Human Design Calculator

ahumandesign human design calculator Nov 27, 2023
Human Design Calculator


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Human Design has a tendency to find you when you are ready to make a massive change in your life! 

That is how it came into my life 10+ years ago. 

I remember it well. 

In the Fall of 2013, I was ready to embark on a new journey....I did not know what or how, I just knew there was something new on the horizon. 

First, let me back up a little. In the Summer of 2012, I left a very lucrative career in banking. It was time to let my body decompress and reconnect with nature. 

I picked up a part-time job to bring in a little money while I decompressed. 

And when I was ready to step into entrepreneurship for myself (my husband and I had 2 businesses that we co-operated while I worked full time). 

I typed into the Google Search bar, New age business and Human Design was the first website that popped up. 
It pulled me in and I began my path to learning, applying and experimenting with this system. 

And after 10 years, I have mastered the system, especially, for business and team building functionality. 

When Human Design first finds you, the Bodygraph seems way overwhelming. There are these shapes and lines and colors that take your mind into all kinds of confusion. 

One aspect of Human Design that is so important is that you have an accurate birth time to put into the Human Design Calculator. 

Because Human Design gives a blueprint of your DNA/RNA expression, the most accurate time will provide you with the most accurate blueprint. 

This Blueprint is your guide to what is you (True Self) and what isn't you (Not Self).
Along each side of the Bodygraph Chart, you will see planets that activate gates, this is the energy you are to represent. 
This is the true self version. This energy is natural and available to you. The strengths and characteristics that other people know you to be. 
The white areas, all of this is what we call the not self. 
You will meet this energy in other people and the transits so you can learn about that energy. 


Here is a YouTube Video that Explains the Chart in Detail. 



As a Human Design Professional who specializes in Business and Team Building, the value of Human Design is profound when it comes to acceptance, profit and human potential. 

Experimenting with HD in your personal life, your relationships and your business will undoubtedly bring levels of self-awareness. 

Enjoy the experiment.





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