How To Have Faith In Yourself

Jul 14, 2021

In our group coaching call the other day, one of my clients said that she is leaning into playing ‘trust fall’ with the Universe! 


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MMMMM….I loved this analogy so much! 

And of course, the image of the Human Design bodygraph popped into my mind and this correspondence was created! 

Let me give you some background...

Ellen is in the program because she wants to create a business where she is honoring her human design, creating a great life for herself and her boys and serving high quality clients….

Just as she was ‘doubting’ herself....a job advertisement came to her and she applied for it...the job ad had elements of what she wanted to build out in her own business so she thought she would apply for it and if she got it she would then deal with continuing to be an employee. Her subconscious was having her play safe….

....but Source Energy was not letting her go back to that old way of thinking.…

She emailed me to let me know she had booked the interview and I encouraged her to not  forget the big picture, whether she got the job or not….

First, she booked time off for the interview but she actually booked the time off a whole week early….

Second, her current employer needed her to be involved in a meeting the exact same time the interview was to take place….

When she dropped into her inner authority and remembered that she was creating something bigger than just a job….she knew that having faith was the only way to go! She leaned into the trust fall with Source Energy. 

She gracefully declined the interview as her inner authority was guiding her to move into the creation of the business and to stop playing it safe…

Now, let me be clear here...Ellen is not putting her or her family at risk with this decision….she is actually opening up entirely new potentials for her business to emerge and flourish. 

While listening to Ellen speak of this process, I was paying close attention to the tone and cadence of her voice. She is a Self-Projected Projector/Advisor and her voice is her inner authority…. 

What I heard was interesting as she spoke about the job interview and playing it safe, the pitch of her voice went high…

Then when she spoke of staying the course of creating her business, her pitch came back down and the confidence of the decision permeated the conversation. 

I pointed this out to Ellen so she could replay the video of the group call at this time and hear herself…

This, my friends, is the power of staying in your truth and having a coach/mentor with you in the process. 

Our conditioned belief is to fall back into the same old pattern...leave our desires behind and ‘play it safe.'

And yet Ellen is a perfect example of letting the illogical decision making of the inner authority guide her to her have faith in the bigger picture and the bigger vision….

This week’s homework…

Think of some experiences where you just ‘threw caution to the wind’ and you had a great experience…

Can you harness that feeling and put it into your cells for a few minutes each day? Play in this energy as often as you can and watch the miracles happen….

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