Human Design: Capitalizing on the Fear

Mar 11, 2020

6 Min Read + 14 Min Video

In the Human Design bodygraph, Capitalism runs through the Splenic Center or the Instinctive Knowing in Career Acumen. 


The Splenic Center has two things within it! Fear and Awareness. Money is a by-product of either a fear-based sales approach or an awareness-based sales approach. 


I would love the world to move to an awareness-based sales approach as we move closer and closer to the 2027 Global Consciousness Shift. Bringing awareness to how capitalism works on our planet at the moment is important. Seeing it brings awareness, then witnessing it brings a new level of awareness.

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What is capitalism? What does it look like and what are the mechanics? If you see the bodygraph here, this is what we call the material way in the Human Design System. The material way is also capitalism. This is how the tribe makes money. If you notice over here which way we are going, we are on the logical side of the bodygraph. There's this movement forward. Logic is always trying to move us into the future. If you see here, what are we including here? We're including the spleen where the instinct of knowing. What lies within here? FEAR. This function is all about the immune system and fear. However, what's on the other side of fear? It's an awareness. Fear presents awareness.


I want to drop into this. What's the most important aspect of the Human Design System? Strategy and Authority. We need to declutter our minds. Our minds are these beautiful software programs that are either being a healthy receptor and taking cues from our higher self or the mind is cluttered up and it's living out of all of the openness and scared.


Here's the awareness for you today. I wanted to bring this out because there are millions and millions of people all over the world right at this moment that are so gripped by fear. This fear has been created so that capitalism can happen. Now the latest one is the Coronavirus. My condolences to anyone that has had a death in the family because of this virus. However, what I want you to understand is to follow the money. That's what this is saying. Capitalizing on fear or for those of us that are awake and aware, we can then discern based on our awareness. What is important to be fearful of or not. This is tribal and the tribe is concerned about materialism. You're in a meat suit. That is material. All this quantum physics - the quantumness collapsed right here to create your humanness. The material world is important to us. It is designed to move us into the future. However, it's designed to move us into the future for us to become aware. Not to be held in the grips of the fear so that some chosen few get to capitalize on that fear.


Discernment is very important as we stand in this material plane. This is the channel transformation. We get to transform on this material plane to aware beings. This awareness then gets to be transmitted to the tribe so that the tribe can become educated. When you look at all of the decodings that can happen through the Human Design System we can see both aspects. The duality of the fear and the duality of awareness. We understand this through discernment. Discernment happens when strategy and authority get involved. We want to declutter our minds. The mind is this beautiful receptor. This is our receiving ground for God or it can be cluttered up with a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't matter blocking that reception. Discernment allows for that path to become clear so that we can come to awareness and so we can transform on this Material Plane and transmit this education to our tribe. Then we can manifest correctly, take the correct action, and communicate based on transformation, transmission, and wisdom.


There is a massive fear component to capitalism. However, there's also the other side and we can capitalize on the awareness as well. We're all selling ourselves. We are all designed to sell ourselves. We are designed to present our strengths to the world and then be open enough to receive the resources that we deserve. However, fear holds us back from that. Fear will either put the resources into, remember that delusional tribal energy that's happening right now, or there's an awareness here so that the tribe can be educated and wise based on the awareness. When you look at the decoding of all of this and actually can drop into the wisdom of this system, the all-encompassing amazement of this God code that you and I get to represent. Trust that you are here to interact based on your strategy. Trust that your inner authority will guide you to the correct interactions so that you can capitalize on your awareness. That's the massive shift happening here. In other blogs, I go into the whole understanding of what shift is happening in 2027. We have seven years to hone in and allow for our cellular structure to transform based on inner awareness so that capitalizing on the fear is no longer the driving force on this planet. It will be capitalizing on the awareness. That's where we want to be. If there is fear, if the mind is gripped in fear, anxiety, and nervousness, there's awareness behind that.


The only way to get to awareness is by decluttering the mind. We declutter the mind by allowing strategy and authority to be our guide. There's this infinite little path that's happening here but we need to have a starting point. That starting point can be interacts through strategy and let your inner authority be your guide. Play around with that and then your next step is to allow for the physical body to be healthy. What are you watching on TV? What kind of information are you consuming? What kind of food are you consuming? Is it actually food? Is it whole foods? Is there one ingredient on the list, like broccoli, or are there multiple ingredients on the ingredient list on the product and most of it you can't read. Our physical cellular structure is super complex. However, it's really simple - provide nutrition so that the physical body can be well. As that happens, the strategy and authority will continue to strengthen. From there, the awareness can be experienced. From awareness, we can then healthily sell on this material plane so that our immune systems can be strong and healthy. There are a ton of people wanting your physical body and your mind to be gripped in fear so that they can make money. I don't want that for you or me. I want us to make money from awareness so that we can all transform, transmit that transformation, and use that wisdom.


The whole aspect here can be fully aware or can be fully gripped in fear and it's all up to you. You're here on the leading edge with me and we're decoding this system so that we get to have self-mastery. So that we get to represent our God code. How do you do that? Step one: strategy and authority.


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