Leann here,

My guess is, Human Design has found you, like it found me in 2012, and you are want to dig in and learn so much more about yourself! 

I appreciate that you are here and I would love to assist you with living your best life, operating a solution-focused business and creating relationships that are meaningful.  

My Home is My Sanctuary and My Work Defines Me!

 I wear many hats…I am a Wealth Coach, a Wife, a Cattle Rancher and Course Creator….

However, back in 2012, I was also locked into a career that was wearing me down…

I had it all….a very lucrative career, a farm that was growing, a husband who was working towards his goals and yet….

I was stressed to the max; my body was so inflamed, and sleep was never recharging my battery….

And one day as I was driving 110km/hr down a busy highway and I feel this sensation of heat was building in my chest and moving up into my head, I¬†blacked out¬†for a few seconds‚Ķ.and I hear my mind say ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt have time to be sick‚Ä̂Ķ.totally not giving any thought to the fact that I was hurling a pickup truck down a busy highway!!¬†

There had been a feeling inside of me that began about 3 years prior to this moment…I just knew that when the company I was working for was making a pivotal business adjustment, I was not going to be a part of that change… 

And this blackout moment was my wake-up call to make the change necessary for me to step into my purpose driven life and honor my calling!

And this is how I changed it!

So In 2012 I walked away from a that career to focus on doing what I love and loving what I do‚Ķ.I took a few months to decompress and then one day I was at my computer and I typed in ‚Äėnew age business‚Äô‚Ķand the system that I use today to help my clients came to me in that moment‚Ķ

When we ready to step into our purpose, the Universe Supports Us.

For the last 8 years, I learned, studied, tested, experimented and shared this system with my clients….and today I am grateful for The Human Design System as it has allowed me to stand in my purpose in my life and in my business…

And I get to¬†live that purpose everyday‚Ķfull of¬†satisfaction¬†and feeling like I am living¬†¬†‚Äėon point‚Äô¬†and no longer stressed or distracted‚Ķ

My heart is full of gratitude and my life is filled with effortless momentum!! 

Thank you. Your friend, I appreciate You!


 P.S. My Hope is that I can assist you in living your best life as well!

My credentials:

BG5/OC16/Profit Potential Consultant - BG5 Business Institute

Human Design Analyst *includes partnership, cycles, and transits sessions)-IHDS

Family Practice (pending final assignment submission), Child Development- IHDS

Holistic Analyst and Differentiation Practitioner (pending Thesis submission) - IHDS

Business Coach- Life-Work Resources INC

That’s how I can help you;

  • When you look at your Human Design Chart, an felt overwhelmed, no worries, I can help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together.¬†
  • Want to learn the system and bring it into your own coaching program? Join the Self Study and mentorship¬†

  • Want laser focused coaching and business building, book a 1:1.



Why Clients Hire Me.....

With me as your mentor and coach, you get access to 10 years of Human Design wisdom, 25 years of coaching experience and the trial and error learnings I have experienced to create an online presence. I will help you align your custom solutions to your strengths and traits so you are in alignment to your business.

My totally open Inspiration (Head), Conceptualization (Ajna) and Identity and Direction (G) reflect back to you the mindset and self love that is waiting for you to align with it and build your entrepreneurial direction with certainty so you are inspired each day to live your best life. I can help you perceive your business differently so you can 'focus' on results. 

My undefined Instinctual Knowing (Splenic) and Emotional Intelligence (Solar Plexus) will hold space for your own wisdom of security and emotional mastery to be seen and honored. 

My defined Drive and Stamina (Root), Energy Resource (Sacral), Will Power (Ego/Heart) and Communication and Action (Throat) will help you discern the correct fuel for your business for your own freedom of time, the correct creative energy for content processes and how you want to work in or on your business, the correct willingness so you no longer compare yourself to others and finally, the manifestation of your life by taking aligned action ONLY and communicating your magic.



3 Steps to Align to Your Wealth Code

Simply integrate these steps for greater abundance and clarity. 

Yes, I want the freebie


3 Steps to Align to Your Wealth Code

Simply integrate these steps for greater abundance and clarity. 

Yes, I want the freebie