True Creation Mentorship

Teaching you How to Harness the Power of Human Design to Transform Your Life

Break free from limiting beliefs, unleash your innate creativity, and make decisions with unwavering confidence while transforming your relationships, discovering your true purpose, and achieving fulfillment in both your personal and professional life.

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Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a life aligned with your authentic self.

True Creation Mentorship

A CommUnity for Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Business Leaders

Want to take control of your destiny, manifest your desires, and create a life filled with abundance and purpose without being paralyzed by the fear of failure?

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Ready to Become the Architect of Your Life?

Deprogram Your 3D Experience

Overwhelmed by your 3D meat suit existence and how take your next step? Step beyond the limitations of conventional thinking and habitual patterns. We'll guide you through processes to reset your mental models and embrace a higher dimensional awareness, paving the way for a richer, more expansive life experience.


Conquer All Fears of Failure

Feel paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes? Overcome self-doubt and the barriers that hold you back. Learn strategies to face and dismantle fears, turning potential setbacks into stepping stones for success.

Nurture Your Creativity

Is your manifesting driver broken? Unlock the creative powers within you. Engage in exercises designed to stimulate your imagination and creativity, fostering an environment where your artistic and innovative talents can flourish. Discover new ways to express yourself and bring your ideas to life.


Embrace Your Authentic Self

Feeling like a fraud? Still playing small or frustrated with your outcomes? Discover and connect deeply with your true self. Take a journey through your design to discover who the fuck you truly are. It's time to not only talk to talk but to walk the walk.

Integrate Your Wisdom

Struggling to follow your gut? Harness the cumulative wisdom of your experiences. We’ll guide you on how to apply your knowledge to your human design effectively in everyday life, enhancing decision-making and creative problem-solving skills.


Unlock Your Inner Leader

Doubting your ability to lead? Decode the discovery of how Human Design illuminates your natural leadership abilities, helping you to step forward with self-certainty and increased ability to inspire those around you.

Begin True Creation with Human Map Design

Our guided program equips you with a deep and personally tailored understanding of Human Design, enabling you to confidently apply this knowledge to enhance your daily life and personal relationships. With a strong foundation, you'll navigate your unique energetic blueprint with ease, applying these principles to foster unprecedented personal growth and self-transformation. Whether you're seeking to improve your decision-making, boost your intuition, or find greater purpose and fulfillment, True Creation Mentorship provides the insights and tools you need to align with your authentic self and create positive change in all areas of your life.


What You'll Achieve, and more

Self-Confidence and Authenticity

Gain the confidence to live authentically, making decisions that align with your true self, backed by the deep insights of your unique Human Design.

Integrated Self-Understanding

Merge your diverse experiences and inner wisdom into a cohesive self-image, creating a powerful strategy for personal growth that resonates with your authentic nature.

Ease in Business and Personal Growth

Navigate the challenges of personal and professional expansion with strategies tailored to your unique design, ensuring a path of ease and flow with minimal setbacks.

Ease in Personal and Relationship Growth

Navigate life's challenges with strategies tailored to your unique design, ensuring a path of ease and flow in both personal development and relationships, with minimal stress and setbacks.

Sustainable Well-being

Learn to maintain balance and avoid burnout by aligning your actions with your energy type and natural abilities, ensuring personal growth that is not only fulfilling but also in your highest good.

Community and Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Benefit from 8 Live calls per month in our exclusive mentorship circles that meet you exactly where you're at in your Human Design journey.

Who is This For?

Individuals Like You Who:

Seek Whole Life Growth & Abundance

If you're seeking more than just incremental changes and are ready for significant transformation across all areas of your life—business success, genuine relationships, and personal wellness—our community is positioned at the forefront of intuitive growth methods. Join us and be part of the leading edge, where true creation happens.

Want to Manifest Your Desires

Believe in the power of Human Design, the Laws of the Universe, and the essential role of alignment? This community is your playground for mastering the art of living your best life. Learn to manifest your desires with precision and passion as you tap into a universe of possibilities.

Value a Supportive Community

Connect with self-led leaders from around the world who are eager to encourage and support you on your journey. Our community is a network of passionate, like-minded individuals who provide the encouragement, inspiration and connections you need to stay committed to your path.

Embrace Wholesome Fulfillment and Prosperity

Tired of the 'Groundhog Day' syndrome—where settling for less is a daily routine? Our community offers a fresh path to fulfillment and prosperity. Escape the cycle of dissatisfaction and step into a life where your aspirations and reality align.

Your Journey to Self-Mastery Begins Here

Join our vibrant ecosystem designed to support and propel you on your voyage toward total life self-mastery. Our membership is more than just access; it’s an invitation to reshape your programming and unlock your latent power. With each insight, connection, and lesson, craft the existence you've always envisioned.


360° Guidance & Perspectives

Making aligned decisions based on your internal compass, viewed from a comprehensive 360° perspective, unlocks the greatest potential for manifesting your true creative power.

Welcome to Youniverse! With the alignment of the Monopole and a deep connection to the Driver's Mind, every possibility becomes accessible to you.

Join the Journey

Meet Your Transformational Mentors

Our mentors are chosen for their expertise, compassion, and dedication to living and teaching the principles of Human Design. They are here to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and mastery. Get to know the visionary leaders who will be by your side every step of the way.

