Learn, Apply and Align

I help you simplify Human Design so you can apply it practically in your life, relationships and business.

Whether you are seeking awareness, abundance, meaningful relationships, or health....

This is the space for you! 

From 1:1 coaching to align with your business, group mentorship so you can take advantage of wisdom from other professionals to self-study if you are just getting started, your Human Design needs are met! 

3 Critically Foundational Steps to Building Wealth

Step #3 will diminish your Wealth if Step #1 is not Solidly Practiced

  1. Feeling lost in a sea of other Human Design Professionals, Tarot Card Readers, Mindset Coaches, Therapists, Energy Healers, Spiritual Business Owners?? This is leaving you feeling confused, filled with self-doubt and you are afraid you will have to go back to a job. You are anxious about  the future of your business. 
  2. Your Tech Systems, Social Media posting and Client Flow is not consistent and this is zapping your creativity. You are paralyzed by the thought of getting up and doing it all again tomorrow.
  3. You growth has plateaued and your calendar is empty and you feel like no one 'gets' how valuable your service is and how it can truly have life changing results for them. You are convincing people why they need your offer and it feels like a forceful approach. Your stomach is filled with knots thinking you 'have to' do another dance or take another selfie telling people how great you are doing in your business and your chest feels so tight thinking about the inauthenticity of this approach. 

Manifestor/Innovator Type

Stop Thinking you have to go it alone. Getting support is not giving up your creative control. Support will enhance your creative space and expand your impact.

Reflector/Evaluator Type

Stop Hiding your wisdom. Get support to create a clean assessment process in your business so that you have an objective community approach that brings copious amounts of awe and surprise. 

Projector/Advisor Type

Stop Overworking and trying to keep up with others. Get support to structure your business so that you and your clients have massive amounts of success.

Generator/Classic Builder Type

Stop Investing your energy into other peoples outcomes. Get support to change what, who and how you invest your energy so that you are energized by growing and maintaining your business.

Manifesting Generator/Express Builder Type

Stop Draining your energy jumping from one strategy to the next. Get support to create a theme in your business so you take aligned action that empowers you everyday.

Let's PUT These INTO Your Business:

Awareness, Internal Shift and Aligned Action

You are not broken....contrary to what your conditioned mind is telling you!

  1. Blending in creates bitterness, frustration, disappointment and anger. Time and money spent on unfulfilling directions....Awareness of who you are and who you are not only saves you time, creates healthy business relationships, feels inspiring and brings certainty in the direction you are heading. 
  2. Complicated Systems overwhelm you and your clients and triggers your self-doubt, procrastination, creates inconsistency, pressure and overworking daily and has you looking for an escape hatch from your business. Leaning deeper into accepting what you are not instills confidence, gets you paid for your worth, brings freedom of time, money, health and relationships.
  3. Ineffective Content and Messaging has you on the marketing wheel of death....the more you do, the less clients you book. Overthinking has you tied up in actions that suck your time and money. Aligning your actions to YOUR UNIQUE HUMAN DESIGN creates huge demand for your wisdom, your services and relieves any tension in your body. Create content, offers, and processes that harness your wholeness.

Hey Friend, my name is Leann Wolff

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs shift to empowered entrepreneurs by embracing their Human Design Mechanics to create ease, connection and profit. 

Why Clients Hire Me.....

With me as your mentor and coach, you get access to 10 years of Human Design wisdom, 25 years of coaching experience and the trial and error learnings I have experienced to create an online presence. I will help you align your custom solutions to your strengths and traits so you are in alignment to your business.

My totally open Inspiration (Head), Conceptualization (Ajna) and Identity and Direction (G) reflect back to you the mindset and self love that is waiting for you to align with it and build your entrepreneurial direction with certainty so you are inspired each day to live your best life. I can help you perceive your business differently so you can 'focus' on results

My undefined Instinctual Knowing (Splenic) and Emotional Intelligence (Solar Plexus) will hold space for your own wisdom of security and emotional mastery to be seen and honored. 

My defined Drive and Stamina (Root), Energy Resource (Sacral), Will Power (Ego/Heart) and Communication and Action (Throat) will help you discern the correct fuel for your business for your own freedom of time, the correct creative energy for content processes and how you want to work in or on your business, the correct willingness so you no longer compare yourself to others and finally, the manifestation of your life by taking aligned action ONLY and communicating your magic.


Work with Leann 

Be You, Unapologetically. 

Chose 1:1 or 1:many 

Awaken, Align and Live! 

Revel in the power of joy and experience a new level of freedom. Together we will create a sacred space where clarity, transformation, and growth becomes possible. You will finally have access to the tools and answers you seek to understand your unique journey better so that you can live with greater purpose and intention. With my guidance, you will tap into your true potential and create the life you desire. 

