What is the Not-Self Saying in the Human Design Bodygraph

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The Not-self is a very tricky area! As a society, we are taught to be in our heads and to trust the mind to guide us. Well, a healthy mind is, again, an amazing asset to our lives but the mind is not here to make decisions.
The openness is a place of that nasty chatter that convinces us that we just are not good enough, we need to work harder, we need to be smarter, we need to avoid certain situations, we just need to push on through life...and all of this takes a ginormous toll on our bodies. There is a great deal of difference between pushing through life and being ambitious.
Ambition is a beautiful fuel to master the material plane when it is engaged correctly through strategy and authority. The pushing of the mind takes us into unhealthy paths that don't make us feel satisfied or peaceful or successful.

Influencers and Conformity

I watched a documentary on Netflix called The American Meme and they were interviewing Instagram Influencers. These people have millions of followers and are making millions and billions of dollars, in some cases, by posting their lives on social media. The documentary showed a period of time for each of the influencers. They start off by saying that they were having so much fun conforming to society and they were making a lot of money doing it...and as the documentary moves through, the influencers begin to talk about how tired they are and how they really hate their lives because they feel isolated even though they interact with millions of people online each day. Most of them were crying and exhausted, yet continued to push on in this unsatisfactory, angry, disappointed and bitter life. The conformity of the not-self is a killer!

So why chose Human Design decision making over the conformity of the Not-self?

Satisfaction: that you get to use your energy doing what you love and loving what you do. 
Peace: that you are following your own inner guidance and creating a world of innovation that is right for you.
Success: that you and those that you touch are all successful in living their uniqueness vs.conformity. 
Surprise: for the beauty and awe that life has in store for us as we move from conformity to individualism.
If the Not-Self is running your life, I encourage you to discover Human Design and take back your individualism.
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