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(Please, add this word to your dictionary if you are a Generator/Manifesting Generator)
Ra thought it would be so easy to get the population to awaken and be the self-reflected beings we were asked to be by teaching Generators and Manifesting Generators to Respond. He truly thought Human Design would quickly sweep through this type and the adjustment to awakening would take place in a short period of time and Human Design would be a staple in everyone's life! He was shocked to realize just how much this type did not trust themselves and how deeply they were conditioned.
Let's explore responding vs.reacting...

Open and Enveloping Aura

It is important that we begin our look at the Gen/Man Gens here, at the auric level.
Do you see that little red square towards the bottom of this image? Is it red in your chart? If so, this information is for YOU! If it is not red or colored in within your chart, the information will help you understand why ASKING for the energy of these people assists them with their strategy! That little red square is a center or function in the bodygraph and it is called the Sacral Center or in the business language, it is called the Energy Resource. And, this is the only center/function in the bodygraph that creates a type and an aura.
That type is either a Generator or a Manifesting Generator and the aura surrounding these beings is one that is open and enveloping. 
The aura is warm and open to other people penetrating it. The truth of the matter is this, the Sacral or Energy Resource wants to work! It wants to build! It wants to use up this life force energy every day!
We are the builders. We are the energy required as we build the material plane into existence. The universal construct is an Emotional Manifesting Generator (if all centers, gates, and lines were to be present the universal construct is an emotional manifesting generator or the Law of Attraction in layman's terms). Generators and Manifesting Generators are a requirement for the existence of this time/space reality!
The aura is perfect for this type, as it warmly envelopes people just waiting for someone to ask it to do some work. Some of you are like "F that! I am so tired of working. I just need to relax." Stick with me, as we explore the difference between working because the mind had a reaction (frustration) and working because your body responded (satisfaction).

Frustration and Satisfaction Picture this:

You wake up, within moments, your mind has you hours into the future and you are thinking about that project your boss handed you last week. You can feel the tension creep back into your body. There has been no 'restful' sleep this week as you tossed and turned with all the ideas, and trying to 'figure out' how this will all play out. You grab a quick shower before waking up the kids. As they eat breakfast, you are days ahead in your thoughts, and then your son says, "Mom, I need to grab Styrofoam cups for a science project today!" You grit your teeth a little and tell the kids to hurry up and get in the car or you will be late now that there is an extra stop at the store you have to make.
Kids are dropped off and you step into the doors at work. You put on your fake happy smile and say hi to everyone. The energy is dense and you feel the heaviness on your shoulders immediately! Your mind tells you that you should grab a coffee so you can make it through the morning! 
Your boss comes in and tells you that you are going to have to stay late because the project deadline has been pumped up by two days! The head office wants to move ahead with the plans sooner so they can get a 'jump on the market'.
You smile and say 'Okay, I will make arrangements'. He leaves and the frustration is seething in your energy. Your mind says, "Let's show them, let's get this thing done 4 days early!" You put your head down and work through lunch, you grab a quick bag of chips from the vending machine and the next thing you know it is 7 pm and you are Mentally spent! You pushed through and got 3 days worth of work done in this 10 hour day.
You jump in the car and get home. Are you kidding me? The dishes are still in the sink, the dogs' dish is empty, the living room looks like a gaze of raccoons ransacked the place! FRICK! You growl a little and clean up the mess.
It is now 9 pm and you realize you have not eaten all day. You grab the last bit of what is supposed to be supper and go have another shower in an attempt to wash away the day! 
BUT, your mind is going through woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios and the tension is festering. The shower didn't help. You through in a load of clothes into the washer, clean the bathrooms, make lunches for the kids, and take the dog out for a pee.
It is now 11 pm. You are mentally done so you drop into bed. Your spouse is sleeping already, go figure...
Tomorrow is another day...

Now, Picture This:

