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Peaceful vs. Angry Impact

Mmm... the peaceful Impact these beings can make on our world... or ahhh... the angry Impact they can make on our world.
Let's explore both sides of this impact.

The Closed and Repelling Aura

We need to begin here.
A Closed and Repelling Aura. Sounds like a negative aura. There is an immediate conditioned belief that this aura is a negative and that is so far from the truth! Picture this, Moses (no, this is not a religious is an example), walks up to the Red Sea.
  1. He has an Open and Enveloping Aura like a Gen/Man Gen-- He envelops the sea and drowns. No Exodus takes place
  2. He has a Focused and Absorbing Aura like a Projector---He absorbs the sea and drowns. No Exodus takes place
  3. He has a Sampling Aura like a reflector--He touches the sea and can't move the water. No Exodus takes place
  4. He has a Closed and Repelling Aura of a Manifrestor--He informs the Sea of the situation and the sea gets the heck out of his way, and the Exodus Happens!
Does this clear things up a bit? The Closed and Repelling aura is creating History. Creating history by Innovating, by doing things is a whole new way, by not being scared to break new trail and get sh*t done! These people can be as tough a nails if they trust their aura! 
Each one of us has a perfectly designed bodygraph behind the Aura or Electromagnetic Field that encompasses our meat suits! 
The Impact the Manifestor's Closed and Repelling Aura is this. They are designed to DO the heavy lifting, sea parting, and the trail breaking. The rest of the types, projectors, generators, manifesting generators, and reflectors can now relax into what their specialty is and that is waiting for initiation to guide, build, and assess. 
So for all you Manifestors, be proud of your Aura! Closed and Repelling is what gets the ball rolling for the rest of us! This aura is what is creating the reality in the world. So trust that you can and will. Do things in your own creative way. Open doorways for the rest of us! Make an impact with your actions

Strategy: To Inform!

The impact of the aura is felt worldwide, however, what has mostly taken place throughout history is this.
The Manifestor has left out the small piece of informing before you act and this has caused a lot of distrust amongst the other types!
You are wielding a super impactful aura as a Manifestor! When you move life out of the way, it can be done in two ways: with Anger or with Peace and the world needs a whole lot more peace right now!
Information is the key to getting people out of your way.

Let's recap for a moment:

  1. Gen/Man Gens: Here to respond so they can use their generative energy to build
  2. Projectors: Here to Wait for recognition and invitation so they can guide
  3. Reflectors: Here to Wait 28-29 days to they can assess and objectively judge.
When a Manifestor is taking action before they inform, the other types get very edgy because they feel as though their strategy has been compromised and the others then go into their heads and makeup stories.

Example scenario:

