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The upcoming year is supporting our awareness is new ways. As we embark on a new year, there is empowerment and support in the Program. 

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Today we're going to talk about the upcoming new year which starts on January 21st, 2021. The cross of planning continues to break down on us and we get to step deeper and deeper into our autonomy. It feels very destructive and it usually is. 


When you clean a room in your house what usually happens is you're taking stuff out of other areas of your house. You're pulling things out so you can clean them and then reorganize them. It kind of looks chaotic, and I used to love doing that with my mom every spring and fall. We cleaned the house, we washed walls, we did all that. I love cleaning and I still do that in my own home. I'll tell myself that I'm going to tackle this room and do this and clean this but the rest of the house seems to get all this stuff put into it before I can rearrange and clean and put it back. 


That's what's happening before we can expand out into our autonomy. Every year when the 41st gate enters into the sun, we have our human design new year. We have that human design new year because the 41st gate is our start codon. Anytime our genetic code needs to begin a new expression of what is going to happen in our outside world a new year occurs. Maybe we're going to start building an ear or a toe or we're going to replace some cellular structure, whatever it is, the DNA starts with the start codon and that's what the 41 is. The 41 is our pressure to feel but it's also our fuel to contract. 


When I look at the quantum physics world, it says that zeros and ones can be either or both at the same time in our linear seven-centered world. Our max is zeros and ones and they have to be zeros and ones. They have to hold to that. However, in quantum physics, a zero can be a one and a one can be zero. Of course, it all depends on how you are observing it. The observer of the experience creates the experience. The 41 is the fuel and pressure that we need to have a human experience up to the 30 to the 36 over to the 35. This is the human experiential way and Ra always said to throw expectations out. 


The original human design was brought forward for us through the lands of the non-self. When we can see these mechanics and understand them and live them, we transcend them. We live the highest version of it. The human experiential way is to throw the expectation out of the way and stand by your standards. That 41 tells us that we need to contract down to one feeling and one experience. We can contract down to that one experience and then what happens is we put our feelers out there. We can go into the potential of the scalar wave into that quantum physics reality and we can go out there and touch it. Then, when we contract back down, we can realize that manifestation because that's really where this is heading. 


The 35 or anything in the throat center is where we manifest. That human experiential way is guiding us and it's saying contract down to one feeling and one experience at a time. Stop trying to multitask. When we can do that, we can put our feelers out into the potentiality and contract back down and realize that manifestation. 


The 31 is an opposition in the wheel and the 31 is influential. The 31 is in the throat and when we look at this, we manifest that way through the 35 but the 31 is always the opposition. The 31 is telling us that every single human experience that we're having is built on a pattern. The 31 is built on top of a pattern. We have a pattern just like this. There's DNA that's running in the background, there's a pattern, there's a code, there's a formula there. We get to have the experience and witness what we need to on top of that pattern. The voice that happens in the 31 is "I" lead but it will lead with authority or powerlessness. 


What was interesting for 2020 is a massive shift into censorship. Anybody speaking about their experience or speaking about information that the narrative didn't support, all of the sudden they got censored and taken off. Remember the cross of planning is breaking down. Its final last push is to try to be the authority and still have human beings believe that they are powerless. 


What is taking place in 2027 is the complete opposite of that where we no longer are powerless. Our voice does matter, our voice is the authority and the collective's voice is the authority. We no longer have to be powerless to that contract or bargain that was set out in the last 400 years. We can stand in our own new experience. How are we manifesting our reality? Are you doing it through authority or are you doing it through powerlessness? Both things are happening where the collective powerless voice is being censored and a whole new authority is coming out. Yet again, in the quantum physics world, those two things can be interchangeable. Even though they're being censored, there's a whole new authority taking place in a whole new experience. 


There are tons more social media platforms being built outside of the construct of large government and large businesses. Providing an authority back to those censored voices. A key part here that is happening in the 2021 year is awareness. 


The 61 thankfully was always there throughout the whole cross of planning. That 61 is the inner truth. It still held open this tiny spot for us to be connected to our source and to recognize that our inner truth is important. Awareness is going to be a critical factor this year. Being aware and being able to open up your eyes. Don't get caught up in all of that distraction that's happening out there. 


When I say new social media platforms, is it a good thing or a bad thing? You can look at it as a binary or as both because there's a whole new stream of things to be distracted about. This channel is saying to be aware. There is pressure to know the unknowable right now. We're not designed to always know the unknowable. We've jumped into this meat-suit and there's this aspect of us that we got disconnected from. Can we tap back into that? Of course. Are there always going to be aspects that we just can't know? Probably. 


There's a pressure here to know the unknowable. Don't get yourself in a space where you get caught up mentally trying to figure it out. The inspirational head center and the conceptualizing of the Ajna will create such a huge tension for us to try to figure things out. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. That awareness aspect is empowering us to always be able to conceptualize our inner truth through our media and not through anybody else's media. Through our connection to our reality. 


