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Jan 05, 2019

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Today, we are going to take a look at generators and manifesting generators. Their auric field that comes along with their human vessel is what we call open and enveloping. They're open to the process and they're enveloping those that are around them. They're always wondering who they are in amongst all of this. That open and enveloping aura brings the life towards them. 


What's key here is that manifesting generators and generators are what we call classic builders and express builders. We are here to work, we are here to build on what the manifestors have graciously created for us. We're here to build and use our energy in a satisfying way. How we can do that is by using the strategy of responding. 


The aura is bringing life towards you and then you get to respond and say, "I'll use my energy for this", or, "I'm not going to use my energy for this". The manifestors have opened the doorway and then you get to respond. I can build on your creation or I'm going to wait for the next door to open up. It’s for a manifesting generator, generator, or builder, you're here to wait. 


I know this pisses off 70% of the population that are this type and we've all been trained to initiate. The manifestors have all been trained to wait and to respond. We've been trained to initiate and it's all backward. When we allow ourselves that moment of waiting to see what the universe is going to bring to us, life looks totally different. The question that I get is, how does anybody know that I'm even here? 


You can still market yourself. Marketing yourself and initiating are two different things. If you're pushing yourself up against people and trying to make things happen, then that's initiation. For most people that are aware and awake, and you're either a generator or a manifesting generator or a builder, this doesn't feel good. It feels frustrating because people aren't ready for it. But when you market it, you're going to bring your niche to you. It's not about sitting on the couch and eating potato chips. It's about saying here is what I have, here is my skill set or my passion. Then you get to lay it out and people then get to respond to that, feel invited to it, or they get initiated by your marketing. But you're not initiating, it's the marketing that's initiating. You're laying out here's who I am and who is attracted to that will bring themselves to you. 


With that open and enveloping aura what I love is that as a 1 3 manifesting generator, I love to study, research, and amass a tremendous amount of wisdom through experience and study. What I found is that the law of attraction is what human design is built off of. When we take a look at what we call the Mandala, if every single one of these gates or traits were colored in, what would be created is what we call an emotional manifesting generator. That aura is open and enveloping, like the law of attraction. It's fun to watch how human design permeates throughout all thought leaders and scientific discoveries that are happening. It's right there, it's on the leading edge of it all. 


What makes a manifesting generator or a generator or a builder, is this lovely little square. This square is what we call the energy resource or the sacral center. This is our work and available resource that we have to share with the world. What is critical for manifesting generators is that we use that energy in a satisfying way so that we are producing and using those resources so that the physical body is healthy. 


The way to that satisfaction is by response and by listening to the response of the body and not feeling guilty about it. People want my energy every day all day long, and I get to say yes or no. I get to say, I have the available energy for this or no I don't. I don't feel guilty about it because when that energy is correct and when I'm ready to use my available energy, my body tells me. I no longer push through and I did for many years push through a lot of things and my body took a real downturn. It was ready to give up on me and thankfully human design bumped into me and I could understand all these noises happening. I'm grunty, manifesting generators, generators, builders, you're going to hear yourself grunt a lot and moan and groan and things are happening. You're satiated or not, or enjoying your food, or enjoying your sexual encounter. It's all within the beauty of whether I have available energy or not. 


We are trained to initiate and that initiation creates a ton of frustration. We're expending our energy on what the not-self mind is saying to go do and then frustration ensues. The crucial thing here is to respond and wait for people to ask you for your energy. Wait for the universe to ask you for your energy so that you can fully be aware of when you're going to expend your energy and when you're not. 


We complicate the hell out of our lives and we don't need to do that. If we can purely make decisions that are correct for us, our world would not look like it does. If everybody was able to see that they have mutated into this ninth centered being and their authority is within them. It's not about the government, the pharmaceutical companies, or anybody dangling a carrot out and trying to make you fearful. That's not what this life is about. Yes, as 7 centered beings, we were just surviving. Now as 9 centered beings, nothing can put you in a cage unless you put yourself in that cage. 


This is going to come as a surprise to everybody. You're creating your reality by how you expend your energy and by the thoughts that you have in your head. As generators and manifesting generators, we are 70% of the population and if we were able to use our energy to a place where it is satisfying to use that energy resource, we can shift the entire planet's energy field. We hold the greatest number of people. It is about decision-making for manifesting generators, generators, and builders. You're here to respond and decide whether or not you're going to expend your energy on what is being asked of you. 


