What can a dandelion teach us?

Jul 21, 2021

In our group coaching call the other day, we had a discussion around breakthroughs. Ya know, that moment where things just click into place the ‘light bulb’ goes on…

My guess is that you have experienced moments like this, right??

Our conversation was about “getting out of our own way” and learning that the point between tension and manifestation is where the magic occurs. 

Some may look at the dandelion and believe it is a weed...others may see it as medicine….

I see GOD…

Have you had a business idea and you start to get excited about but then all of a sudden, there is this voice inside the mind that tells you:

“Hey, who are you to do this? Only really smart people succeed in business. There will be ALOT of work involved and you just don’t have the time. You know no one is gonna buy that from you right? Maybe it is just easier to stay doing what I am doing and forget about my dreams.”

These are the subconscious patterns that are engrained and being repeated to make you believe that stepping into your greatness, taking a leap of faith and leaning into your purpose is ‘not good for you’ ….some call these internal conversations limiting beliefs….some call them blocks….

I call them bullsh*t lies!! None of them are true….

This is the reason I started off this conversation with the image of the dandelion busting through the tarmac! The only critical difference between the dandelion and you ….is that the dandelion TRUSTED the code inside its DNA. It knows that it can and will grow when nourished….no matter what the environment is!!! 

Are you nourishing your DNA code (your Human Design frequency) so it can grow NO MATTER what??

Over the last year, I have shifted my focus towards the entrepreneur and the experts and professionals who are ready and willing to share their expertise with the world. And the most memorable piece of this was to get out of my own way and let this shift happen through me!

I made the choice to nourish the greatness of my design and I learned to fully surrender….Surrender is the sweet spot between tension and manifestation….

The tension of getting through the tarmac may not have been an ‘easy’ process but the Dandelion has no bullsh*t lies telling it that it can't get through the tarmac. The DNA sequence was activated and it grew….because that's what it knows. 

Your DNA sequence was activated and set free the moment of your birth...are you ready to surrender to your greatness? Leave all the bullshit behind and actually live an opulent life??

If your answer is NO….I honor that….and I believe in you...once you are ready, you can borrow my belief in you...

If your answer is YES….get on a call with me and let’s get that dream into your current reality! 


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