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Human Design Types

In the Human Design System, there are 4 types of electromagnetic, or aura types. These 4 types interact and collaborate in a beautiful dance on our planet. If everyone is trusting the uniqueness of the design within the electromagnetic field... and making decisions from the authority of the body vs. the mind.
However, that is not the case for most people on the planet, unfortunately.
Let's walk through the basics of these types.


This type is here to get the ball rolling! With the closed and repelling aura (this is not a negative connotation), these people are here to open doorways and get the creative force of the planet to innovate. The powerful aura is making shit happen! They need a strong aura so they can open NEW doorways, part the sees so to speak, and open new avenues for the rest of humanity to walk through. And just because they are opening doors, doesn't mean they are dragging you along with them. Quite the contrary! These beings are so engulfed in their own creative bubble that they are not looking back to see who is coming with them or not! This process takes a tremendous amount of force and that the reason for the closed and repelling aura! They are blazing trail...
What is so important for this type, Manifestor, is the strategy they are meant to use as they dance with the rest of us...and that is the Strategy of To InformWhen Manifestors INFORM prior to taking action, the rest of us can move out of their way...This is the key, they must inform before they take action.
IF they take action without informing, what they will notice is this. The rest of us get uneasy and we what to control them because we don't trust them or we are fearful of what they are doing. So we ask them too many questions and this feels like resistance to the Manifestor. The Manifestor correlates questions with control. This resistance for the Manifestor feels like anger and presents itself as anger to the rest of us! This Anger is something that permeates the situation and the loop of no trust, fear and anger continues until the Manifestor makes that one small adjustment. That is INFORM before action is taken. The information does not need to be a full dissertation of their action, just a few precise statements so they can get people out of the way of the innovation. What the statements create for the others is this. We can then use our own authorities to know if the doorway that the Manifestor just open is correct for us or not.
Children: up until the age of 12, 'train' your manifestor children to ask for permission. What is important is when they ask for permission, they are learning to Inform before they take action. This will ease them into adulthood much more gracefully!
Manifestors trust their own auras. Those auras are like a shield for life! Because they are safe in this shielded aura, they make shit happen and they never give it a second thought!
If you ARE a Manifestor, try this out! Inform people and watch how the resistance (all the stupid questions that we throw at you) eases or even stops.
If you HAVE a Manifestor in your life, ask them to just inform you before that take action...and stop inundating them with questions...begin to provide the Manifestor in your life with information or statements..and see how this changes the dynamic.
Here is what I mean...
My husband is a Manifestor. He just makes shit happen every day all day. For years, he would just go start the tractor (we cattle ranch) or jump in his truck and leave, and I would immediately go into my head and think "does he need help, or did I piss him off?" 
Once I learned Human Design, I began testing this theory. So I told him it would make life much easier if he could just let me know what he is doing before he takes action, and this worked when he remembered! So I tweaked it a little, information is a two-way street. So now I let him know my schedule. I inform him of what my schedule is so, if, he needs me, he can ask me for my energy. This has made it easy for him to share what he has on the go with me too. It was like an ice breaker! He now understands why I was asking all those stupid questions and when I get the heck out of his way. He can go be him without interference, and our relationship just looks different!
So the big thing with this type is INFORMATION. As powerful as the Manifestor is, with the resistance from the rest of us, the innovation has a flavour of anger, and we do not need any more of that on our planet! When there is little to no resistance, the energy that is coming off them is PEACE! And that is a beautiful feeling!


