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Today, we're going to have a quick chat about projectors, another type in human design. Projectors are a fascinating group of beings and on the business side, we call a projector an advisor. The aura is very focused, absorbing, and penetrating. They have powerful auras. What a projector or an advisor is here to do is to be a guide. They have this beautiful super-power that can hone in on the identity center. They have this auric field that hones in on that center or function in the other. Projectors and advisors are all about the other person because that is where they shine. 



When we think about and process how powerful this aura is, if you are a projector or an advisor you are penetrating the other's auric field. You're doing this all the time. It's not something that mentally you have to even prepare for, it's happening. The strategy that is best for your type is what we call, wait for the invitation. That invitation is critical because you are so darn powerful. When the person that you're penetrating is not ready to identify with themselves, they are not ready to see themselves, and you give unsolicited advice as an advisor or a projector, that other being usually can't hear you or they don't want to accept that information. It's so amazing to watch these beings operate. 


I'm a manifesting generator and when I see projectors that are sitting back and waiting for that invitation, the success that takes place in their life is beyond measure because they are assisting so many people by waiting for that invitation. Those beings invite them in and that projector or advisor guides you, hones in on you, and can guide you in a way that nobody else can. 


The other side of that being someone whose identity center is completely open. My identity center is completely open and what became apparent to me from learning human design was that feeling that I would have when I was around particular people. Now I get that most of the time from projectors that are coming from a place of bitterness. Having a bitter auric field penetrate my being makes me feel sick. What else is funny is that those bitter projectors see my open identity and they think that I need to be fixed. That's something else that's interesting. 


What am I talking about when I talk about bitterness or success? Success is a signature of the projector. Success feels and comes to you when the people that are around you, your people that you have in your environment, those that have invited you in, and those that are taking heed to your advice, see success in their lives. In turn, there's success for you because it's all about the other. 


One of my classmates is a projector and I love that I see this in her posts when she's talking about her clientele. When her clients have success, she puts that all over her social media newsfeed. That's her success. That's what I mean about success. 


What does bitterness look like and feel like as a projector? Projectors and advisors are here to be recognized and invited in. What happens is there are times where the people that you're around may or may not be ready to see themselves. If they're not ready to see themselves and you're providing the unsolicited advice, it falls on deaf ears, they can't hear you. They don't take heed to any of it and then you feel bitter because you're giving all this advice and nobody's doing anything. The crucial piece of that is your strategy. Wait for the invitation, allow for that invitation to be your movement. 


Most of the time, projectors get it but they don't want to shift their strategy. They still want to initiate and push because of the conditioning. We're all conditioned to believe that we should be here initiating, pushing, striving, and climbing uphill with our fingernails and that's not what the projectors are here for. Projectors are here to see that the manifestor opened a gate, opened the doorway, and created a gateway. There are a bunch of manifesting generators and generators looking at their options. Then they have a conversation with a projector and say can you help me out and help me decide which option I want to go through with? Then they can guide those beings through the correct doorway. 


Breakdown of the Population

The critical piece here is projectors are here to get good at asking questions. 9% of the population are the manifestors. Approximately 70% are manifesting generators and generators. Then we have about 20-21% being the projectors. Now you're going well, that's almost 100 percent. Well the last type, our reflectors or evaluators, are about 1% of the population. Projectors are here as 20% of the population. They are here to guide that 70% of the population. 


For myself, I'm a manifesting generator and what's healthy is that I can have projectors in my life that can ask me some profound pinpointed questions to help me navigate on this material plane and hone in on my response. Projectors become terrific guides when they're invited in and when you recognize them for who they are, and they're invited in. They're profound beings because their auric field is already honed in and they can already energetically look at your identity and go, let's ask this person these pinpointed questions so that we can move that person in the direction that is correct for them. 


The critical piece here as a projector is to wait for that invitation. Wait for that invitation and become beautiful guides. The unfortunate piece is that you're so highly conditioned just like the rest of us that that guidance piece gets lost in you. You're trying to be a manifestor, we all are. Reflectors, generators, manifesting generators, and projectors are all trying to be manifestors while manifestors are trying to be a generator. 


It's amazing, but as a projector being able to flip that switch and go, I am only going to listen for or feel out the invitation. Just like a generator or a manifesting generator, don't feel like you have to sit on the couch eating potato chips. No, take your energy for a walk, you'll be recognized. Layout your wares and your abilities, market yourself. It's not about initiation. People will feel initiated by your marketing, but you're not out there with a fishing rod reeling in the catch of the day. Know it's about you being able to sit back, lay out your platform, and wait for those people that are ready to hear you and that are ready for that particular advice to respond and come in. 


Types of Projectors

I want to give you a few examples of projectors. Self-projected projectors are all about the invitation. It comes in then what do they say about it? Why are they talking about it? What's fun is that these beings usually talk to themselves a lot because they are listening. Their voices are their authority. They're chatting and talking and the critical piece here is that they listen to what they're saying so that they can hear what their inner authority is saying. 


Then we have an emotional projector. For this particular projector, it's about coming to a place of clarity. There's this emotional wave and the analogy that I use here is you don't become the wave, you ride the wave. So get on your surfboard and be a surfer, get on the surfboard and allow yourself to be fully conscious of the movements of the feelings within the body. You'll come to a place of clarity and go okay, that invitation felt right. Acoustically, the tone was correct for me and when you give yourself some time, whatever it is depending on the severity of the decision and the length of time that it takes for you to come to clarity. That is when you then get to accept the invitation or decline the invitation. It's all about recognition. Are you being recognized for your particular instrument? With some emotional projectors, there's this dilemma going on in his/her head trying to make decisions logically instead of feeling it in the body. 


Our last projector is the mental projector. This is all about who you have in your environment and being able to bounce off those invitations to the people in your environment. Then waiting for yourself to speak to each person. It usually takes about three people to bounce it off and hear yourself. What you're bouncing off is not about hearing other people's opinions because they're going to want to share it. Having people in your environment that are willing to be sounding boards and that's it. So there is a quick synopsis of a few different projectors and grasping that as a projector.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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