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What Is Human Design Chart?

The internet is peppered with endless definitions of the human design chart, aka, bodygraph. But I will keep it simple for you. The human design chart is the ultimate “God Code” of every individual. It basically calculates your personality and showcases the uniqueness of each individual. Besides the most profound tool on the market for awakening to the ture self, the human design chart can also be used health and wealth.

A vast majority of people live their professional life according to generally accepted standards. Despite facing hardships and feeling miserable day in and day out, they never bother asking themselves “Can I break the shackles of limitations imposed upon me by the outside world?”

Perhaps, this question does not spring to our mind because whatever we do in our consciousness seems “correct” to us. But how can you validate whether the new service business you have started or an important business-related decision you have taken is actually “correct” for you?  

That is where understanding your human design through a human design chart comes in very handy. Over the years, I have been helping people to tune in with the right frequency; something that comes naturally to them. It will ensure that your decision-making becomes absolutely immaculate. Once you fathom your human design chart and stick to its insights, you will be at the pinnacle of success, joy, satisfaction, and control.     

The data you provide us to calculate your human design chart remains strictly confidential. 

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Key Factors That Will Help You Sense Of Your Human Design Chart for Business

  • Human Design Type

This is the non-verbal or aura energy that is encompasses your body. There are 4 Human Design Types and they include the following:

  • Manifestor/Innovator Type- Here to Initiate Self when the impulse is present to move into the creative action required to manifest.
  • Projector/Advisor Type- Here to be Recoginzed and Invited to guide other people to a place of Satisfaction
  • Generator/Manifesting Generator/Classic and Express Builder- Here to Respond to the requests of your creative energy.
  • Reflector/Evaluator – Here to provide precise assessment of the Environment/Community/Group they have been asked to be a part of.
  • Strategy And Authority or Decision Making Strategy

These two are the critical components of the human design chart. Strategy and authority help us to de-condition patterns that cause resistance. Counting on these two factors means you can drastically improve your decision-making.

  • Incarnation Cross or Life Work Theme

Incarnation cross indicates the purpose. Once we start walking the tight line of strategy and authority as shown by our human design chart, we end up unfolding the purpose on its own.

  • The Life Force Channels or Strengths

Life force channels are the energetic aspect of you that is reliable and consistent as you move through your life, work and play! These strengths are how you are designed to deliver your service to other.

  • Business Skills and Attributes

In groups bothe small and large, these skills will be desired to create a profitable experience.