NOT Informing before the Action is Taken
Manifestor Point of View: 
You, the Manifestor, comes home from work. You open the fridge door because you are going to make Chicken Alfredo for supper. There is no milk in the fridge to make the sauce with, so, you grab your keys and you head out to the store to grab milk. You are halfway to the store and your phone rings. It is Home calling. You answer and immediately you are asked "what happened? Why did you leave? Are you mad?" You feel a little claustrophobic and angry for the barrage of questions and think, "why are you hammering me with so many questions?" You tell them you are just grabbing some milk so you can make chicken alfredo. You sense the tension fade on the other end of the phone and they say, "Oh, ok... We need eggs for breakfast too if you can grab them." You say, "No problem"
Others Point of View:
A Manifestor comes home from work, you, the spouse, are putting away laundry, the kids are in the living room playing with building blocks. You hear the fridge door open, close, and then a few moments later the car is pulling out of the driveway! What the heck, is he mad? Kids, did you do something to piss off your dad? Where is he going? So you call your husband and ask, "what happened? Why are you leaving? Are you mad about something?" (all made up stories in the mind) You rapid-fire all three questions. There is silence on the other end of the phone, then you hear your husband tell you he is going to the store to grab milk so he can make chicken alfredo! You breathe out a sigh and tell him there are no eggs and you would appreciate it he could grab some for breakfast tomorrow. You get a 'no problem'. You end the call and continue doing laundry.
Same Scenario: 
Informing Before Taking Action
Manifestor comes home and there is no milk in the fridge. You shout out to the wife and kids, "Hey, I am going to run to the store to grab milk so I can make supper. Is there anything you need?" Spouse says, "Okay, great. Oh, yes, we need eggs for breakfast." Manifestor says, "I will grab them too. Talk to you soon. Spouse says, "Awesome thank you!"
Manifestor gets in the car and PEACEFULLY takes action to grab the milk and eggs.
End Scene
Sounds so simple right?
Inform before you act and people respond as they feel fit!
However, for the last few centuries, Manifestors have been conditioned to keep closed-lipped and battle their way through life! Usually causing massive battle wounds. Or they are acting like Gens/Man Gens and waiting for life to show up, causing great anger as they wanted to take action but did not because they have been told they are too pushy or cause too much of a disturbance! 
Informing gets people out of your way. The rest of us do not need a full play by play. We only need to have the information that is going to make an impact on us! 
Here is what I mean...
Manifestor owns a small business. She is beginning to see the end of her impact on the market and she decides to take the company in a whole new direction. She has 4 employees and goes ahead and makes a ton of changes over the long weekend so when the staff shows up on Tuesday, everything is in place and the rockets can be fired. Her staff walk into the office and are shell shocked by all the changes. One goes home with a headache, one opens up the newest job finding app, two of them are work until midnight trying to learn the system! 
Holy, wow...You are shocked at how unappreciative your staff is towards all the work you put in over the weekend to make the transition smooth. You are pissed off and you head home to start headhunting a whole new team!
Informing your team PRIOR to the action is how to alleviate all of this.
When you begin to see the shift the business needs to take, start informing. Have conversations about what you are seeing and the shifts you are anticipating and this will create allies to your cause or those that are not willing to make the shift will respond accordingly! 
You need allies. These are the people who will facilitate the work, provide guidance to your workers, and objectively judge and assess how things are playing out.
Alienating people with blindsided action creates distrust and panic. Let informing create a base of allies to help you see out your creative innovation!
You are impacting creation. Having allies with you is way more peaceful than having to steamroll over a bunch of obstacles.
Take the action AFTER you have informed.
Inform before you ACT


Manifestors are the only type that is designed to initiate. 
Initiation is about not waiting for any other type to initiate you. You are the door opener.
You are NOT:
  1. Waiting for someone to ask you
  2. Waiting for an invitation
  3. Waiting to share your assessment
You ARE waiting to be:
  1. Moved to create
  2. Moved by a 'universal' nudge on what new doorway needs to be opened
  3. Moved to creatively innovate on a gap in the market
You are moved and then you inform, then you act. You are moved by your deep connection to the cosmic evolution.
It is not about you being initiated by other people. It is about you being initiated by yourself, your perspective, your wisdom, your deep creative muse that moves you. Your connection to the evolution of mankind.
You are not waiting for other people to initiate you but it is critical that you INFORM those people that you will, in turn, be initiating from your creative action. 
You are the Initiator. You initiate others to move in your direction, or not, by the information you provide.
Initiator, Informer, Innovator... these are your gifts to the rest of us!
None of this initiation is happening because of the MIND deciding. This initiation shows up through the movement of the body. The body will move you towards what needs innovating, the body will move you towards what needs creating. You then inform the people you will impact then you take action.
A movement towards and action are not the same. Movement is not the act of creation. It is just you aligning with the creation. Action is doing something to get the ball rolling


I can feel this to my bones. When a creative Manifestor is focused on what she/he has been moved to create, has informed me of what actions come next, and then I get to respond to that information and engage my generative energy or not.
This is a super peaceful process.
I become an ally to the creation or not and that all comes to fruition because the Manifestor informed me about the process.
I can get on board or step aside. Either way, once a Manifestor has been moved to create, the creation is going to happen.
Anger or Peace can be the overarching energy to the creation and it is all in your hands as a Manifestor.
Informing before action = Peace Acting before informing= Anger
If you are a Manifestor, please give the rest of us a chance to use our strategy and authority. Bulldozing over us to get what you want is the hard way to the creation. Informing us gets us out of the way and also creates allies! This is a much more peaceful scenario!
If you have a Manifestor in your life, play around with giving them information and watch how the communication flow begins to feel less resistant. Try your best to resist asking a bunch of questions as this can feel like control of the Manifestor. Encourage your Manifestor to inform you. Again, it isn't about them telling you a step by step version of the day's events. It is about letting you know what to anticipate as an upcoming creation or not!
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