Human Design Gate 14: Capacity - The Willingness to be the Transformation

Mar 22, 2021

9 Min read + 19 Min Video

What are you willing and able to receive and what are you willing and able to let go of? Doing a deep dive into these questions can bring up some interesting aha’s. Our capacity is not a learned skill it is a permission slip to actually step into our own empowered truth or not. To be of service to others is the honor the material plane and ourselves.


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What's in your wheelbarrow? Where did I get that from and what is this all about? The 14th gate is what I want to hone in on. I have a question for you. You will hear me say often that our bookshelves, our junk drawers, the closets, our console in our vehicle, what is in there? What's in our cellular structure and are you willing to clean out what no longer serves you and provide it to someone else, so that you can receive what you need to? Are you willing and able to do this? 


The 14th gate is what we call capacity and it's all about possession in great measure. The imagery that comes from the old Ai Ching is a wheelbarrow. It's a wagon that is heaped up with treasures, money, and possessions. The important aspect of this is the modesty piece. First and foremost, all first lines want information. Take it from me, I get it. I have eight first lines and my whole world is information. However, what I began to recognize is this information and striving for more information can create information constipation, which then feeds a conditioning aspect. That conditioning aspect is thinking that I cannot go forward if I don't get this other course, or if I don't have this information. I can never move forward. 


It's so important for us to recognize that we don't need this to get that. That's a protection mechanism. Information can be a protection mechanism. I get it because this is who I have been and at times still am. The other important aspect is how much information are you consuming and are you taking that information and creating a transformation with it? Are you embodying it? Does it empower you or do you take the information and create excuses to stay stuck in the information and never embody the information to a transformation? 


Why am I bringing this to you today? As a manager and a coach, I have done that my whole life and in my whole career. I was introduced to this graph about willingness and ability. I want to play around with this graph today so that you can walk away with some homework and begin to recognize yourself and see what conditioning is holding you back from moving yourself to your empowered destination. 


In this graph, we are talking about moving from unwilling to willing, there's always a continuum. For everything that we do, there's always a listen to that. We are in this duality. I love that we are in a quantum world and in the quantum world, we can be both. A particle can be a wave and a wave can be a particle. Even though this continuum is available to us, it is to recognize what we are unwilling and willing and what we are unable and able. We want to move along these two continuums and recognize where I am on this. Unwilling, unable, I can't do it and I won't do it. 


What is the capacity here? Most likely there is no capacity to be able to do whatever it is. I will never be an NBA basketball player. I am five foot one. I am unwilling to go do that, first of all, and I am not able to do that. There would need to be some springs attached to my feet for me to be able to do a layup. That's probably against the rules and regulations, but let's take a look at the next. 


Unwilling, but able to do it. I've been a manager in corporate Canada for my whole career. I'm able to do that. I could walk into any organization in Canada and be placed into a management role. I have that ability, but I'm unwilling to do that. What fulfills me and what brings me empowerment is to own and operate my coaching practice. 


Let's look at the willing but unable. I'm going to have a little fun and take a look at it through the lens of my dog. When my dog Charlie chases a squirrel up a tree, he is willing to go up that tree because he wants that squirrel, but he's unable to do that. What are you willing to do but you don't have the ability at this moment? There are a few things that an ability could be. It could be a physical ability or it could be an information ability. Information is part of the transformational process but if we get stuck in information, then there is no transformation. 


Now, willing and able is where the conditioning is no longer stopping you. There's no more information constipation. This is full empowerment. The expression of the 14th gate into the material world is service. This is a part of my design so I know it very deeply. However, the 14th gate, whether it's in your design or not, we all have this ability to recognize our capacity. We all have this ability to recognize our willingness and our ability. Are you willing and able to receive the support you need to get you to your empowered transformation? Write that question down. What are you willing to let go of so that you can become that empowered transformation? What are you willing to receive to become that empowered transformation? 


I have the honor of talking to between 10 and 20 people every week and I get to pull up the chart and have conversations and see exactly where the conditioning is. I listen deeply because I'm designed to be in service. We're all designed to be in service. I listen to their willingness and their ability and the majority of the time, my clients have massive amounts of ability and they don't recognize it. The subconscious mind and that reticulating activation system are trying so deeply to keep them secure and safe. They come into the conversation wanting a transformation and yet the conditioning holds them back. It has them revert to their old patterns of disempowerment versus stepping into empowerment. 


I watch it in the conversation, so I want you to do a few things this week. Recognize what is in your cellular structure, is the conditioning still holding you back from your empowerment? Are you willing to receive support? What's so interesting is that capacity is something that we either have but not in the business world. We look at this as a skill, but it isn't a skill that we can hone. We can't go out and learn capacity. Willingness is not a skill. It's a permission slip to take on your transformation. You have to permit yourself to do that. You have to be willing and able and most of the time I will tell you that the excuses we provide ourselves are illusionary. I don't have the money, I don't have the time. What's so important to grasp is that it's costing way more to stand in the information constipation. Every single one of those dollar information tidbits that you are spending on every cup of coffee at a coffee shop. That could amount to twelve hundred dollars a month if you do the math. “I'll just stay here because it feels comfortable”, costs you time, money, health, and mental wellness. 


When my clients step in and they are willing and able to admit what they're doing, I get to honor myself and I get to be my hero. That is massive when that takes place and their transformation is astounding. One of the questions I had was, what is the outcome that you're guaranteeing in your coaching programs? I don't guarantee any outcome because it's your capacity, willingness, and ability to use the support to benefit your reality. That's all I can say. What are the results? My clients get all kinds of different results like less stress, pressure, and habitual patterns that derail them, and more satisfaction, time, and mental ease. 


What does that all equal? That equals more money, healthier relationships, better health, and more mental ease. Whatever the outcome you want, you get to step into. Something that you'll notice is that I do not push. I will never promise you that outcome because it's your capacity. Would you rather have a $100,000 coaching program that traps you, or would you rather have a coaching program that provides you with the wealth, health, and relationships that you are deserving of? You get to make that decision. Willingness is not a skill, it's a permission slip. Most of the time when we say we are unable, it's just excuses. Most of us are designed for where our purpose lies and being self-centric. You're able to do that because it's built right into you, it's your frequency. You have the ability. Are you willing to step into it or not?

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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