Super MOON - Human Design Explanation

Feb 19, 2019

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The Moon is in the 59th gate as it is at it’s fullest at 10:53 February 19, 2019. The 59th gate breaks down barriers or builds them up. It is indicating that there are rigidity and harshness present, either in yourself or others, and that they should be dissolved not for the benefit of all. Patience and gentleness will discover the source of their obstructions and also our own.


What does this mean for you? First, no matter what the program is communicating to us through information, ALWAYS trust your strategy and authority when making decisions. Second, there is harshness in the world, and it is, with patience, being dissolved. In others and in self.


Relax, the program is playing out as it needs to and your role is to be yourself. DO NOT let the outside world dictate your inside world. DO let the inside world shape your outside world. Through kindness and love, we will all come out the other side evolved and more aware!

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Today, I want to chat about the super moon and the transits and the power of these transits that are happening right now on our planet. It's so funny because anytime I have a question for the universe, what I always hear in my head is Leann, you have the program. Human Design and this particular blueprint, map, whatever you want to call, it is the program. When you're able to study this knowledge and drop deep into it, the movie becomes very entertaining. I don't have to get involved in it. I can just watch it and that is part of my design. I'm not here to get involved. I'm here to be hopeful. For you, it might be different. You might be here to get involved. 


However, today what I want to just chat about here is this the 59th gate. The 59th gate is dispersion, the ability to break down barriers to achieve union. When we look at the political plane that's happening right now on our planet, whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump is doing this. This is part of his Design. He's got the 59 6. He is here to break down barriers and to achieve Union. I know that a lot of people are pissed off because he wants to build a wall. Well when you're awake and when you can see the progress that's taking place underneath everything, that's what he's doing. He is breaking down barriers to achieve Union. He is empowering the people to stand up for themselves, not rely on any government, don't make the decisions in life through your doctors, your lawyers, the pharmaceutical companies, your government, take back your own power. He is completely breaking down all barriers. I know everybody's like, oh he's building a wall that's a barrier. Yes and no. He's achieving Union by putting up a barrier that is going to decimate the drug trade. I encourage you all, if you can, to check out Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. It's an important book that was written many years ago, I believe in the 30s. The drugs, the alcohol, the cigarettes, what they do is they provide an in for the control mechanism that's happening on our planet. That mechanism is a very finite group of people that believe if they have all the money and they have the control of the media, they have the control of the people and really up until this point, that's been pretty true. 


What I see here is the breakdown of and the exposure of these beings that are trying to place this control on us. I just want to read to you - this is not in the Human Design book this is a completely different I Ching book but I found it very interesting.


"This hectic hexagram comes to indicate that there is rigidity and harshness present. Either in yourself or others and that they should be dissolved now for the benefit of all."


There's a huge underground movement that is taking place to awaken us. What I love about Human Design is the two very simplistic tools of strategy and authority, they're here so that we take back our power. No longer are we to be controlled by outside forces. There is a harshness present and the only way to expose harshness is to shed a light on it and that's happening. Look at Venezuela right now, look at Europe. People are standing up for themselves and saying no more. I live in Canada and there's a massive movement here to put people back to work. Stop getting in the way. When we look at this entire transit as this full moon passes through at 10:53 today, it's asking us to drop into our own spirit. To nurture that spirit and to trust that our own inner truth is correct for us. 


The value here is enlightenment and endarkenment. Of course, we live in it in a dualistic world. There has to be one and the other at this point in our evolution and I have no idea what's going to take place further on. Those stimulating and valuable ideas that are going to come out of this enlightened dispersion of the harshness, it's going to be fascinating for us. On the endarkenment side, they try to manipulate what we're seeing and our memory, and the truth is holding steady. It's fun to watch that because as we walk up to 2027 and the whole global transit is moving into the Sleeping Phoenix which is all about individuality. This mutative energy that's been on the planet here for around 3-4 months now, wow it has sparked a Great Awakening. Not everybody can awaken. The program can do two things: the program can be used for evil and the program can be used for good. What's fun is to watch how both sides of this are playing out daily, moment-by-moment, both sides of this program are playing out in our world and inside of us. 


"A moderate view of others' transgressions is always best in patience and gentleness. We discover the source of their obstructions and also our own."


In my perspective, people want to be free. They are sick and tired of being handcuffed by money. Discover the source of their obstructions and also our own. What I believe is that it is the monetary system. We have placed a value outside of ourselves to the monetary system. You can look at this in two ways: putting a value on yourself and valuing yourself and then exchanging that energy with someone else - that's perfectly healthy, but giving the power to the money is unhealthy. This a group of beings on the planet that have created this obstruction, are now being exposed. There's no better timing than right now to do that. 


This super moon is opening us up to this. What are the obstructions within the self? When I look at that and I look at the Human Design matrix and the program, that's all about decision making. What obstructs us the most is the not-self mind. Giving our power away by making decisions through peer pressure, through the conditioning field. That's the obstruction itself. That's how I see this. I see how people want to have control and decision-making of their lives all to their own. Of course, we do. That's the whole point of this. The obstruction for them is that, again, they're living from that not-self and they are so much so trying to control everyone. I don't know what their endgame is, I don't get it. Of course, there's speculation that they want to clear off the population of the planet. Mother Nature will do that herself when she chooses that there's overpopulation. She's done it in the past and she will do it again. We don't need a bunch of people believing and going through the chaos of the mind to create all this chaos. 


How can you walk through all of this? Take back your own authority and trust your strategy. For example, I'm a manifesting generator. I'm here to respond. I'm here to trust my sacral inner authority to guide me in this life. The mind has no hold on that, it can't when I trust. That's what Design is teaching us. Design is teaching us strategy and authority. There are layers and layers of information about Human Design and I can talk to you about this for days, weeks, years, months, whatever and I will. 


However, the only thing that matters is strategy and authority to get you dropped into your own body's consciousness. From there, we can look at your perspective and your motivation and all of those different things. Drop you in to what's best for you in health-wise: sugar, salt, fat, carbohydrates, how do you eliminate waste, all that kind of stuff. We can look at everything. We can look at how to profit in your business healthily so that you're healthy, the business is healthy, the people that support your business are healthy. They're not doing it because they're addicted to things. They're doing it because you're providing a service. Design goes into every aspect because it is the program.


If there's anything here that intrigues you, that your body is moving you forward into learning more about your Human Design, understanding the transits a little better, whatever it is, contact me [email protected]. Share with me your experiences. What are you seeing in the world right now? I know what I'm seeing. I'm seeing what people want and I am seeing that people want freedom. They want to live a good life, happiness, joy, and they don't want to be handcuffed into an indented world. Human Design completely can show you exactly how to break free of all that. Conformity is the killer and Human Design is how you can repair the life, the body, the business, whatever it is.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

  1. Have autonomy through decision making
  2. Attract resources (money, information and people) by trusting your purpose
  3. Witness the Global Consciousness Instructions and take advantage of the shifts
  4. Experience the Relationships in your life at a new level of awareness
  5. Get out of your own way and move into a place of Self Mastery!

Are you tired of what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self-mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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