Yourself to a Higher Solution! 

Unlock and de-code the potential of your DNA/RNA


"You have changed my life. It's like you've filled in all the missing gaps that have hindered me from moving forward in my life. Never before have I felt more sure about who I am and where I am going, and it's such a comfort to know that it's all rooted in my own essence."


"If I could bottle Leann up in a bottle and keep her at my desk at all times I would. The information she shared with me about my chart has been so eye opening. BUT it's not just that. She was able to help coach me through where I have been blocked. It's only been a day since I talked to her but I've already started to work through my goals. Something that I have been procrastinating on for so long. I have a better understanding of who I am and the reason why I've approached things in certain ways and where I need to adjust to manifest more. I'm excited to see how her magic will work through me."


"I just wanted to share the immense gratitude I'm feeling for who you are, everything that you do and offer, and are bringing forward for me and my growth. I've had big little steps, and I couldn't have done them without you being who you are and helping me be who I am, and everything I'm learning in our process together."