Is the World going Crazy or is it by Design?

Mar 07, 2020

10 Min Read + 30 Min Video

Have you ever asked, "What the heck is happening in our world?" If so, you are not alone! My coaching clients all over the world are asking this same question!


At times, we are feeling totally centered into self, and yet other times we are feeling the pain and suffering at our core! In 2027, there is a Global Consciousness Shift that is taking place. The emphasis in this new consciousness field is about standing in our own personal power and letting the old tribal patterns fade into the past. 


However, the conditioning of the last 400 years is not so willing to let us break free from the Tribal direction. As we stand in our individuality, the conditioned mind is still trying to grip our thoughts and our truth! As humanity awakens to the power of their own truth, the next phase of the Global Consciousness Field can be fueled to ambitiously move into new self-actualization.


Check out the video as a visual explanation of the Global Cycle we are in and we are moving towards! The way through this energy is by Living Your God Code Formula! Self-Mastery begins within and witnessing the mind and witnessing the body! The importance of the new 2027 energy is that we stand in our individuality and love and accept ourselves deeply!

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Hello Friend. Here we are discussing the Human Design Global Consciousness shift that is happening in 2027. 


I think it's always important to note we always must interact with our energy - the energy of our strategy. You are going to interface with your strategy and then, dropping into your inner authority to be your guide and your guidance, as to what is correct for you and what is not correct for you. Human design has a lot of information, but none of it matters if you are not using strategy and authority. 


In 2027 there is a Global Shift that is going to be taking place. Just take the information that resonates with you and leave the rest. Our whole current Global Consciousness was from 1615 to 2026. We are going to be in this new energy moving forward. The G Center is where our illusion locks us in. For the last 400 years, we have been in 'The Illusion of the Cross of Planning' and 'The Cross of the Maya'. That's been our Key. Now moving into 2027, the Keys going forward are 'The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix' and 'The Cross of Penetration'. 


So, what does that mean? If you take a look at the gates here, we have one individual gate. The rest of these gates are either collective or tribal. We're moving from these bargains to real individual energy. We're going to break this down so that you can grasp it. The reason I am bringing this to you is so that you can drop into understanding the chaos. What the chaos looks like, feels like, and you can comprehend it, witness it and still be yourself in it. At this moment we are on this cusp. We have seven more years until this shift happens. 


Gate 25 is the lock for the way, which means we've been moving this particular way. 'Our way' has been through family, through tribal agreements, through community bargains. For 400 years that's been our way. Now we're moving into this gate 55 so the way is going to be individual. That individual spirit of self. It's going to be in the line of selfishness, to begin with, and this is not a bad thing. It's about honoring yourself. So we're moving from first-line energy to sixth line energy. 


Gate 40 is tribal so tribal bargains, community agreements and within that, the 40 wants to be alone. We're moving to this sexual tribal energy and this is about production how are we producing & reproducing on this material plane. There's a shift in the histidine. This is an amino acid in the body and that shift is going to change the way we can procreate. In lots of places in the world, especially the Western world, being able to be fertile and have children has shifted a lot so there's an uptick of this switch happening already. The switch in the 55 really is that prostate fertility... there's a deep mutation happening. Our bodies are going to be going through an upgrade (or downgrade, however you want to look at it) and so is 'Our Way'. 


Gate 10 is our natural behavior. Until now we have been unlocking it with our focus on the power of the small. To be focused, concentrating, and working on the really small stuff. We are constantly looking for planets, looking at subatomic particles. We are trying to get to these smallest particles so that we can understand our origins. The more you look, the more you observe, the more you affect the observation. Will we ever find it? I'm not sure but this has been a very Collective, focused, logical nature behavior. We're moving to an Individual behavior. The power of the Great. The gate that has that the personal power within it and then we have gate 15. It is a part of the five. Any living organism on this planet has the five 15 it's about flow rhythm. At the moment, we are locked into this, our story. The key for this lock is the 16 which is about identifying the skills. It is enthusiasm but it's about identifying with one particular skill. 


We are moving into individual contemplation where the flow, instead of being identified with the future and identified with bargains, will be identified with our contemplative wisdom which is the flow. Here we have the way the body, the temple, nature, and the pattern are all locked into the energy of 'The Cross of Planning'. 