The other area that is also quite critical is this 19 49. If you're following human design, the 19 49 is breaking down. Come 2027, we no longer have to be sacrificing our physicality for the gods. When we can recognize that we are god and we are an aspect of the creator, then we no longer have to be fearful or nervous about our entrance or denial into the spiritual realm. The 19 49 is the sensitivity to resources. The 19 always flirts and coerces the 49 into supplying those resources for it. This is where we get our marriage contract. When the 19 flirts enough to get the 49's attention, the 49 says okay, well you need to obey me and I will support you and provide you with the support you need and be sensitive to your resources. That's what this whole channel is about. 


When I look at it, 2020 brought us to a place of asking ourselves, what do we really need? What's important and what do we need? How much do we need? That's also a key aspect here, how much do we need? What do you need in your experience? What do you need? The 54 is going to be a part of the cross of the sleeping phoenix come 2027. I think it's a great place for it to be involved in this year because it's bringing us to space where capitalism is going to look different. It isn't about handing over our authority to big business or government. They're trying very hard to continue to be in control and capitalism is adjusting to this whole new capitalistic environment where the entrepreneur is going to be more important than these large organizations. 


The 22 has been around most of this year and the 22 is about attentiveness. What mutative energy, what creativity, are we giving attention to? What are we open to mutatively and what are we not open to mutatively? Are we paying attention to our emotional moods? Are we paying attention to who and what we are at the core of us and allowing for that to be in an empowering space for us, or are we continuing to take the distractions from the outside and having them create a huge massive effect on who we are? The 22 is asking us to be attentive. Be attentive to that inner empowered world. 


Something also important is this 27 that has been hanging around for most of the year. The 27 strips the resources of the tribe so that it can nourish and take care of the tribe. We can see that a human being's resources are all over the planet. There's been a massive shift in all of that. There's been a huge scarcity of food and education. The 27 is asking how you are nourishing yourself. How are you taking all of this energy? How are you supporting your nourishment? 


Ra always said, what happens when food trucks stop going into a place like New York City, London, or Tokyo? What happens when there's no more food supply? What happens when those people cannot nourish themselves? There's going to be massive amounts of chaos. What is important is that you can be able to sustain yourself, your resources, and your nourishment. That's what's going to be important now. 


What I see in my community is that there's this massive shift into this bargaining aspect. You have a storage of carrots or potatoes or whatever it is and I have beef, so we can trade them. There's this massive shift where we're going back to the fundamentals of humanity and interacting in a way that's all brand new. It's not about taking the narrative from large businesses or the government. 


The 45 is that voice of "I have" or "I have not". The 45 is always concerned about how the tribe is being taken care of in an education and resource way. The north node is a trajectory and with the 45, the third line is very materialistic and it's concerned about the material world. How is our materiality? When you look in your local area, I will guarantee that there are local farmers that want to feed you. Some local artisans want to be able to provide for you. I know that inside of your human design bodygraph there are intrinsic strengths, qualities, characteristics, and skills that other people require. Maybe you are fantastic at creating websites so that people can get a farther reach in their local area and you can do a trade. 


That's what this 45 is doing. It’s saying listen we need to come together as a tribe, as a local community, and meet everybody's needs. We need to all feel valued, respected, and have our resources met. Go to your local areas, go to your farmer's markets and get in contact with your local farmers, and be involved in that. 


I love that 26 is very persuasive and it has to be. What is my direction? Which way do I go? What is my own identity? If the government breaks down and large businesses break down, what are my skills? What are my internal strengths? That's going to be the focus this year. The 26 persuades the 44 because the 44 has eons of past information tucked into that 44th gate. That 44 is fear of the past. It's good to have all that information, but the 26 kind of antagonizes and persuades that 44 to break out of its pattern. Let's not let the past hold you back. Let's step into this newness, and let's use this particular product or service to get you back into a space where you need to get back into. 


That's in a nutshell what January 21st and the year 2021 has in store for us. It's always unexpected, we never know what is going to happen. I can give you the mechanics day by day and you can watch these things take place. It's how they will express themselves in the world. A lot of people were watching for 2020. A lot of people had this real sensation that's exactly how this was going to play out but it was. They didn't know that it was going to be a virus per se that was going to shut down the world. The mechanics are there, you get to recognize them through your design. How do they sit in your physical bodygraph? How are you experiencing them through your experience, your eyes, and the lens of your bodygraph? That's the important piece. 


When we take a look at the cross of planning again, know that this is all breaking down. The Maya that has been built is breaking down. There's a delusion that was happening and that was the pattern that is all breaking down for us. It looks destructive to anyone who isn't aware and gets caught up in the distraction of it. This is where we want to move our focus towards and we want to move our focus towards the integration of our wisdom of our authority of our power so that we can achieve union. We want to be able to be selfish. We want to be able to be selective and use our wisdom and our common sense so that we can utilize our intuition and only get caught up in the relationships that are good for us. Be willing to break a relationship, one night stand if we need to so that our physical body is taken care of. You are the power. You are the technology. Step into it, be it, be in the flow of it, integrate your wisdom on the inside so that your expression on the outside can be one of common sense.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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