Visualization is the key to breaking free from a Default Life

gate 2 in human design how to visualize human experiential way monopole driver Nov 26, 2023
Leave Victimhood and the blame game behind

Are you ready to break free from the 'default' collective program of blame and victimization? 

In the Human Design bodygraph, the collective circuit of the 41-30, 36-35 is the Human Experiential Way and it is based on fantasy and imagination. 

The 41 is the start codon....however, if you have not leaned into the visualization of the Driver, that is the Monopole of your Direction, then the collective game will keep you unsatiated and confused why you are not making headway in your business or your life. 

The Vision of the 2nd gate is key to leading a life on purpose. 

I invite you to use this Visualization process in your life to uplevel your experience.


Also, leave a comment here or on the YT channel as you dive deeper into how your monopole driver is taking the wheel and leading you into the life you are designed for. 





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