Weekly Wealth Attraction Forecast October 13-19 2020

Oct 13, 2020

12 Min Read + 21 Min Video

The Human Design System is the tool I use in the background of all my coaching practices! The frequency that you are designed to represent is brought into a visual form through the human design bodygraph. From this visual representation, we can extrapolate the Type of Business and Career that best suits you; The Role (Profile) that enhances your purpose; The Strengths (36 Channels) and Traits (64 Gates) and qualities (Lines) others require you to represent and the how to profit from the solutions you are designed to sell to others.


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In this weekly wealth attraction video, we're going to look at October 13th to the 19th. Something to take into consideration is that the only time the transiting system is of benefit to us is when we are using our inner authority and our strategy to guide us. The moment that the mental plane is trying to be the inner authority, then we can consider that to be conditioning. I only want you to use this information and utilize it through your own strategy and authority. That is the most important aspect of the human design system and your weekly wealth attraction process.


The 13th

Let's take a look at what's happening starting on the 13th. As I said last week, there is massive support here for you to start your own business if it is correct for you. This ambitious fuel that is provided allows for the capitalism aspect of your particular natal chart to be enhanced. Through that, you can gather the support that is necessary for your business enterprise. Again, only if it is correct for you and only if you're being moved there through your strategy and authority. The awareness pieces are 61 and 24. 24 has been bouncing back and forth numerous different times. However, 61 has been here through the pluto activation. It has been in and out of that 61st gate since 2018, and it will continue to bring us into 2021. What are the awareness pieces that you need to bring to a business right now? What is the awareness that needs to be brought in to capitalism enterprise at this moment? This is going to happen through your natal chart. Whatever it is that you are here to align with. Your particular purpose-driven wealth formula that is built right into your human design bodygraph. That's your unique aspect. What needs to be brought to awareness through you, hence the reason the transiting system is supporting and empowering us to stand in our own businesses right now and bring this awareness to the public so that they can be empowered to maybe start their own enterprise or start a brand new relationship. I have no idea what that empowerment piece is going to happen through you, but you will know based on your natal chart.


How can we empower through initiation? That's what the transits are asking us. How can we empower through initiation? How can we deliver to our own tribe? What does that look like for you? There's going to be a lot of confusion that's happening on our planet at this moment. People are confused as to the experiences that they're witnessing on social media or the internet versus the actual experience that they're having in their life. There is a massive disconnect for the most part, and that is all built into the global orchestrated directory. We are in this aspect of delusion right now.


How can we bust out of that delusion and that confusion and come to a place of awareness on the new capitalistic plane that is emerging for us? 6 line days are the best days to understand how to function correctly. Go back to your natal human design chart. How are you designed to function correctly in amongst all of this energy? How can you be graceful in this new mutated energy? How are you utilizing your own intuitive insight? What kind of cycles are closing for you right now? Are you closing off a cycle so that you can start a brand new business? Are you blending in? Are you going to take some courses so that starting 2021, you can step into your own enterprise? All things to consider as we move forward this week.


Confusion becomes another focal point as the moon continues to go through. Confusion is healthy for us because it gets us to go a little bit deeper into an experience and find out why we had the experience. We can explore what worked and what didn't work in our businesses, and we can dive a little bit deeper now. Again, here we are, and most of the capitalistic energy is highlighted. What are the skills and talents that you already have? What are those experiences that you already have had in life that you could bring to a business and show in a new capitalistic way? 1st line days are continuity and maturation.


1st Line

1st line days is indicating to us to study this. Go back into your experiences. Use that confusion to your benefit. Go back and look at those experiences. How can you repackage them and bring them to other people that also have some confusion around life experiences? What was the awareness that you pulled out of all of those experiences? Then you get to utilize that in a way that's healthy for everyone. What is the realization that has had to come into fruition? What is that realization that's come in for you to start your own business, or maybe it's a career change? Maybe it's as simple as that.


What are those allegiances that need to be enhanced? What kind of barriers do you have up right now, and maybe there is a second chance for that barrier to be challenged so that you can see things in a different light. For me, I'm a 3rd line B. Things need to be bumping into me at least three times because it all depends on the timing. What timing are you looking at?


2nd Line

Now we're looking at a 2nd line day of this cross of the Maya. How are we building this Maya? Is it healthy? Is it helping people? Are we utilizing the mutated energy throughout these transits that have been here all year long? Are we utilizing it to enhance humanity or not? 2nd line days - are you being called out to share your awareness to start your own business? These are all things to consider.


What is the determination? What are you being determined about? What is the serendipity that's going to happen on the 14th to present to you a whole new outlook? What is that serendipity of how you're going to be called out to continue on, to use that thread of the experiences that you've already had, repackage them, and present them so that you can cut ties with those old cycles and come to a place of awareness? The 18 is all about correcting. Again, you're being called out. What are those patterns that need to be corrected so that you can stand in your own enterprise? Are you being initiated correctly? Are you using your strategy in authority so that that mutative energy can work through you or not?