This type is the guides. They are meant to coach, consult, and advise us (Generators and Manifesting Generators) and they have the perfect electromagnetic field to be this. The aura is focused and absorbing. As you can see in the image, they penetrate into the auras of the Generators and Manifesting Generators (Gens and Man Gens).
This aura is powerful as well. The penetration, and focus of this type is palpable! The reason they are penetrating the auras of the Gens and Man Gens is so they can guide us. They guide us by asking us pinpointed, direct questions so we, Gens and Man Gens, can get in touch with our response mechanism and so we are using our generative energy in a constructive way!
Now, the key here is the Strategy for a Projector! And that Strategy is: Wait for the Invitation!! Invitations are critical...
If a Gen or Man Gen does not recognize your ability to guide, DO NOT give out the advice. They can't hear you anyway! They are so caught up in their frustration that they become deaf to your guidance and advice. Then the projector just used their precious energy on someone who can't hear them! This causes great BITTERNESS within you and them. That energy is what other people begin to taste as you penetrate into their auras. Then the loop continues... we, Gens and Man Gens, taste the bitterness so we steer clear, the projector is giving out uninvited advice, we can't hear you, and the loop continues.
As a projector, the only way to break this cycle is to hone your craft. Master the system you are here to use. Be so steeped in the wisdom you are here to present that the Generators and Manifesting Generators are clammering at your feet for your advice!
You can't do this by being a Manifestor and pushing your way through life. It does not work like that (well, you can, but your physical body will breakdown and the bitterness is all you can taste). Preaching at people is a deterrent, guiding people is an attractant!
What I want, and I'm guessing the other Gens and Man Gens on the planet want, is a projector guide that is so good at what they BE, that we seek you out, and we recognize this energy because it is penetrating us with SUCCESS. We know, that when we have you as our guide, we can DO anything because you know us so well and you guide us with pinpoint accuracy that satisfaction is the main ingredient of our lives.
Now, success is the energy a projector feels when those they guide are satisfied with their work, business, and life! So, again, how do you begin to turn bitterness into success? MASTER your Craft! You first must recognize yourself so that others can recognize you! Then, take that mastery on a walk and watch how the rest of us recognize you. What I mean by that is share your wisdom through the vehicle that is best for you, (YouTube, Facebook Live, write a book) and watch those that are ready for you to invite you in. They are craving your guidance and there has been a response by them to reach out to you, and to invite you to be their guide! You have a finite amount of energy, so don't overdo it! Ask for help with your marketing. You are not here to Do the Doing you are here to Be the Being!
Many times, projectors ask how they can make money and not be exhausted and bitter. First, what do you love to be? Do you just love numbers and writing up business proposals? If so, hone this craft and then get crafty at presenting it to the world, and watch the invites come to you. Or maybe you love the Human Body and you just know it inside and out. You could create a consulting firm that trains new techniques for Massage Therapists or Nutrition Coaches. There is a shit ton of industries that are running amuck in this world and they need guidance. Hone your craft, take that mastery for a walk and then watch the success of those you are guiding and your bank account will increase. None of this takes DOING; it takes BEING!
So, the Manifestors open the door for us and the projectors then begin the process of guiding the generators or manifesting generators, once the invitation is presented, as to what door they are responding to.

Generators and Manifesting Generators

This is the workers, the builders for our Material plane. This is the generative energy that keeps the world going! We are like the engines on a plane, keeping us afloat!
The electromagnetic of a Gen/Man Gen is open and enveloping! We are open to the guidance of the projectors (if they are presenting the energy of success). How do we best use our builder energy? This is the #1 question for a Gen/Man Gen!
This type comprises 70% of the population and when we are not working correctly. The whole world knows it (kind of like what is happening now).
How do we know what is the best way to use our generative energy? Well, you will know this because the strategy of your aura will let you know.