You wake up... mmmm... you wiggle your toes and stretch. It's raining outside and your body moves you closer to the window to bask in the smell of the rain! Your mind tries to drag you into work already. 'Jeez, I just got up, thanks for the concern, mind. Let's deal with that when we get there'. You witness the body walk to the basement and grab the 10lbs weights. You do a few reps and stretch out your quads. Your mind says, 'what the heck are you doing? We need to get that project done!'  You finish the stretching and feel the endorphins in your blood! You pop into the shower to refresh and feel the warm water as it cascades over your skin. At the end, you give a quick shot of cold water to give you a little pep in the step for the day! Your mind says, 'what the fuck was that? Really, it's chilly this morning, why are you wasting time?' You grab the fluffiest towel. Your body is feeling so alive!
Kids are in the kitchen and your son says, 'Mom, I need Styrofoam cups for science class today. Can we stop at the store on the way to school?' You say, "Uh-huh, We can do that! Can you guys be ready a few minutes early so we are not late?" As you move through your morning routine, you watch yourself put some lunch together for yourself. Some veggies, a few nuts, and a piece of jerky. Hmmm... lunch looks so good. You get the kids to school and step into the building you work. Your boss greets you and asks you, "Can you work a little overtime today?" You hear yourself go uh-huh... He continues to say, "head office wants to roll out this project a few days early. Can you help get it to market a few days early?" You hear your self say mmmm... So you let your boss know you are able to work longer today and you are not sure what the rest of the week has in store! You call your spouse and advise of the situation and he is happy to grab the kids and make supper.
You are working away, snacking on the healthy food you prepared for yourself. Throughout the day, you move around and shake off the tension. Around 3 pm, you go take a breath outside... mmmm...
You stop working at 7 pm, you are so satisfied with the work you accomplished! Feels so good to get that done! 
You drive home and walk into the house. It looks like 'dad' was in charge. You are grateful he helped you on short notice even though the house is a little disheveled! 
Your body moves you into the kitchen to enjoy your portion of supper.
'''Mmhmmhm' It is so nice to eat someone else's creation! You scan the room, your mind freaks out, 'wtf happened here? this is so ridiculous!' You watch as your body moves to the bathroom to take a long warm shower! There is just nothing better to wash off a good day's work! You dry off and soon find yourself in the laundry room, throwing a load of clothes in the washer. The dog then comes up and gives a little whimper. Your body puts on some athleisure wear and you grab the leash and take the dog to the park across the way to run. You think about the day and you can envision the project completed and the team at head office is super excited to have it early! As you walk back into the house, you just watch yourself move around the house picking things up. Ah-ha, that thought is a gooder, you grab a piece of paper and write it down. You just know someone is going to ask you for that piece of wisdom one day! You have a few minutes before bedtime and you recap the day with the family, thanking them for helping out in the short notice. You fall into bed, the body just feels yummy, satisfied and mind is looking towards tomorrow. You let it know that you love its feedback however, it is time to read a book and relax.
Tomorrow is a new day...YAY!
Of course, I am creating two very different scenarios to make a point.
In the first scenario, the mind is running the show. The mind is nattering and the reaction to the outside experience is full of growling and frustration. Frustration can also have a little hint of anger when your type is a Man Gen. The mental exhaustion is the sense we get from this scenario. The growling (reaction) is the Sacral Centers Frustratedness. Let me explain this more in a bit.
In the second scenario, the mind is nattering however, the body is moaning, groaning, and grunting throughout the day. This person is witnessing the body's movement (response) and honoring the activity. (And she has also trained her boss to ask her! More on that too).
How is each one of these scenarios created? Stick with me as we explore how frustration is created and how satisfaction in created.

