What is the Program?

Feb 19, 2020

8 Min Read + 17 Min Video

Ra always referred to the Human Design Transits as "The Program" and I often get asked to explain the program through my perspective.

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What is the program that Ra always speaks about? When you take a look at the human design system, this is my natal chart. The natal chart has a bodygraph, but it also has a Mandala, and the Mandala is the representation of the planetary movement. What is evolution? What is this program that we're in? The program is indicated in all of these gates, all of the energy that's in there, and all of the language that's in each one of those gates, all of the qualities. This is our evolutionary spiral through life. At the moment of my birth, I was locked into this God code. The planet said, "here you go. Operate with this energy. Use this God code to go forth and represent your piece of me." Perfect. I can do that.


I want to talk to you about what the transits look like and what the program looks like. On a day like today, I have my representation. I have my energy flowing through me, but on a day like today, here we are moment by moment. We are watching a movie. When Ra says to be a witness, be the observer, sit back, watch your movie, the movie is the transits. It's the evolution, and it's the program. You're locked in, and you get to hold your representation. Then the movie ticks along. The stage changes, the players change, the actors change, the furniture sometimes changes, but there you are watching it all.


Two things can happen in this evolution and in these transits. We're dualistic, so we can either have great wisdom or massive amounts of condition.



First, let's talk about wisdom. As we interact with one another based on the strategy of our electromagnetic, and we are only letting the inner authority guide our decision, the wisdom that can flow through us is almost beyond comprehension. What happens when the wisdom is represented in those that you interact with is the health psychology and healthy representation of the mind can take their experiences decode them and extract the wisdom. What usually happens is this conditioning. The not-self gets in the way, and it says, "well I'm interacting with all these people. All these people in my life. I have to be better and do better. I have to compare myself to them, judge them, and leave myself here and go forth to try to be better in all these other aspects."


Here's an example. Today is a 3rd line day. There's going to be a ton of trial and error. There are going to be mistakes. Life's going to bump into you and everybody on the planet. There's going to be this bumping into and a lot of people are going to have some enlightening today as well. Stuff's going to bump into us. The Material Plane is going to go, "here we are." The conditioning piece today, if we look at the 49, 4, and 40, we see that there's a full-strength or channel to find. This full strength and channel are all about community bargains. This is all about the tribe, and this is about bargaining. Having the deal, making the deal, and what's the deal. The 49 is about revolution and principles, The 4 is all about answers and formulas. The conditioned person and I would probably venture to guess that if we turned on the news today we're going to see this, the conditioned person is jumping spontaneously onto revolution in the emotionally heightened state of the world. They're going to jump on to all of these revolutions because they're trying so hard to fit into a community. Hoping that that community and those revolutions will provide them with answers. This transit moves, and they're like, "I got caught up in this again. How did I get in this?" Then they go down to the depths and despairs. This emotional solar plexus, this emotional intelligence today is defined in the world. This is the stage that's set. This real emotionally charged bargain is what is represented today on our planet.


The wisdom here is to interact with this based on your strategy and authority. What you're going to be able to pull out here is the wisdom of bargains, contracts, your principles, and internal answers that are provided by your higher principles. That's the wisdom.


We will be having conversations about contracts. I'm going to have one today. We will be having conversations about principles. We'll be having conversations about answers and formulas. How do we move into the future? That's the evolution, and that's the program. The program is saying on this stage, let's grok the wisdom and pull all the wisdom out of this particular stage. Never weaned off of your God code while you're doing this. But what happens to conditioning? People go start mad, and they're going to start revolutions that don't need to be started. They are going to jump into tribes that they were never invited into. They're going to push through hoping that that tribe has the answer. But the whole time, Pluto has resided in the 61st gate for approximately a year and a half and it's going to sit there for another year and a half or so.


The whole point of this - what's our own inner truth? It's been sitting there. What's your inner truth? The only way you can know your own inner truth is to sit in strategy and authority, relieve the mind from making decisions, trust the inner authority of yourself, trust the strategy of your meatsuit, and then let the healthy psychology decode the experiences.


Ra talked a lot about conditioning. We are designed to interact with other people. However, the experience that contributes to either our growth of self-actualization and a self-reflected consciousness or our degenerative digression of our physical bodies. Two things are going to happen: wisdom and conditioning. Ra talked a lot about conditioning because that is how he had to implement it on the planet. Now that it's been here for 30 years, I will tell you that the conditioning word is starting to wane off because those that enter into this go, "hold on a minute. I want to grok the wisdom out of it." Those that still want to be held into place by not-self will continue to be conditioned. It's not good or bad. I'm not saying either way. What I'm saying is that there's an evolution of wisdom versus conditioning. Nothing is happening to you, it is happening through you. The neutrino field is streaming through you all the time.



We talk about streaming on the Internet. Well, that's what you're doing. Do you know that our outside technology, anything that science has been trying to represent, build, create, co-create, or construct, is all based on this meatsuit? You are streaming information 24/7, 365 days a year. Nothing's happening to you. It's happening through you. You are live streaming. Let the experiences happen through you. Be that strainer or filter and allow it to flow through and grok the wisdom out of it. Do you know how much we're going to learn today about bargains, answers, principles, revolutions, deliverance, and denial? We're going to learn so much today, or the unaware are going to be emotionally degradated today. You get to choose. Can you honor your God code, stand in it, represent it, and watch the program? Take the wisdom of it and move forward in your self-reflected conscious movement. That's the question. Conditioning is just a word. We are meant to be conditioned and influenced because we're not in this meatsuit and in this soup of life by ourselves. We're meant to interact so that this evolution can happen through us.


Enjoy your experiment. If you hear yourself saying, "so-and-so conditioned me" understand that there is nothing inside of that that's bringing wisdom if you're pointing fingers outside of yourself. It's about so-and-so brought me wisdom, and so-and-so represented that piece of wisdom because they're not here to get in your way. They're here to represent their God code and the wisdom that each one of us has in this evolution.


We are co-creating through our openness. I bring in emotional people. I bring in instinctive knowing people. I bring in people that are identified with their own identity and direction. I bring in people who have a fixed way of thinking. I don't have to go, "so-and-so did this to me." It's nothing to do with that. So-and-so brought me this emotional wisdom today. So-and-so brought me this wellness information and wisdom today.


If I were to take a look at my particular transit for this moment, I don't become this. I become a wiser, more self-actualized being from seeing this movie today. The emotional intelligence, the splenic the Ajna or the conceptualization, the instinctive knowing down here in the spleen, that's not me. I don't become this. This is pure awareness for me. These three centers are not a part of my natal chart, but they are being represented today in the world through me. I get to go, "look at that wisdom today. I'm going to learn a lot about curiosity, judgment, and bargains today.


What's your natal chart? What are the transits? What are you here to learn? Remove that thought pattern that other people are doing crap to you because they're not. Interact through strategy and authority and watch how beautiful the movie is.


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