These have been the keys that have kept us moving forward. What is important to understand is this 16th gate is sitting in the first line at the moment. That first line is 'delusion'. There's been a delusional identification with what we should focus on, a delusional bargain, a delusional agreement. Most of our laws were written during this time of delusion and most of our laws protect the perpetrator because they are part of the tribe. They're a part of some tribe, somewhere. They've been a part of a community. This 'Cross of Planning' is what's created governments, large businesses, tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, all under the guise of a delusional bargain. All under the guise of a delusional focus. That's been our pattern, that's been 'Our Way' and we have sacrificed our nature and our temple.


As a society, we are in an uproar as to how inhumane, how much decimation we've put through our planet, our people. However, it was the key to unlocking our illusion. This delusion has veiled us greatly. The 'Channel of Charisma', with individual spirit and intimacy so the pattern and 'Our Way' in our tempo and our nature is going to look so individual. 


We can see this all over the planet. People are pushing against their governments, they're standing up for themselves. Every day there's a new documentary or a report of sex crimes, slavery, trafficking. All of this stuff is coming out into the open because this energy is breaking down and people are stepping into their spirit. The importance here is that you live in your God code and be the energy and that great power and wise being.  


Gate 13 is The Witness. This is the secret that for 400 years, our inner truth, a pressure to know this occult knowledge. That whole time, we got locked into these bargains, in that focus while the delusion took over in that first line. What also happened was that occult knowledge. As we began to witness all of these bargains we also began to wake up and question what is real versus our inner truth from our own experience. 


We're going to be able to witness the real tribal material, the selectivity of the material-oriented way. Gate 54 is ambition. Perhaps that sounds counterintuitive because we are so sucked into the materiality of the community and of these falsified bargains. We look like we are decimating our planet because of materialism and in one way we are yet we are waking up to that selectivity on the Material Plane. 


We see minimalism coming up, and the rise of the entrepreneur. It isn't about this delusional bargain or the outdated collective agreement that we need 'stuff' to make us happy and to prove who we are. We can be completely selective as to how ambitious we want to be on the Material Plane. We're witnessing that right now. As a side note, the outer planets have been dancing in this 54th gate for years. This has been to assist us to understand the delusion of what's happening with ambition. The 7th gate is The Leader. For the last 400 years, The Leader has been caught up in the preponderance of the small detail. We have the 62, 16, and 6 all in this collective, which has logically moved us ahead based on community bargains. We have had more details than ever before and the 62 is about naming the Maya. Words to describe the Maya. Our leadership has been caught up in leading based on details. Now we're moving into a collective abstract leading by experience. This is having new experiences, new leadership. This is already happening in our world.  


Gate 1 is The Example. It's in the Channel of Inspiration and it's part of the 'role-model energy'. It's about self-expression which until now has been around continuity and duration. The only thing that endures is change, so really it's about having a value on the Material Plane. We see how we have an outside-of-self-evaluation system. The 32 values the Material Plane. Of course, it wants to move us into the future and there is fear that if we fail on the Material Plane then the tribe is going to be decimated. The self-expression has been tribal and what are we moving to is an individual example of intuitive clarity. This means, trusting our own energy, being aware that the fear of the future drops us into an awareness of the unexpected. We are built to not know, to be unknowing beings who unveil our self-consciousness and self-actualization. We can be that example as individuals as we move closer to 2027. 


Gate 2 is The Plan. 42 is coming to a close. We no longer need to live in this 'Cross of Planning' or the 'Cross of the Maya'. We have matured, grown, and done what we need to do on this particular energetic. The plan now is 51 which brings an energy of shock. We are going to see a whole new energy where live our God code and stand in this individuality. Old bargains are going to fall apart. I can walk you through your wealth code, God code, health code, relationship code. These are all just formulas. We get to stand in our individuality and be truthful to ourselves. Illusion completely shifts. Nobody has the storybook. We can drop into your strategy, into your authority that's how you can interface with this new energy. 


If you're trying to figure this all out you can miss it. The individual spiritual energy is not about the tribe, this is about the individual. We do have some tribal energy coming with us. It's important to see tribal to tribal energies and one collective but the remainder are individual. There is an all-encompassing movement forward, so trust yourself, know your strategy and inner authority. Move forward with those simplistic tools. 



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