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"Once you are yourself, everything works, even those things that don't.

It's no longer a matter of life being this or that.

It's just there and everybody knows.

Everybody can feel it, see it, smell it, and hear it....

How great it is to be yourself. Exalt in being yourself and accept the ride."

- Ra Uru Hu

Where Empowerment Meets Potential

We're on a mission to empower leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs to embrace the transformative power of the Human Design System, enabling them to unlock their true potential.

In today's dynamic business landscape, it's evident that challenges and obstacles are aplenty. The frustration of constantly encountering roadblocks, coupled with the overwhelming uncertainty and lack of clarity on how to navigate these hurdles, can be disheartening.

But here's the good news ‚Äď you don't have to go through it alone. We're here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, alignment, and growth. Together, we'll challenge the status quo, break free from limitations, and create a business landscape that aligns with your unique design.

Join us in redefining success and creating a harmonious, thriving business environment. Let's embark on this transformational journey together

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Rise Above Challenges and Thrive

  • You are tired of 'burning your business to the ground' to then build it back up.¬†
  • Navigating the ever-evolving business landscape can be overwhelming. The constant changes, challenges, and uncertainties can leave you feeling lost and uncertain about your next steps
  • Many leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs struggle with decision fatigue, not knowing which direction to take or how to tackle the obstacles they encounter
  • Understanding your team's dynamics and your clients' needs is often a puzzle. It's challenging to create a business strategy that truly aligns with your energy and vision
  • Trying to force-fit your business into a predefined model often results in a lack of authenticity and alignment

I hear you, I see you and I get you...

It's incredibly frustrating to constantly bump up against what doesn't work while being overwhelmed by uncertainty and lack of clarity. As business leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs, we know that efforting  and decision fatigue leaves us scratching our heads at the end of the day while missing the mark. 

Over the past 10+ years, I've trained in the Human Design System and created a thriving business providing entrepreneurs with clarity. 

In that time, I constantly see clients seeking a solid foundation from which they can make decisions and take aligned actions. 

All too often, high-achieving entrepreneurs end up wanting to 'throw in the towel' because they feel like they just can't nail down their niche and they are working endlessly to stay up with all the 'things' that must get done in their business. 

Enter Leann Wolff and Her Business Expertise...

The business landscape can be brutal to those who don't have a solid understand of themselves. 

I have tried to quit my business numerous times in the last 10 years...

Only to reclaim my power from the comparisons and insecurities that come up at each new level of growth.

Trust me, you do not have to fall into the traps and quit. 


Drive Change and Growth with Human Design in Business

Take the Mystery Out of Human and Business Dynamics

Unlock Clarity and Alignment

  • Human Design provides a clear understanding of yourself, your business, your clients and your team.¬†
  • Understand your team and clients blocks all while create a business that is in alignment with your energy.¬†
  • ¬†Be confident in your business and incorporate the power of Human Design as one of the tools you use in your business.¬†

Reclaim Your Inner Authority

End Decision Fatigue

  • Manage your energy and feel fulfilled as a leader and change-agent.¬†
  • Settle into alignment with your own process for freedom, wealth and impact.¬†
  • Know yourself so profoundly and nothing will take you off center.¬†
  • Service to Self is the foundational work of Human Design.¬†¬†




Marketing, Offers, and Business Models That are Empowering

Effortless Business Alignment

  • Stop struggling to 'nail down your niche' or 'find your ideal client avatar' or 'how to build a team or business'.¬†
  • Your business is an extension of you and as you relax into the Energy Profile of your Human Design, all the guess work is taken out and alignment drives the creation.


Choose Your Best Route...

Lean into

Your Innate Change Agent

Path #1:

Magnetic Business Alignment


Business Alignment and Skill Development 


You have spent years accumulating modalities and certifications (HD, Gene Keys, Astrology, Cartomancy, Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Coaching or any other holistic practice). 

You are READY and  committed to creating YOUR business, YOUR way. 

This is the Path for you! 


MBA Includes:
  • 12 Month¬†Commitment

  • Build your offers, your marketing, your systems, and your team in Alignment to you and those you bring into your business.¬†

  • Leverage Human Design for your business¬†and support your clients and team with laser targeted, transformational breakthroughs

  • Now is your time to stop working in a place of friction and lean into¬†your empowering¬† business. Let it be an extension of you without 'efforting' to make it happen. Working with Universal Laws, release the resistance and let direct source energy.¬†

  • This is a 12 month commitment and it is designed for the those who are prepared for everlasting change.¬†

  • 3x Group calls/month with bonus calls throughout the year.¬†

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Path #2:

Human Design Leadership and Coaching SKool


Personal Alignment and Skill Development


You are in the self-development space and you want to learn the Human Design System so you can live your best life, bring a new tool to your clients and master the material with ease. 

You want access to Human Design Material that is originated from Source Material (Ra Uru Hu).

You are READY to learn, apply and experiment with Human Design. 

This is the path for you.


Human Design Self-Study w/ 12 Month Mentorship

  • 12 Month Commitment

  • A solid learning process so you can Master the Human Design System.¬†¬†From the basics all the way to the most advanced material.¬†

  • Certification Available

  • In the 8X/mth mentorship calls, we use chart examples and walk through the material of Human Design is a foundational manner so you can adopt this world class tool into your coaching, your business and your team.


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Path #3

1:1 Vision and Alignment Coaching


Embody Your Wholeness and Align to Your Wealth


You have a business and yet you feel overwhelmed by 'all the things' and you are tired of listening to all the 'gurus' online that has your mind trapped in comparison. 

You are READY to leave the conformity that has you chasing so you can actually lean into your own level of magic. 

This is the path for you!


1:1 Coaching
  • Your time, Your Space so you can align to your magic¬†

  • Develop a profitable coaching business around a smart niche (fractal line) you love.

  • Engineer a Dream Team¬†

  • Learn Your Leadership Style and Communicate with your team at an Elite Level.¬†

  • My zone of genius is helping YOU live and operate from your design. I‚Äôm a master at¬†taking the¬†complexity of Human Design and¬†simplify it for your business.

  • Skip all the confusing online programs and masterminds¬†and let‚Äôs partner privately to get everything done.


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Path #4

True Creation Mentorship


Develop Your Skill and Practice the Art of Being You


You have taken courses on Human Design and yet you still are wanting support to strengthen your chart analysis skills.

Gaining more mastery and Confidence in a supportive environment is what you are seeking. 

You are READY to join a community that is steeped in self-development and you want to continue to learn.

This is the Path for you!


Human Design Mentorship Community 

Already have all the HD Material? 

  • Seeking a group of Professionals who work with Human Design?¬†

  • Strengthen your ability to analyze charts.¬†Master the system so you can assist your clients with better results in their lives.¬†

  • We meet 8X/month is 90 minute+ calls.¬†

  • ¬†Cancel anytime

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Community Service

Tithing is the process of giving back...I have created an extensive library of material so you can live your best life! 


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Podcast Appearances

It is so fun having conversations and sharing the power of Human Design in Business. 


Play in the vast library at your own risk! Haha. The rabbit whole is deep. 

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