Gate 62 - Incarnation Cross - Maya, Detail and Obscuration

May 04, 2022

the 62 in the conscious core essence or
personality sun bring us to the
preponderance of the small or detail
right angle cross of the maya the
juxtaposition of detail and the left
angle cross of obscuration
so when we come to the 60-second gate
again we're looking at another throat
and this is where we have metamorphosis
and that metamorphosis is this gate of
detail and this voice of logic that is
either reasonable or unreasonable
and what it is doing it is taking visual
patterns and then translating them into
62s are constantly naming the maya
our illusion for us so that we can then
understand it because understanding is
the fundamental necessity of humanity
because understanding is logical
without understanding then we have no
way to logically conceptualize and and
it falls apart so the moment that you
give the 62 um or sorry the moment that
the 62 gives something a name or a
it gives it a form and then once we have
a form people can grab onto it that
really is what the magic is here so by
being able to logically describe things
give them names and
logically give attributes to those names
it gives us a common ground in which we
can understand it together that's the
important piece and then once we
understand it
then we feel more secure going into the
so the whole purpose of this particular
right angle cross is to transform us
to help us come to a maturing continuity
with that
detail because it gives us an inner
truth it lets us be able to come to our
own inner truth now something to
understand is that people's beliefs
anybody sharing beliefs
that's not our inner truth
our inner truth comes from us being able
recognize a pattern and then come to our
own individuated
truth off of patterns and off of that
story but those beliefs or those
opinions they are not ours to
adapt or adopt
is what i want to say our inner truth
comes from being able to recognize all
that collective energy and then come to
our own inner truth
because what we do is we measure and we
express things in words and that's
really what the 62 does is it expresses
measurement in terms
that we can then grasp and understand
and that is where the magic is it's not
about oh i believe this or i believe
that based off of the details
because details can be obscure
details can hide things
so when we're looking at the 62
if we could if we didn't name things
right like you know oh hey this is a
apple so then we give it a name and we
all recognize ah
this is an apple
so when you're trying to remember
somebody's name or you're trying to
remember the name of whatever it is
if it's not there what happens is it
begins to fade
and then it breaks down in the maya so
names are very important for us and
what comes to mind here is alzheimer's
that's when we start to forget
names when we first start to forget
what things are
you know that's really our first step
and putting our foot on the other side
and moving into that pure positive
energy that's what alzheimer's really
does for us it's playing on both sides
of the game because the minute we can't
can't give it a name we've already
started to dismantle this maya that
we're living in this illusion that we're
living in
so as one of the most powerful
educational forces that we have
these beings bring us deep into this
maya that we're living in by describing
so what do i see here
i see
massive massive amounts of of papers or
written documentation
when i see this i see that the medical
detail oriented how to come to a
maturation with so we've come to this
closing of a process
and now how can we bring that into a
continuity and drop that into our own
inner truth how do we name things
we see this well i i recognize it
trademarking brand new names trying to
come up with brand new names i have a
sister who has two little boys and the
names that are given for some of their
tv shows are well not tv shows but
shows that they watch
unbelievable i'm like where did these
names come up but we're we're at this
point where naming is saturated
you know our our reality
and what can happen here is
again it's not when somebody says that
you have to believe in this or that
if you don't get the detail there is no
inner truth if you don't know how it
works it doesn't matter what it is or
what you're talking about in the end
there is no salvation on the mental
plane until you understand it that's
just how it is
so we get that by naming things by
giving it language
now i talked about the 12th gate and the
12th gate where the larynx drops in and
we have this mutative
voice or mutative cadence but the 62nd
really is our our grammar it's our
it's our languaging that's what came out
of the 62. so i also see this as great
all that kind of stuff where
there is this written or written
uh measuring so
the the logical aspect of
like formulas and that kind of stuff i
can see that all happening here for for
wealth creation
now when we look at the juxtaposition
cross of detail
these are the people that are going to
detail you to death it's just what
they're going to do
and now we've moved to the 3 and the 50
as the underlying aspects
so this is difficulty in the beginning
this is ordering so there's some kind of
that happens here in this detail so we
come to an inner truth and the 50 is all
about laws
our values
so what do i see here basic law making
and what i love is that
ah that's really when i look at this
juxtaposition this is how we write the
laws we give it so much detail
we go through it with such a fine-tooth
comb that we end up giving most laws a
most laws have a loophole that you can
get out of it
because it's like this this this cycle
that go that it goes through this
this metamorphosis that it's very
difficult in the beginning we create
these laws we give it all this
measurement we give it all this detail
we write it to death we detail it to
death and then inside the inner truth of
it there's a loophole to get out
so i can see these people being those
lawmakers those creators of of the laws
every single government
all over the world constantly that's
that's their whole job is just to write
laws because they think that people
capable enough taking care of themselves
and then when we come to left angle
crossover obscuration we've seen this
word before
and this is when the details get really
and this is about
hiding or obscuring things in the detail
so detail is given but nothing's
actually really said
so since logic is starved of energy
people will cheat to get the energy so
they obscure things they obscure the
statistics they obscure the details
trying to cover certain things
so that they you know maybe can have
access to the energy by obscur obscuring
the details so it's like cheating a
little again
if we look at the detail aspect of this
the juxtaposition detail like we create
the laws so well that there's loopholes
it's exactly
what we then present over here in the
left angle cross it's like this karma
there's a loophole
there's a loophole here
and what i see with these people these
are the politicians and now if you're
political don't don't
this is not none of this is ever
it's just how political aspects work
because they want to talk you
into a circle they want to talk you into
that place where
it's difficult
there's difficulty in the beginning
you're trying to decipher through
through all of their uh details all of
these laws that you're trying to lay out
to come to
your own inner truth and yet
usually that inner truth isn't an inner
truth it's actually a a belief in this
or a belief in that one side or the
other or
there's not an understanding so then we
just create our own inner truth
that's what's really fun because that's
what loopholes will do is it'll take us
right out of actually understanding the
whole thing to a space where we
understand it so deeply that the inner
truth is the loophole
again i just looped it through there in
a way that is very obscure
so we can be grateful for these people
because that obscurity in that detail
brings a value to the collective as a
because it allows us to then go a little
bit deeper into our own inner truth
and what we have to remember is that we
are completely helpless in all of this
i know a lot of people don't like to
hear that that there's no choice we're
helpless well we dropped into this
frequency we dropped into this illusion
and now
we're really helpless at the aspect that
we are at so
what do i see here
i see this
the the
the right angle cross
that is here to to to measure
and naming things and describing things
medical journals
writing blogs describing logically the
detail this is where i see lawmakers
where i see the loopholes and then the
obscuration again it's the politician
so in some kind of political office
they can talk that loophole
and have people drop into an inner truth
and they did they did nothing but
obscure the actual details of it so have
fun with that and we will talk about it

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