Mechanics vs. Application

Dec 18, 2019

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The Human Design System is addictive! We see our chart for the first time and our mind either goes, 'Whoa, I gotta figure this out' or it goes 'This is too much' and it does not absorb it at all!


My guess is you are the "Whoa, I gotta figure this out" kind of mind!' 


I began my study of the Human Design System in February of 2012 and once it bumped into me, I have been insatiably learning everything I can (and I still have 100's of hours of learning to go)! Yet, in my 7th year of living the system something happened.


The mind began to work with me vs. always standing in my way! I became really aware of the profound sense that I am truly here to watch who and what is entering my energy field and that the mind was willing to trust the response of the body.


Yes, the design works you and not the other way around.


The trick in all of this, get out of your head and seriously let the body make the motions! And wow... I have been able to witness experiences deeply with the highest sense of knowing I have ever had in my life. 


On many occasions in my life, I trusted my response. I had no idea what I was doing at the time yet I had a sense that I had to just move with my body.


Now, it is different. The package is coming together. My mind is doing the role of 'decoder' and the quietness of the mind is able to trust that the body is responding as the decision-maker.


Here are a few words of wisdom I can contribute to empowering you, my friend and fellow human design experimenter.


1. The Mechanics can not replace experimentation.

Studying the system is wonderful yet it becomes a game of the mind. The critical piece to this entire system is to literally watch yourself interacting with other people, watch how the mind wants to react, watch how the stories become a prison vs. a liberation of the experience, watch how breaking the old paradigms transcends the limitation that is the mind. The study, yes, yet the experimentation must take place! The deeper you settle into the surrender of the design working you, experimentation brings the most amazing 'vision' of life! 


2. Do not mix it with any other modality until at least your 7th year of actual experimentation.

The depth of this system stands on its own. There is no need to mix anything with it. Trust that it is all here and the deeper you study, the more fun you have experimenting and witnessing, the less likely you will feel the overwhelming need to combine this with anything! 


3. See conditioning with a new light.

When we first enter into Design, conditioning is the main topic and it is a big topic. Yet, conditioning is super important. Conditioning brings us closer to our wisdom. The openness is how we meet and interact with those that touch our lives. That openness is how we actually profit on this material plane! That is the reason Ra always said: "Become the Witness". It is more profound today for me than it was even 1 year ago! Each unique design is equipped to meet the life it was created to meet! Conditioning, shadow, influence, and wisdom, it all plays a role in the game!


4. HAVE FUN! There is nothing serious going on here.

We can not figure life out in the confines of the mind. Just take a moment to thank the mind and relax into trusting the energy field that your body is walking around within. Have fun as you have challenges and have even more fun when you gracefully breeze though. Just have fun!


The mechanics can get daunting. From the basic information to the deepest levels of Cosmology, we can get caught up in 'thinking' about all of it and this can most definitely clutter up the experimentation. 


We are beautiful specimens of the Macrocosm. Trust that your piece of the puzzle does fit in and will be called upon by those that need you!


Trust in the decisions from the body and let the mind be an ally.


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