As a generator, the Red Square is the sacral center or the work and availability, it's defined. What you'll notice is that there can be a lot of different configurations. There's a response that happens, but the inner authority is emotional. It's almost like a two-part process. They're responding and coming to clarity over time. The response happens, okay, I need to check my calendar, look at my vacation time, whatever it is, you buy yourself some time so that you can come to a place of clarity. Your inner authority is then going to say, now is the time for you to expend your energy on what was asked of you or, no, now that this time period has passed, we're not going to expend our energy on whatever being asked. It all comes from a place of clarity. 


It's not about the mind weighing the pros and cons, it has nothing to do with the mind. But it has everything to do with how the body is feeling and if the body is saying, I have the available energy for this or not. The only way for an emotional generator to come to that understanding is over time. Generators are waiting to respond, so there's this waiting period to see what's coming into the aura and then you get to respond to it. 


In certain generators, the moment that they respond is the decision. If their body says yes, they move forward otherwise, they don't. For this generator, they're waiting. Their aura brings them whatever they need to see in this life then they say, I need to take a few moments and I'll let you know tomorrow or Wednesday or Thursday or whatever your time period is. Then you get to relax into that decision-making and watch the body's emotional intelligence gain what it needs to gain and say, I can present myself and I can use my energy or not. 


It's not about being spontaneous with this kind of configuration but with others, it's definitely in the moment. The sacral is saying yes or no, the energy resource is saying yes or no, and it's all done. The manifesting generator piece of this is that there is a motor, any four of these motors get connected to the throat. One motor goes up and connects to the throat and this is what we call a pure manifesting generator. 


Once the decision is made, there's a response, they come to clarity over time, then they move into manifestation fairly quickly. With generators, that manifestation is the step-by-step process. But for this particular manifestor being a split definition, what you're going to notice is that two centers are hooked together. Then we have these three centers that are hooked together, so it's like having two islands of energy. Their process and timing might take a little longer, and most likely what this person wants to do is listen to that initial yes-or-no and move quickly into the manifestation, which is unhealthy for the body. 


What's healthy is that when the initial response happens, you buy yourself some time to play hard-to-get, listen to the energized, emotional intelligence that's created through your desires. Then, once there's clarity, you can move into manifestation. For this manifesting generator, there's another different configuration. Two centers are connected and we have these four centers that are connected, but the sacral center isn't directly connected to the throat. Actually, two motors come up to the throat. 


Again, what you're going to notice is that the dilemma here is that this person wants to be a manifestor. They want to get out there, hustle, initiate, and push. Their sacral center is going, hold on a minute, talk to me, ask me, I need to tell you whether or not I have the available energy for this. The crucial piece here is for this manifesting generator to listen to the sacral and then go, give me a few days I'll get back to you. Then they can, through their emotional intelligence go, I will fully commit to expending my energy on this, or not I can concentrate on moving this project forward. Understand that the beginning process for all of them is the same and that is listening to the response and then either going with the response or coming to clarity after the response has happened. 


You're going to see a huge difference in life. The satisfaction permeates how you feel. What happens for me is that I know when the not-self mind, and it still is there that not-self is still processing through me all the time. Ra was in human design for almost 30 years before he passed and he's like it doesn't stop. It still matters and chatters in the background. My process now is around six and a half years or something like that and it's still there. I know that if I've made decisions through my mind, the tension that happens within my shoulders and my neck is insane. 


For me, I worked at a financial institution as a branch manager. I was in management for nine out of the ten years that I worked there and for the first year, I was still going to school as a student because I'm a perpetual student and will be forever. I didn't have a neck because I constantly had this tight energy up here because I was not living my true authentic self and not listening to anything that my body was telling me. 


Now, I've been able to decompress from that, but there are still moments in my life and I'm not perfect. Even though I know this information, I study it, and I live it, there are still moments in my life that that not-self tries to make decisions. When it does that and it pulls me down a rabbit hole, I know it immediately because that tension becomes so apparent to me. 


It's about awareness, not about perfection. We're not here to be perfect. We're here to experience and be aware that that's our whole process and in that, we have so much joy and anticipation to what life is just going to present to us. When we become aware we can go, all right, I was just at the entrance of that rabbit hole, but I didn't have to go in. I can now reroute myself back into my authentic being.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices.
I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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