Leann Wolf

Manifesting Generator

Leann is an International Visioning and Alignment Coach for Entrepreneurs who are ready to take action through alignment to their Human Design. Alignment = more confidence, better relationships, magical manifestations, high quality communication and earned income on purpose. And it all starts with a vision, once this vision is created, your resources, commitment and consistency towards that vision can be funneled out into the world so your audience can find you and hire you immediately.

Timothy Bacon

6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

 Tim leads the Study Group Calls and Tim takes you deep! With multiple modalities in his tool box, Tim leads you into the most profound aspect of You. Manifesting and Surrendering are not mysterious when you work with Tim, it is a lifestyle.

Rachael Middleton

6/2 Mental Projector

Rachael has mastered the systems of Astrology and Human Design so when she is invited to guide you, her laser focus is sure to provide profound shifts to your awareness. Rachael leads the transit calls. By providing you with the view of the environment, she guides you back to your own decision making so you can interact with your life with confidence.

A Path Back to YOU....

Begin your journey to a purposeful and abundant life today.

Empower yourself to:

✔️ Embrace Spirit Consciousness: Tap into deeper awareness and connect with your spiritual essence.

✔️ REAL-EYES your Experiences for Growth: Transform experiences into opportunities for personal expansion.

✔️ Structure Your Life for Flow: Align daily patterns to effortlessly achieve your goals.

✔️ Trust Your Inner Guidance: Rely unwaveringly on your internal decision-making process

✔️ Create Your Desired Reality: Build your business, relationships, and wellness  from the Wish Fulfilled

✔️ Reconnect with Your Driver's Mind: Harmonize with your core intentions and navigate life with clarity.

Being part of this community is a true privilege and honor. A space where we are encouraged to embody our expertise so we can grow, be nurtured, and evolve.




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  • Minimum of 8 live sessions with Mentors each month for personalized guidance
  •  45+ Resources to explore Human Design, Self-Exploration, and Personal Transformation
  • Supportive CommUnity with Live Chart Analysis, Birth Name, Astrology and Gene Keys 
  • Personal Development Workshops and Alignment Practices for everyday life
Unlock Your True Creation Now!

Magnetizing millions of humans

We are on a mission to magnetize the generations to attract all that is in their highest good.

Samantha R.


"Joining the True Creation Mentorship was a game-changer for my personal and professional growth. The personalized approach helped me uncover my true potential and align my goals with my core values. Thanks to this program, I've not only achieved greater clarity about my path, but I've also felt more empowered to take the necessary steps towards my dreams. Highly recommended for anyone looking to deeply understand and harness their inner power!"

David T.

Creative Director

"The insights and tools I gained from the True Creation Mentorship have profoundly impacted my creative process. Understanding my unique design and how to navigate challenges has unlocked a new level of confidence and effectiveness in my work. Every session brought valuable revelations that I could immediately apply, making this investment one of the best I've made for my career and personal development."

Lisa Q.

Life Coach

"As a coach myself, I was looking for a program that could further my own growth while providing me with tools to better serve my clients. The True Creation Mentorship delivered beyond my expectations. The depth of knowledge and the supportive community have enriched my coaching practice and personal life immensely. This mentorship is truly transformative!"

Michael J.

Software Developer

"I was skeptical about how much a mentorship program could really help me, especially one focused on personal growth. But the True Creation Mentorship has been incredibly enlightening. The sessions prompted me to reevaluate my priorities and strategies, leading to significant improvements in both my personal life and my tech career. I now have a clearer vision and a stronger sense of purpose, thanks to this outstanding program."

Angela W.

Marketing Consultant

"The True Creation Mentorship is like a master class in personal development. Each module was tailored to my needs, pushing me to explore areas I hadn’t considered before. The mentors are insightful and genuinely care about your growth. I've developed better communication skills, refined my marketing strategies, and have a renewed passion for my career and personal life. Anyone looking to elevate their life should consider this program."

Emily C.


"This mentorship has not only taught me about my true self but has also equipped me with the skills to better understand and lead others in my professional role. The comprehensive approach of the True Creation Mentorship helped me to effectively manage stress, improve my decision-making, and enhance team dynamics. It's an invaluable resource for anyone in a leadership position or looking to get there."

Leo P.

Energy Healer

"As an energy healer, connecting deeply with myself is crucial for helping others. The True Creation Mentorship has profoundly deepened my understanding of energy dynamics and personal alignment. The sessions are enriching, filled with practical insights that have enhanced my healing techniques and personal well-being. I highly recommend this mentorship to any practitioner serious about advancing their craft and personal growth."

Jasmine K.

Yoga Instructor

"The True Creation Mentorship transformed not just my teaching methods but also my personal practice. Understanding my energy type and how to harmonize it with my daily activities has brought a new depth to my yoga sessions and a peaceful balance in my personal life. I am now better equipped to guide my students in their journeys, making each class a truly healing experience. This program is a blessing for anyone in the wellness field!"

Rachel M.


"The holistic approach of the True Creation Mentorship has been a game-changer for both my professional practice and personal health. Learning about different energy types and how they influence physical and mental well-being has allowed me to tailor nutrition plans more effectively and with greater empathy. This mentorship has enriched my ability to nurture wellness in others, making it an invaluable experience for any health professional."

Stop wishing and start living your True Creation. 


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