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Propel your clients towards profound alignment and unprecedented success, while reclaiming your time and energy ‚ÄĒ no more sacrifices, just transformative growth

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Master Human Design to elevate your coaching effectiveness and business success

Are you tired of the relentless hustle, the constant push against resistance, only to find yourself and your clients spiraling into burnout? The era of taking massive, misaligned action is over. As a coach, leader, or entrepreneur, it's time to embrace a more enlightened approach. Discover the high-value skill of Human Design and transform the way you guide your clients and teams towards success.

With Human Design, you can:

  • Become an Authority in Your Field: Stand out with a unique, impactful approach.
  • Earn with Alignment: Align your business strategies and career aspirations with your core values.
  • Visionary Alignment: Seamlessly align your vision with your reality, ensuring every step you take is purposeful.
  • Unshakeable Purpose: Remain centered and unswayed, steadfast on your path.
  • Solid Foundations: Create robust processes in your business that yield remarkable results for your clients.
  • Permission to Dream: Empower yourself and your clients to envision and manifest the business of your dreams.
  • The Trifecta of Success: Earn authentically, attract fulfilling relationships, and maintain physical and mental well-being.

Human Design offers a groundbreaking approach that goes beyond traditional methods, fostering alignment, purpose, and balance. Embrace this transformative journey and redefine success on your terms

This container is a 12 month Commitment. 

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Transformative Benefits of Embodying Human Design

Embrace the Side Effects of Learning Human Design:

  1. Empowered Confidence: Gain the courage to assertively ask for what you deserve.

  2. Renewed Energy: Experience life with vigor and vitality, entirely on your terms.

  3. Career Clarity: Gain crystal clear certainty about the direction of your career or business.

  4. Deeper Awareness: Understand the essence of your attractions and life lessons.

  5. Joyful Perspective: Adopt a playful and uninhibited outlook, free from external judgments.

  6. Purposeful Living: Develop a grounded understanding of your purpose and passionately share your offerings.

  7. Wisdom in Action: Turn trials into wisdom, innovatively overcoming challenges.

  8. Aligned Motivation: Be inspired to take actions that are in perfect harmony with your life's path.

  9. Conscious Wealth Creation: Generate wealth purposefully and share it with your loved ones.

  10. Strategic Offers: Make precise, effective offers by understanding the exact problems you solve.

  11. Trusted Decision Making: Trust your instincts, even when they defy conventional wisdom.


My education is equivalent to a Human Design PHD and a Human Design MBA. (IHDS, and BG5 Business Institute Certified)

And I have now worked with over 2500 clients providing them with the intricate details of how to navigate in life, relationships and business with more awareness and better profitability! 
You will learn the finesse of chart reading and be highly educated in this Self-Study Program.

Most would describe me as their 'GO TO' Human Design Professional. The last 11 years in Human Design has allowed me to live more centered, operate a successful online business, and reside of a vast 360 acre peace of paradise with my beloved husband and our sacred animal family.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on this exploration of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence so you can show up for your clients is a new way and assist them with their path back to their authentic selves. 




Fostering Self-Reliance through Human Design

Empowering Clients and Teams for Sustainable Success:


In the dynamic world of coaching and leadership, the ultimate goal is not just to guide, but to empower. Our Human Design self-study course is meticulously crafted to provide you with the tools and insights necessary to foster a culture of self-reliance in your clients and team members.

  • Unlocking Personal Potentials: Learn how to use Human Design to identify and nurture the unique strengths and capabilities of each individual. This knowledge enables you to tailor your coaching and leadership approaches, ensuring that each client or team member can thrive independently.

  • Creating Self-Aware Leaders: By understanding their own Human Design, individuals you mentor can become more self-aware, making decisions that are in alignment with their true nature. This self-awareness is a cornerstone of self-reliance, leading to more confident and decisive individuals.

  • Enhancing Team Dynamics: Equip yourself with the ability to analyze and optimize team dynamics using Human Design principles. Understand how different designs interact, and create an environment where each member can contribute effectively while also growing independently.

  • Sustainable Growth and Development: Instill a mindset of continuous personal development in your clients and team members. With Human Design, they can continuously explore and understand themselves, leading to lasting growth and self-reliance.

  • Empathy and Understanding: Gain deeper empathy and understanding of the challenges and blockages your clients or team members may face. Use this insight to guide them towards solutions that they can independently implement.

  • Practical Tools and Strategies: The course includes practical tools and strategies that can be directly applied to help others find their path to self-reliance. Whether it's through individual coaching sessions or team workshops, you'll have everything you need to guide effectively.

Transform Your Approach:

As a coach, leader, or entrepreneur, this course offers you a transformative approach to nurturing self-reliance. Empower those you work with to not only achieve their goals but to also become self-sustaining individuals who can navigate their personal and professional journeys with confidence and clarity.

Yes, I want my people to have more self-reliance!

