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The 1/3 Human Design Profile is the foundation of life. Life is not sold and this profile is designed to pay the price to become an authority Life purpose is not something to chase, it is something to align to. Getting real, vulnerable and honest with ourselves, this is the magic.


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Today's conversation is around the 1 3 profile and I'll be sharing with you my experience of it. The 1 3 profile is something that I have brought up a few times, and I want to bring it up again. When I'm providing you information here on YouTube for free, I'm giving you generalities. That's all I can give you. Remember that every single bodygraph is unique depending on where you grew up, what part of the world you're in, what your experience has been, and your culture. You also have to think about the four different types, the incarnation cross that you came in on, and all 64 of the potential activations that happen in the bodygraph. Which of those 26 activations are in your bodygraph? Out of those 26 activations that are in your bodygraph, there are 1080 different variations there. Can I provide you with the intricacies? Pretty much impossible. 


However, I do want to provide you with generalities. From there, if you want to know yourself to a level that is intimate so that you can transcend your human design bodygraph because that's what Ra said. Recognize that there's a limitation built right in there. However, once you understand your human design and you're living it, being it, and witnessing yourself in it, you are transcending all of those limitations. I am providing you with generalities. If you want to know yourself deeply, jump into my mentorship program. You get me for a whole year. We walk through your design and break things down. You get all aspects of the human design system in my mentorship program so that you can master your reality.


I'm going to give you the generalities today in my experience of the 1 3 profile. Anytime you look at your profile, there's always going to be a personality aspect of it which is the black. That's your healthy psychology. The red is your vehicle. That is your brain-body and how your materialism/ meat-suit, actually is designed to bubble around in this life and have experiences. 


The 1 3 is the foundational profile or what we call in the BG5 business language is your public role. This is how people experience you inside your type, incarnation cross, and activations. This is how people are experiencing you. The 1 is that investigator or the authority. Your mind, your healthy psychology, is going to investigate. It is going to become an authority of whatever field you're in. Maybe you're a doctor, engineer, psychologist, farmer, or dog walker. Whatever your field of authority is, you are going to investigate it so that you can be the authority. Your behavioral identity is one who investigates.


Now the 3 aspect is the martyr or the pioneer. You'll hear a 1 3 is called the investigator martyr, or in the BG5 business terminology, it is the authority pioneer. The third line is your vehicle. It's your body and why the 1 3 is the foundation. It's the starting off point for all of these profiles or public roles because the 3rd line is all about the material plane. It is about being human on this material plane making money, having a house, and walking around on earth. It is the quintessential material plane. The 1 teaches us that we are insecure. As humans, we are completely vulnerable. The two of them put together, the one and the three, you are the teacher that life is not solid. We look like we're solid, but we're full of space. As a 1 3 whatever your type, incarnation crosses, and activations are in your design, know that you are the quintessential teacher that says life is not solid. On top of that, you are also designed to introduce people to the fact that we are living in delusional energy. You get to break through that delusional energy and introduce people to that delusional energy so that they can create their own illusion. 


Now, something you may have heard Ra say - we're not creators, and then in the next breath, he says we are creators. When he was teaching the basics of human design, he wanted everybody to be able to enter into this information. However, once he got into the cosmology piece of this and got into the spiritual aspect, he had to recognize that we are the creator. It all comes down to choice and decisions. As a 1 3, you are an authority in your field, and you are designed to be a pioneer. What does a pioneer do? A pioneer tries things out. They test it. Life bumps into them. 


Let's look at the conscious aspect of the 1. That behavior identity is that investigator/studier. The mind wants to study because it wants to become secure. That healthy mind, not the conditioned mind, the healthy psychology. You will be recognized as that authority. You'll notice that empathetic situations become your limited perspective, so you're able to recognize. But what you're recognizing is the empathic aspect of whatever your experience is. You're going to aspire to be creative. Your mind is creative, and your bonding strategy is that pursuit or pursuer. People do this to me they pursue my authority, or my mind pursues another authority, so that I can become secure. You are the self-provider or the coveter, and there are these weaknesses and strengths. Your mind recognizes weaknesses and strengths. That's what healthy psychology does for you. 


What is the 3, this martyr/pioneer body? Again, it's adaptive because that's what the third line does. It's a material plane, so it has to adapt. Your nature is to learn through mistakes, through bumping into things, and things bumping into you. You'll notice that there's some anarchy there. The minute you're confined, the physical body is like hold on a minute. I don't want to be controlled. There's anarchist energy within a 1-3. That anarchist energy isn't about going out on the street and rioting. Anarchy is saying you're not going to control my mind. I'm not going to let anybody govern my mind. 


The physical body is pessimistic. It interacts with people. The aura is interacting, and the aura is getting to the depth or the flavor of that other person. Then the person speaks, and it's pessimistic because it's like hold on a minute. I know that there's something deeper out there. I know that because I'm interacting at that pessimistic level. That direction is all about sustaining the third line. They will adapt, but they will continue to go, move forward, test, and retest things because that's what it's designed to do. It's designed to have bonds made and broken because we're always as a 1 3 moving towards that leading edge. 


What do I mean by that? Every six-line has to learn from third lines. It has to have that 3rd line experience to step into the wisdom. That allegiance and rejection that's within the emotional field as well as partnerships and dependency in the awareness. As a 1 3, if you're aware, you'll notice that you will create allegiances with those that are also aware. That rejection aspect is those that they interact with you at a surface level. Your physicality says I'm pessimistic here. It will reject any of that untruth because you can't lie to a third line. I don't know if you've ever heard Ra say that before. You lie to a third line, and they know it. Me as a 1-3, I knew things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were all not true as a kid. Lying to a third line is something that Ra says never do, especially if a child has a third line. Don't lie to them. 


Recognize that I'm giving you generalities, and the millions of possibilities and potential that are out there are beyond what I could do in one lesson. If you'd like to step into your own self-mastery, my own mentorship program, and walk with me through this information at deep profound levels, you can apply below. I don't work with anybody. I have said no to numerous people because I cannot have an excuse mentality inside that program. You have to be willing to go deep, have experiences, reframe them, and then re-immerse in your life through self-mastery.


If you want to get there, join me. If you want to stay around in the free world and whatever that's costing you, it's up to you. As a third-line, I know what price I have to pay and what other people have to pay, and the cost of not stepping into your own self-mastery. I know that because as a third line, that's what we teach. That's what we know. We do it the hard way so that you don't have to. I know what the cost and the price for me to investigate has been. Wouldn't you like to be able to step into it with ease and grace? If so, step into my self-mastery. I've already paid the price. It's already cost me time, money, and many things bumping into me to learn this. Now you get to have the version of it that is simple, and yet allows you to go deep within yourself.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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