Now the 18 is seeing all these things that need to be corrected and the 48 gathers a whole bunch of them. This gate of depth. What are can we use, and what is the universe sharing with us. All of those energetic frequencies that need to have a correction so that humanity can move forward. What are some brand new solutions that you and I are designed to bring so that we can enhance the capitalism on this planet? The 48 gathers just like the 484. It gathers information and then releases the potential of that out into humanity.


The 57

The 57 comes back into our awareness. The 57 is all about that intuitive insight. Now that you've seen all these patterns for the last few days, you've gathered the insight of it. Now intuitively, how can you apply it to your life? How can you apply it to your business? All based on your inner authority. 3rd line days are days where we discover. What is it costing you to let the mind operate your life, and what is the price you're paying for not being in alignment? That's usually what 3rd line days will provide us. It provides us with the trial and error, what works what doesn't work, and to stick with what works with this continuity and to let go of what doesn't work in that 42.


Again, capitalism and what is it that works and what doesn't work. Continuing on with what works and then influencing others based on all of the discovery that has happened over the last few days, year, two years, and being able to bring that into your business and provide those solutions for those that require it. The 50 is all about education. Influence through education. 4th line day is an excellent day to influence people on how they can bring a massive amount of education.


The 28

The 28 - what kind of risks are you willing to take? What are you realizing about the risks? What is your awareness of the risks? What kind of risks do we need to take in capitalism, and what kind of risks are associated with this initiation into a whole new mutative energy? There are lots of risks. Are they correct for you, or are they not correct for you? What is influencing you to stand in your empowered individuality? Take a look around and see what's happening. Again, here we are at the 44. There's a massive focus on capitalism. The whole month of October focuses on capitalism.


How can you bring your creative muse to your endeavor? What is your own branding? What is your own marketing? What are your unique profitable solutions so that you can bring and associate breakthroughs for people? That's what they want. Let's pop back here one because, on a 5th line day, you're going to meet strangers. You're going to meet them based on this capitalistic creative self-expression. What is the breakthrough that you need to understand how to function correctly for yourself? What are some of those breakthroughs that you're bringing for other people so that they can come to a realization? They've been sitting in confusion just as others have been through the transiting. How can they come to a realization? What are those solutions so that they can pop into their own breakthrough? We have a very powerful week here of looking at capitalism through a whole new set of eyes. Then learning how to be of service. That's what the 14 does. It's this possession in great measure but what it's fundamentally bringing is how to be of service. How to use your energy correctly so that you can be of service to other people. On a 6 line day, how can you be of service so that people can function correctly? How do you bring that service to capitalism? How do you initiate others through your service? How do the mutative energies show up through your service? All things to take a look at as we walk through this whole week.


There's always a lot. The moon flies around pretty quickly, but it's bringing us a driving force on how we can take a look at all of this energy. Are you standing in your own personal power? This one's a big one for me. This is all about my future direction. Helping people stand in their personal power, and I do that by creative solutions. Are you standing in your own personal power? Are you utilizing your inner authority and your strategy to guide you on this plane and let you know that this is the correct business or not, and you're being initiated? We are all being initiated right now to a place of awareness.


What is the awareness that is showing up for you? What is the awareness that's been showing up for you for all of 2020? For me, it is deeply bringing me a sense of being able to step into the reality that is right in front of my eyes. The only perspective that I know is truthful to me is what I see out of my eyes when I am correct, and I'm using my own strategy and authority. It's not about what's happening on the internet. It's not about what's happening anywhere else. It's about what I am experiencing. That awareness is that satisfaction has to come through my cellular structure, and then all of the wealth that I deserve will be provided to me when I sit in satisfaction. There doesn't have to be any mental confusion or mental disarray around it. It has to allow it to happen through my cells. I hope the same thing is happening for you as well.


When we take a look, and we move forward into the 19th, what are we focusing on? What is it that needs to be focused on? Suddenly, we move into a whole brand new 1st line process. What values are you focused on and what is that ordering of that value? What mutation do your values bring and with that focus, can you focus on those values and use that mutative energy to present your business? Study it and know it. Get to know it. What are your values? What are your educative values? What is the intellect that you're designed to represent? Go back to your natal bodygraph. It's all written in your activations.


Let's close off this weekly forecast with fixed rhythms. We're designed to be in our own flow and our own timing. You're not missing out on anything. I want you to see what the influences are. If your body does not move you in the direction of any of this, it is okay. Just witness it. Watch what's happening on the planet. I would venture to guess that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people starting businesses right now. For some of them, it's not going to be correct because they're doing it through conditioning. Others are doing it based on the influence that's happening in the transits and the correct alignment to their strategy and authority. In saying all of this, just an FYI, my purpose-driven wealth formula program is going to be up and running on November 1st, which allows you to take 16 weeks to align to your design in whole new ways so that you can see your profitable solutions that you're here to bring, market yourself in a whole new way, and so you can walk away with a whole new system of how to see yourself and be able to sell and influence others through the correctness of self.



Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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