Your Comprehensive Learning Journey

Embark on a Deep-Dive Into Human Design


Modules 1-10: Self-Discovery Basics

Dive into a profound journey of self-awareness. Learn to distinguish between your authentic self and external influences. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for your unique expression, attracting the right vibes and opportunities. (Strategy and Authority, Centers Open and Defined, Channels/Strengths, Gates/ Attributes, Profile/Public Role, Incarnation Cross/Purpose, Streams of Awareness, Fear and Awareness) 

Modules 11-12: Mastery in Relationships


Explore the intricacies of human interactions. Understand how your relationships can transform beyond conditioned responses, making this a crucial area for Relationship Coaches to excel in. (Connection charts, electromagnetics, dominance, compromise)

Modules 13-16: Wealth Building & Entrepreneurship

Focus on what you're designed to offer others. These modules provide insights into creating effective solutions, building efficient teams, and honoring each individual's contribution ‚Äď a key area for Business Coaches. (Penta, Wa, Profit Centers, Offers, Business Structures)

Module 17: Wellness Insights

Discover how a strong and healthy body and brain can enhance mental performance. This section is especially relevant for Wellness Coaches, emphasizing the importance of physical health in overall success. (PHS, Rave Psychology, naturopathic insights)

Module 18: Family Dynamics & Children

Gain understanding of family relationships and support children in discovering their unique magic. This module is vital for Coaches specializing in Family and Child Development. (Raising Children in the Age of the Sleeping Phoenix, Family Pentas) 

Module 19: Navigating Life Cycles

Learn to track our Earth Plane's Luminaries and Learn to use the Life Cycles to support you on your path forward. Learn how different life cycles contribute to personal and business growth, offering a unique perspective on development and progress. (Transits, Life Cycles)

Bonus Material: Advanced Human Design Concept

For those who wish to delve deeper, additional materials explore the more intricate aspects of Human Design, perfect for the avid learner. (Rave Cosmology, Dream Rave, Student Manuals)

Now Includes 90 Days of Group Mentorship

Join a community of individuals, entrepreneurs and coaches who are embarking on a new way to lead their teams, families and clients to extortionary results. 

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The Human Design Coaching and Leadership School offers a transformative approach for coaches looking to specialize in their niche by leveraging the principles of Human Design.
This system, which synthesizes ancient wisdom with modern science, provides a unique blueprint of an individual's energetic makeup, offering deep insights into their strengths, challenges, and optimal ways of operating in the world. Here's how the school can assist coaches in specializing in their niche: 
  1.  Personalized Business Strategies: By understanding their own Human Design and that of their clients, coaches can tailor their business strategies to align with their natural energies. This ensures that their coaching practices are not only effective but also deeply fulfilling and sustainable.
  2.  Maximizing Energy Efficiency: Coaches learn to work in harmony with their natural rhythms and energy levels, leading to increased productivity and reduced burnout. This knowledge allows them to guide their clients in optimizing their schedules and tasks for better energy management.  
  3.  Improved Decision-Making: Human Design provides specific decision-making strategies based on one's type. Coaches can use this knowledge to make more aligned choices for their business and help their clients do the same, enhancing the quality of decisions and the direction of their coaching practice.  
  4.  Enhanced Leadership Skills: Understanding the Human Design of both the coach and their team members can lead to more effective leadership. Coaches can adapt their leadership style to improve collaboration, productivity, and business growth.  
  5.  Authentic Branding and Client Attraction: Human Design can guide coaches in crafting a brand and marketing messages that resonate with their true selves and attract the right clients. This leads to a more authentic and magnetic coaching practice.  
  6.  Specialized Coaching Offerings: With insights from Human Design, coaches can create specialized offerings that address the unique needs and challenges of their clients. This could include focusing on specific life areas such as career, relationships, or personal development, where Human Design can provide targeted guidance.  
  7.  Community and Mentorship: The school offers a supportive community and mentorship opportunities, allowing coaches to learn from others' experiences, share best practices, and refine their coaching skills in a collaborative environment.  
  8.  Certification and Credibility: While not all programs offer formal certification, completing training through the Human Design Coaching and Leadership School can enhance a coach's credibility and expertise in the field. This can be a significant advantage for those looking to stand out in their niche.  
In summary, the Human Design Coaching and Leadership School equips coaches with the knowledge and tools to deeply understand themselves and their clients, enabling them to specialize in their niche with offerings that are aligned, effective, and energetically sustainable. This approach not only sets the foundation for a thriving coaching practice but also fosters profound transformation and success for their clients

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn Human Design and join a Human Design Community that loves experimenting with the information.

Join our Self Study Course now and unlock the full potential of your unique design. Embrace purpose, abundance, and harmonious relationships. Experience the power of aligned decision-making and watch your life and business flourish.


"Honestly, I’ve never felt so excited to learn from someone who embodies and radiates this system so precise and abundantly. I’m loving the course, I’m so excited in where this will take me."


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"Learning Human Design from Leann is just what I needed to kick-start my business into a new level of mastery. I am showing up in my business with excitement instead of fear. My home life is becoming more peaceful and the kids are loving having a mom that has time to play and laugh."

 Shauna P


"Today class was a powerhouse and I just have to share that I was immediately able to use the knowledge with a friend on mine"



"As for human design, you are definitely a subject matter expert!"


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  • Immediate¬†Access to the FULL Human Design Self-Study Course.¬†Now Includes 12 months of Community Access.¬†

    - Source Material: Stay true to the original source so your deconditioning process is accurate

    - Specialize to Excel: Focus on the specialty that is highlighted in your experience. Relationships, Business, or Wellness specific paths to elevate your implementation.

    -Now Included: 12 months of Community Mentorship


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12 Month Commitment

Immediate Access to the FULL Human Design Self-Study Course. Now Includes 12 months of Community Access. 

- Source Material: Stay true to the original source so your deconditioning process accurate

- Specialize to Excel: Focus on the specialty that is highlighted in your experience. Relationships, Business, or Wellness specific paths to elevate your implementation.

-Now Included: 12 months of Community Mentorship