The Mechanics of Relationships

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Today, we're going to have a quick look at relationships and understand when we look at a companionship chart, we can see that it's mechanical. There is to be no blame in a relationship because it is what it is. The person you're with has particular mechanics and you have particular mechanics. It's all about acceptance and that's the beautiful part of human design, is that human design teaches us about acceptance. It's not about change, it's about acceptance. It is about awakening so if you want to consider awakening a change you can. 


When we look at the mechanical piece of this, we'll be talking about myself and my husband. What happens is when we take my husband's design, my design, and bring it together, we get a new auric field that is created. When we take a look at that mechanical structure, there is no more blame. Again, it's about acceptance or not. I hold an energy field and he holds an energy field. I can't go in and erase something out of his and put it in mine or vice versa. You hold the energy that you hold. We all have limitations and we all have a particular instrument to use to play our magic from. 



Unfortunately, we see how deep the conformity is in our world and everybody wants to be the same. Human design is saying no, we are unique beings, so use your unique instrument and play the beauty of your note. How do we connect? There are a few ways that we connect and this is a simplistic look at a relationship chart. Next, I'll go over ours so that you can see it. There are so many aspects that there are tons of courses that teach relationship dynamics. A few of the simplistic ways that we can connect through what we call compromise. 


This is the most challenging part of a relationship because you'll have a gate and the other person will have the entire chart. In the example of myself and my husband, we don't have that in our dynamic. But let's say for fun that he has the 48 gate and I would have the whole 16 48. What happens here is that my husband would always feel like there was something that he was missing. I could also feel that there's something he is missing. I can do it all, I have that energy, why doesn't he? It's all about acceptance and being able to see the mechanical view of this. 


The electromagnetic is where the real attraction, repulsion, and spark is in the relationship. You have a gate on one end of a channel, your partner has the gate on the other end of the channel and this creates the full channel. This is where the attraction and repulsion can come in. For myself and my husband, he has the 46, I have the 29, this is what we call an electromagnetic. He has the 11, I have the 56, again, another electromagnetic connection. Dominance is how you know the other and how the other knows you. This is where you have a full channel and the other person has nothing or the other person has a full channel and you don't have anything in that particular channel. 



Again, as an example, Ken has a full channel of the prodigal. I don't have any gate hanging there, I don't have any of it. I know this to be him, he hears all kinds of crazy stories. People will just have met him; they will tell him the most amazing, in-depth, private information about themselves. It's amazing what he hears and he's here to be that prodigal to hear, listen, and witness all of those stories and all of those experiences. He then needs to be able to retreat and assimilate them how he needs to assimilate them. I know that is him. 


Where myself, I have the channel of maturation. This channel of maturation is all about cycles, begin and middle, begin and middle. Ken doesn't have any of that. He knows me like that. He knows me as the one that can get the fire started, get the new experience, get it on the go and then I can end that experience for us or allow for the universe to naturally end it. But he knows that and he doesn't have the strength of being able to start a task or finish a task. It's difficult for him. It's not an energy that he holds and it's about acceptance. Yes, it drives me crazy because I'm like, well I can do all this. But, I know mechanically that that's not an energy that he holds. He's gaining wisdom about it, but it's not an energy that's innate and natural for him. It's about acceptance. 



The last one is companionship, so you both would have the same chart or the same channel in your chart. Maybe it is the channel sensitivity and both people have that. It kind of feels like home or there's contentment there because it's the same. There's no push, there's no pull, you both bring that strength to the relationship. Simplistically, that's one of the ways that we look at a relationship chart. 


Of course, this goes right down into the nuances of like, what's the profile? I'm a 1 3, Ken's a 6 2. Our three and our six, there's harmony there or resonance. We can understand that with each other. The one and the two, that's something that there's a dissonance there. It's kind of formed to both of us, that piece of that other person. He wants to hermit and he's got all these natural abilities. People come along and they call him out on that. For me, I love to study and research, I'm a perpetual student. I've been in class since kindergarten, since five years old, I've been taking courses, taking classes and I'm 43. I'll probably do it until I die because it intrigues me and it completely repulses him. 


It's interesting to see how he doesn't get parts of me and I don't get parts of him but it doesn't matter. We look at the relationship rhyme, six and three better to be free. There are six defined centers in our relationship aura and three that are open or undefined. What's healthy for us is that we do things separately, we don't always have to be together. It's not about doing everything together, it is about having a free-flowing relationship. 


There's a lot of information coming in through these centers and flowing out through those centers. People feel like they can interact with Ken and I as a couple. Then we go into things like color, tone, nodes, and your movement, and then we can take a look at things like the planetary placements. What's the truth and transformation happening? Those kinds of things. It's mechanical yet enlightening. 


What's critical is that each person has their human design reading done on their charts before any kind of relationship chart. Without honoring and trusting self first and accepting self first, it's pretty hard to accept the other and have no blue line. It is about having your individualized charts and then coming together in a relationship chart and seeing where the nuances and challenges are, seeing that life's looking a little bit different for him in his environment than my environment and that's ok. The dissonance of our profile, being able to see it. I am already aware of that and then when you can see it mechanically it's like oh ok so it is there, it's nothing that needs to be changed. That's the beautiful part of relationships and again, simplistic, easy look at a relationship chart so that you can get an idea. 

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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