Citizen vs Consumer

Aug 08, 2019

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The other day in class, one of my classmates (She is an Evaluator/Reflector) who is so wise, had a comment around citizens vs consumers and I want to share the wisdom she imparted to all of us!
I am presently co-facilitating the Profit Potential Workshops through the BG5 Business Institute. In these workshops, we explore how our unique designs are created to SERVE others. And through this service to others, each of us is able to have and give abundance based on the correctness of our particular Human Design Blueprint.
In Human Design, the entire experiment with your Strategy and Authority is to awaken to YOUR UNIQUE EXPRESSION of God, Creator, Universal Energy. Whatever label you like to use. Through this awakening, we can each take back our power and live a healthy, joyous, ease filled life. Now, that is not to say there will not be challenges because there will be! However, when the decision making is co-creating with your highest expression of Creator and not a clutter/conditioned/chaotic mind, you can meet any challenge and come through the other side of that challenge with a tremendous amount of wisdom, compassion and grace.
In BG5, the entire experiment is to influence and serve the people on your fractal so there is a win-win abundance that exchanges between the two expressions of God! The people on our fractal are just waiting for each os us to use our energy correctly so the evolution of the entire whole can move in a healthy direction.
So now comes the title of this blog.
Our society has been labelled as Consumers. When I hear this word, I see the Pac-Man game. Consuming to get a better score in the game. This is what has happened to us. We are consuming and this consumption is how we 'value' one another. How big is your house? How many cars do you have? How big is your TV's? How much stuff do you have? Most of today's content is asking you to purchase one more 'thing' to fill that empty feeling that is created through the isolation of "Social Media". We are slaves to this mentality...and yes, it is a mentality...created to keep your perception hijacked, your anxiety level at an all-time high, your fear level at an all-time high, just so 'they' can feel powerful over you. The "I have more than you" mentality!
As Consumers, we have handed our power over to the 'money'. Yes, I realize that at this point, the currency flow of this 'money' is what and how we live on this material plane. I am not saying that you can not consume, it is about being aware of how you are being 'sold' and is this thing, education, food going to enhance our experience for the long haul or is it just another quick fix and we move onto the next 'shiny' object leaving a trail of 'garbage' in our wake. Garbage in; Garbage out.
Now, lets for a moment take a look at Utopia. Where we live in a society of Citizens, where the neighbour is giving a HAND UP to his neighbour. Where the CEO of AMZN is providing products to enhance our life vs. to fill his pockets. Where we influence one another in a healthy way, bringing wisdom to the interaction between our souls and our humanness. Where we co-exist and co-create vs. take and take.
We are on that cusp, can you feel it? People are taking back their power. They are standing hand in hand with their neighbors and saying, "no more. We will not be valued by our bank accounts". Citizens are bringing a massive awareness to the injustice that has been imposed on us by those that Hijacked our perceptions.
Here is what I love, Human Design has been brought to our planet in the exact right moment for this ginormous awakening that is happening.
The movement towards a society of citizens, for the betterment of the whole and we do this by standing in our own INDIVIDUALITY, our own inner authority to be the guide in our lives and never allowing an outside authority to make our decisions!
Trust there is a greater plan and that we had to go through the delusion of the separateness to become whole again. Sounds counter-intuitive however, the dualistic reality that we reside in must show us one side to know the other and visa versa.
Words of Wisdom from Connor, my classmate.
"To me, one of the greatest challenges of the times we are in and us, as students of this material, becoming aware of our uniqueness in the conditioning...through this training and this awakening process we become aware of how we are conditioned and influenced to buy things that are actually an answer to what our 'minds' tell us that we desire or want. And so, we are now lumped into this wide swath of consumers and we used to be citizens. To me, this is the conversation about becoming citizens again; meaning an awake, aware, contributing individual in our culture. The use of selling is no longer used to sell 'crap', it is about making a contribution. And the only way to do this by giving up on what the mind is making us believe we want and desire and to stand in our uniqueness and through this process, what we really need shows up and it is in support of what we are here to do and be. I am dedicated to the wisdoming that we are being moved into a consciousness from "being on the take" and to making a contribution by aligning to the integrity of our unique design." -Connor Saucer
This is a profound statement form an Evaluator that is living in our times right now! The process of Human Design and BG5 aligns us with our unique contribution and our unique expression and our unique influence we are having on the evolutionary process.
So, if you have not already done so, I encourage you to be courageous and learn about your unique design, your unique decision making, your unique contribution to the whole. And, of course, I believe The Human Design System is the way to do this. It teaches us how to be human so our unique spiritual expression can contribute to the evolution!
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