That strategy is: To Respond

You are here to STRICTLY RESPOND!
Never use your energy unless your physical body has responded to the task or work that lies in front of you! What is response? Response is a guttural noise that comes up from your gut region! Aha-huh or uh-uhu or mmm... This is a noisy body, it is grunting its way through life. You may ignore it though because you have been conditioned to "Use Your Words"!
Your grunts are your guidance system.. This tells you if your physical body has the energy to do the work or task! Response is also the engagement of the body. I am a Manifesting Generator and my body is responding to everything in my aura.
What I mean by that is this: I am having a conversation and my body leans into the conversation or away from the conversation. As the other person is talking, my head nods with agreeance or shaking with non-agreeance (my husband calls me a rubberneck because my head is always moving when we talk and his body is not built like this. He is a manifestor) The BlueJays scream in the back yard for more peanuts and my body either goes to fill up their feeders or not! Someone asks me to do something and my body responds with a yes or a no (it might also be an mmmm, which is a maybe...but not right now).
The physical body is ALWAYS telling you what is has the energy for or not! Again, we are the worker bees! The important piece is this: Generative energy happens when we respond. De-Generative Energy happens when we are acting like a Manifestor and pushing our way through life because we are told if we don't go out and make it happen we are losers!
Response is freedom. Freedom from the slavery of the conditioning field that has told us what to do instead of asking us what we have the energy for!
HUGE difference here...
So, if you are a Gen/Man Gen, be witnessing your response to everything What are the answers your physical body is giving you, moment by moment, as to what is best for you to be working at or not? This whole game of life will look so much different if you and I were operating from response and feel satisfaction from our accomplishments. But what is happening now, is we are slaves to the conditioning and we are totally frustrated and exhausted, yet we push through this feeling and use that pissiness to work in a very de-generative manner. Frustration permeates our world and there is no need for it to be that way if 70% of the population would just stop initiating and relax into response!
And it starts at the first breath. If you are a parent of one of these little ones, please let them stay in contact with their guttural noises and let them respond to life instead of having them chase after the shit that doesn't matter! If it is correct for them to use their energy for they will respond to it! Remember, the aura is open and enveloping. Life is coming our way and we get to respond to it!
A projector guide is a good fit for these people. So projectors, please hone your craft so we can invite in that yummy success that you carry in your aura.


Our last type is the judges or evaluators. They have again, the perfect electromagnetic aura for their role in this game, and that is a sampling aura.
These people are critical to have on our planet. They are like the canary in the coal mine! They are giving us constant feedback as to how the whole operation is working together. I see these people as the instrument panel in the airplane cockpit! Are we flying too close to the mountain? Are we gonna crash or is it clear travels ahead? Has one of the engines started on fire? Are we gonna make it to the destination?
At a mere 0.1% of the population, there are not many of them but we need them! The sampling aura is so important for their health. They just need to sample the information and give feedback. Nothing is meant to stick to them. It is like a Teflon aura or like duck feathers. Non-stick frying pans and water off a duck's back as they would say! Just sampling and letting go.
Their strategy is: wait for a lunar cycleSounds odd right? Well, these people need to be initiated into whatever they are giving feedback about. They need that lunar cycle to talk out whether or not the initiation is right for them or not.
Being a judge is not an easy role, and the time, about 29 days, gives them a sample of what is in the energy so they can then share their feedback or not, or to continue sampling until the correct initiation has come along!
So, if you are a reflector, please do not get caught up in the rat race. You are so disappointed when you do. Just relax and wait for the right initiation. The right one unveils the Awe life has in store as you sample so many experiences and then just provide feedback when the correct time has occurred. Life is not to be strenuous. You are like the sage on the mountain top, watching and not getting involved and waiting for someone to ask you to share your wisdom.
Again, how can these people make a living? Judging life. Judging the stock market and playing the right stock. Judging the fashion industry and making a documentary. Judging the safety of any industry and creating a best practice protocol.
Similar to the projectors it is not about doing. It is about being. Without the judges or instrument panel of a plane, we will crash before we even take off!
So if you are a Reflector, please just relax into your role as a judge so you can watch in awe as to how your evaluation of a situation can improve the next situation.
And if you are a parent of one of these elusive unicorns, treat them with compassion as they walk through life sampling and judging so they can provide life-giving evaluations to the rest of us!
Where I am currently living, near Grande Prairie, Alberta, there is a ton of this type here. My take on this is we need a shit ton of judges to balance the massive oil industry and the immense spiritual community that is here! It is a dichotomy of denseness and lightness and it is beyond fun to witness, yet is it is difficult for those not aware to live in it. Most of these reflectors also have a majorly hard time being human in this energy. Society does not like to be judged, however, we most definitely need to be! Evaluation brings enhancement and when an awake and aware evaluator speaks, the rest of us better friggen listen so we don't crash the plane before getting to the destination!
I have the honour of being in classes with two very awake and aware evaluators and every time they speak, the profundity of their words move me to the core of my being! So if you have an awake reflector in your life, listen to them...
Check out my YouTube Video for a fun analogy of these types and how they work together! You can view my videos on topics like this and more on my YouTube Channel.
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