Weekly Wealth Attraction Forecast; October 6-12, 2020

Oct 06, 2020

16 Min Video

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The Human Design Transits are supporting us in such profound ways this 2020 year. Awareness of our truth has been center stage and it is helping so many people be empowered to be their own truth. The enterprise energy of the 44-26 channel is support us to stand in the entrepreneurial energy today and create a purpose driven business. By utilizing our skills and the talents we already have from years of experience. Be the CEO of your own life and your own business or career. There is a fuel that is supporting us now to more from fear into progress. We are being initiated into a whole new world...

Are You Ready?

The support and empowerment is here in the energy field to assist us to stand in our own greatness and I am here to be of service to this energy!

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