Your Unique Blueprint for Prosperity and Self-Actualization



You are designed for abundance, a career where your skills are utilized correctly, or a profitable bottom line in your business. Prosperity doesn't have to be a mystery, it can be embodied with some simple energy alignments.

Join the movement towards peace of mind, deep satisfaction for your work, successful client relations and an awe inspiring life. 

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 Enter your birth data in the spaces provided (accurate time is critical). Get a free PDF of your uniqueness. 

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Why should the Prosperity Report be your next step? 

☑️Personalized Experience Just for YOU: This isn't a generic guide; it's YOUR manual to a well lived life and curated wealth. Meticulously customized to your unique design, providing you with practical insights to effortlessly align with your true nature. 

☑️Unparalleled Expertise: Leann is a seasoned professional she has masterfully integrated the wisdom of the Human Design system, going beyond mere information to offer you profound knowledge and guidance.

☑️Uncover Profound Depth: Immerse yourself in every facet—type, profile, centers, channels, gates, wellness and business. Knowledge truly is power, but only once it is embodied and experimented with. I am empowering you with an abundance knowledge and encourage you to go try it for yourself

☑️Ease in Decision-Making: No more lost sleep over decision making. With your personalized Blueprint, making decisions becomes a smooth process, perfectly aligned with your inner decision-making strategy

☑️Transformation is waiting for You: Your fullest potential, -money, wellness and relationships- all transform because you've gained a deep understanding of your unique design

☑️180+pages of precise insights to your  unique Human Design Chart

☑️Automatic delivery to your inbox

☑️Guided Shadow Work Prompts

☑️Ideal Business/Career Structures

☑️Business Skills and Team Building

☑️Gene Key Sequences to Enhance Your Human Design Experiment



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