Reaction vs. Response

Ahhhh... these two works are the foundation of how frustration and satisfaction are created. And either can be created by the way we make decisions.
I need to share or re-share this information first.
The HeartMath Institute has proven that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is reading 6 seconds into the future and then the mind catches up. Breath into that for a moment.
The body is already responding to what is coming and then your mind reacts to the situation.
Again, reread that and breathe into that. You have a built-in fortune teller and this is not just the Gens and ManGens, this is all types because it is the AURA that is reading into the future.
Your electromagnetic field is 6 seconds ahead of your reactive mind.
Reaction is the chemical makeup if the mind. The mind is created around the notion that reaction to an outside stimulus is how it will keep you alive. Kind of absurd knowing our intuition/instinct will alert us to that cougar in the tree way before our mind can react. You know those 'spidey senses' that make your hair stand on end.
Now, I am not downplaying the magnificence of our minds. That is not what this is about. This is about decision making and the reaction vs. response understanding.
Now that the foreground has been laid out for reaction, what is a response?
For the Gens and ManGens, the response is guttural, noisy and as my husband would say "rubberneck", meaning the physical is making movements either in agreeance or not to the energy that is present in the aura.
I am a ManGen, and it is impossible to stop the body from responding to the stimulus that enters into my aura. While in conversation, I am grunting... uh-huh or ahn-hn or mmmm... my head is nodding or shaking, my hands are moving, my body leans in or pulls back, ALL a response from my body.
And what is that response telling you as a Gen or ManGen?
I have the available energy for this or not.
If your body has the available energy for a conversation it will lean it. If it does not have available energy it will lean out. If your guttural noise says... uh-uhu when you are ASKED to work at a task, that is a "yes, I have available energy to work". If your guttural noise says... uhn-hn when you are ASKED to work at a task, that is a "no, I have NO available energy for this work". If your guttural noise says... mmmmmm when ASKED to work at a task, that is a "no for now, but ask me later or in a different way"'.
The joy of this response mechanism. It is already working through your body if you are a Gen/ManGen. "But wait", you may say, "I never grunt or make noises". Yep, that can also be a reality because the conditioning field told you that it is rude to not give a 'verbal' answer when people ask you. You were told to 'use your words' as a kid and those grunts have been ignored. It is in your nature to grunt and as you play in your experiment of Human Design and Decision Making from strategy and authority, witnessing your body vs. giving weight to the mind. This is how the RESPONSE mechanism will be re-engaged and honored!
Let's move back into reaction again to really grasp the difference. Reaction is the playground of the mind. It is chemically designed to do this. However, we NEVER want the mind to be making our decisions and your mind may be saying, "um, what is this crazy lady trying to convince you of? Of course, I am the "deciding factor" and we as a society have turned into a REACTIVE society instead of a responsive society! Being led around by false perception.
When we are led around by the mind, it takes us into some really shitty spots. Making decisions here is mentally exhausting and this mental exhaustion creates mental illness which is all fueled by the traumatic coding that has occurred I am not throwing the word trauma in here to downplay it, not at all. That is a deep subject and I will have more on that topic in the future.
The reaction is frustrating because the reaction is NOT consulting our Sacral energy or considering the available energy the body has to complete the task or does not have!
Remember, the body is the reason you are having a Human Experience. So why the heck would we not want to consult it?
Reaction grits its teeth and pushes through the task, emanating frustration and it feels very destructive to people in its midst. Even though frustration can get a lot of shit done in a day. The tension in the cells is massive because the physical body did not have the energy for it but you bared down and got 'er done anyway. You have been told your whole life to 'go make it happen'. This is the Initiation I spoke of in the Manifestor Newsletter... Manifestors have that powerful aura that allows them to be the initiators. Initiation. For Gens/ManGenscomes from the mind, you get a good idea and you push forward, only to be frustrated because no one wants to buy what you are selling or you 'try to figure things out' only to be living in your head and frustrated because you just can't get all the puzzle pieces to line up.
People have been telling you what to do your whole life so you stepped into slave mode, worked your ass off, and when you look in the mirror, you look 10 years older than what your license says.
I was there. I know this scenario.
When I think back to that picture on my license, I am shocked by how I did not do anything about it. I was 80 lbs overweight, I could drink a 12 pack of beer and be looking for more, and I could push through any situation that was laid out in front of me. Fuck it, I will get 'er done!
YIKES... all in reaction, disregarding my body, in a haze of drunken or hungover energy.
Now, let me have a disclaimer here... my entire life was not like this but a good chunk was.
I made some pretty awesome response decisions too and those were the times that I just followed my body and the response it was making to the stimulus. Here is one situation that stands out for me like no other...
It was the night I was asked into a relationship with my husband. It was Feb 9, 1992. I was at a friend's house visiting. It was a Sunday night and she and I would shoot the shit for hours, but on this particular night at 7 pm, I just got up from the chair and said I had to leave. I never left our visiting that early, but there was just something that made me move and I honored it. I stepped out on the road to walk home (small-town Saskatchewan) and a car drove past me and then backed up. Hum... who is this? Ken (an ego manifestor; initiating...) rolls down the window and asks if I want a ride. I can hear myself grunt but my mind says out my mouth. "No that's okay, I only live right there, I can walk". But my body stays with the engagement of his conversation and I end up in the passenger side seat. 27 years later and I am still being initiated by him!
In this scenario, I could have easily followed the reaction of the mind (the trauma that sits here is...don't take help from anyone, stay self-contained and do it yourself), but the response overrode the mind from dragging me down the road to my house. Usually, in most scenarios like this, the mind wins though, convincing you that the 'signs' are not all there, or are there, or blah blah blah... If you could have done this, this would have happened and next time you should do this. All the natter, chatter, and clouded chaos that keeps you from honoring the response.
A reaction usually has me 'grumbling' about it as I work at it. I am now able to witness this and shift my perspective or request that my energy is asked for and not told what to do.
We all have things that need to be done. A small hack I created for this is to write these things on a list and when my physical body has the energy, I will work at them. I don't schedule these things UNTIL I have responded through the body. RESPONSE is how the sacral operates. It will respond to what you have the energy for. Training people to ASK YOU for your energy will be a big step in the right direction! I have informed my husband that he needs to ask for my help. He is not perfect at this but he has made massive headway in this dynamic and our relationship is light years ahead of where it has been.
The mind could lead us around all day, jumping on this idea or jumping on that idea, but for us Gens/Man Gens it is about response.
The universe, people, and animals must ask you for your energy.
When the universe initiates or a person asks you to work or the dog indicates he has to go outside for a pee, these are all scenarios to RESPOND to. If there is energy to move forward and complete the task then great! Now you say, 'but my mind reacts to these things'. 20, 30, 40, 50 years of operating through reaction seems normal. 20, 30, 40, 50 years of frustration seem normal. However, this does not have to be a reality. You can recondition from reaction and move into response by WITNESSING the body and being kind to your reactive mind band never letting it lead.
I am not saying that you will never have a moment of frustration and that rainbows and sunshine are all you will encounter as you experiment with Human Design. Frustration is a signpost to realign and satisfaction is a signpost to continue moving until frustration is presented and then realign. This isn't about perfection, it is about awareness and being self-reflected. Witnessing your movement and getting the mind out of the decision making equation.


Reaction=Frustration: This is the mind leading and the disregard for the sacral's available energy or not.
Response=Satisfaction: This is the body leading as the Sacral is consulted and then the available energy is used up. 

When the Authority is Emotional - Solar Plexus

This is also a place of massive confusion; Generator and Manifesting Generators, with either the Sacral or the Emotional Solar Plexus as Authority, are ALWAYS responding first and foremost.
If you are Sacral authority, that initial grunt tells you that you either have the energy (uh-huh) or you do not have the energy (ah-unh). That is the answer and your decision! Period. You engage and use the energy or not.
However, if you are emotional authority, that response is also telling you what you have the energy for at the moment but the moment is NOT your truth. Your truth comes over time and the accumulation of Emotional Intelligence or EQ about the energy request.
The initial response may have said yes, however, you are going to Ride Your Wave to clarity during this time, (sleep on the decision at least and everyone has different time periods), your physical body is extracting the information it requires as you move up and down in the emotional wave. You are not the Wave you are RIDING the wave and excitement and nervousness are what you are oscillating between. Never making a decision at either the up or the down of the wave. Your body will move into the request for your energy or move away for the request for your energy when it has come to a neutral space in the wave or the place of Clarity.
At this moment of clarity, emotional intelligence has been extracted. Your physical body will then either engage with the 'ASK' or not. Just because your Sacral said yes initially, that may not be the response after you have ridden the wave and extracted the emotional intelligence. 
For you, the decision requires emotional engagement, emotional intelligence as well as sacral energy! Play hard to get and people will come back and ask you more than once because your builder energy is required. This process feels like a three-part process.
  • First you respond (no EQ)
  • Second you ride a wave to Clarity (EQ)
  • Third you respond (Available energy or not according to your timing) with EQ
All too often, this is where the mind plays games. While you are on the wave, you hear this from your mind, "Hurry up and make a decision or you are gonna miss out" or "Hey, that is the third hawk you have seen this week, the universe is saying yes" or "Are you kidding me? Don't go to that party, so and so is going to be there and she triggers you" or "Oh just let your husband decide or your sister, they always make better decisions".
If you are playing that game, you are letting the mind and the conditioning field run your life and you are frustrated!
If nervousness is still present and the decision has to be made, this is your 'no for now', kinda like the mmmm the sacral gives off, and the sacral authority people will take this as a 'no for now'! 
The Solar Plexus is correlated to the Nervous System (one of the most unhealthy biological functions on this planet as inflammation in the nervous system is the root cause of most diseases). You can repair your nervous system with this simple life hack. Never worry that you are gonna miss out. This is a false narrative of the mind. The mind is full of fake news, false narratives, and quite frankly, BULLSHIT! (of course, when it is the decision-maker because you will learn in future teachings just how beautiful this built-in processor really is!).
Engage with the ask or request for your energy from emotional intelligence and the energy response of the sacral! Take a breath here. As an emotional being, there is a lot of movement going on within you. Waves are being ridden, EQ is being extracted and emotional scale from nervousness to the excitement is oscillating through your body. Holy... wow! But it is your nature to have all of this happening. It is the mind that tells you that you are too slow or you can't ever make up your mind! Or you are too emotional or...or...or...
As an emotional Gen/ManGen, You get to extract so much intelligence from the field.
For me, I am Sacral driven. I have no emotional intelligence going into a task or ask or request (Undefined  Solar Plexus). I just need to move based on the guttural response. Seems easy and it is, however, I am then filtering and discerning the emotional field to gain the emotional wisdom AFTER the engagement. There is a difference. Emotional intelligence for defined and emotional wisdom for the undefined.
Please let that sink in...

So, what do I DO?

It is not about doing, it is about watching your self move. If you have the energy to work, build or create, your sacral will tell you, and then if you are emotional your timing will become apparent through emotional intelligence.
Okay, Phew... Response and Reaction are totally different and I hope you are able to witness and giggle at the reactions of the mind and then witness and honor your body's movement!
Until next time... Happy Responding... mmmm... the sounds of grunts, far and wide, are music to my ears!
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