Let's get started! Contact me today to learn more about my offerings and how I can help you on your journey. It is my mission to support, empower and inspire individuals who are ready to take charge of their lives with courage, grace and resilience. 

Foundation Session

1-Hour Analysis

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2-hour Analysis 

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Business Alignment

10 Session Package 

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-Market to your Fractal

-Create and Participate in Live for more success, satisfaction, peace and awe

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Join a Mentorship Group 

Connect with others who are building online businesses, implementing Human Design into their own lives and businesses and supporting others to do the same. 

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Study Human Design.

This Self-Study is the most comprehensive package on the market today. By Utilizing the Original Human Design Material transmitted by Ra Uru Hu, I created an entire (189+) Video library, PDF's tools and PowerPoint Presentations so you can learn Human Design from it's root Wisdom. 

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of Self-Discovery and Mastery of your Unique Human Design. 

I have 8 first lines in my Human Design Bodygraph. I am a teach to the core of my DNA! And I love helping others lean into the magic #youaremagic of their own unique Human Design. 

Through this course, you will receive all the knowledge need to begin using and applying Human Design in your life. Take this wisdom into your business and change your life and the lives you serve. 

Human Design Myths

1. Human Design is a 'quick fix' for money problems. 

  • No, no system can help you achieve wealth overnight, contrary to what some HD coaches are selling, Human Design is a guidance system that is only as good as the operator. If you are not willing or able to shift your decision-making, the way your use your mind or the way you view yourself, wealth, health and meaningful relationships will always elude you. 

2. One Human Design Reading will be a  'magic pill' 

  • No, one reading will allow you to align to decision-making and the 'surface' level information of your chart. If you are actually seeking a long term, sustainable change in your life, a longer support mechanism is encouraged. As Human Design is not here to diagnose, it can help you to uncover layers of self-destructive patterns that holds you back form a  fulfilled life. 

3. Human Design will 'tell' me what career or business I should be in. 

  • No, Human Design is a system that can help you align to your highest potential. However, that highest potential doesn't mean it is an absolute on one career or one business. As you grow and mature so will the career or business you are most aligned to. The Human Design Bodygraph is a guidance system that needs the input of your past experiences, your current circumstances and your future alignment so a sustainable way of life can emerge. 

Client Appreciation



"Leann is helping me create structure and clarity around my 20+ years of corporate America experiences. I have experiences that can continue to help others grow. Figuring out how to use those experiences and help others is my next step. Leaning into the work with Leann is helping me take my work to the next level. I recommend you explore work with Leann if you are interested in knowing what else is out there for you and your career."




"With so many people out there claiming to be a Human Design expert these days it can be hard to know whom to trust and who not only has invested time, money and energy to study HD but also LIVE in alignment with their design. Leann Wolff is one of those people who knows her stuff. We’ve been HD for Business students together and we’ve taught Making Money By Design classes together, so I feel totally confident letting you know that when I have a question about design that I either don’t understand or I just want to geek out on, Leann is my first choice! 

I have one word of caution: If you just want someone to share what’s popular or trending, or even totally made-up in the world of Human Design, don’t go to Leann. If you want straight-up, legit information delivered with the clarity & confidence of years of study and just enough attitude to make it fun, she’s your gal."





"I just wanted to share the immense gratitude I'm feeling for who you are, everything that you do and offer, and are bringing forward for me and my growth. I've had big little steps, and I couldn't have done them without you being who you are and helping me be who I am, and everything I'm learning in our process together."



"Leann, thank you SO MUCH! Today was so monumental - I feel a huge relief for having successfully found you, and received an incredible reading. With the several years of anticipation and excitement leading up to this reading, it was hard not to have expectations, and I had to remind myself to let go of them all week - but lady - you blew them OUT OF THE WATER! So, so, so grateful that we linked up."





My session with Leann was absolutely beautiful. Her trust and honesty allowed me to fully let go of my own stress and worries so I could go deep and her intuition guided me towards my inner truth in a compassionate space. In session I got to explore my own talents and gifts from a space of abundance which reinstated my passion in moving forwards with inspiration. Thank you so much Leann for the beautiful space you held for me



"In my coaching session with Leann, she helped me to see that the resistance I was feeling was okay and needed to be embraced. It was my resistance that was showing me what I really needed, which was rest and space for nurturing. I absolutely loved how Leann integrates the teachings from my Human Design chart into my work, my purpose and my core fears and desires. She helped me understand my frustrations and see them as guideposts for my journey. I sense I will be seeking her wisdom again and unlocking more insights from my Human Design. Thank you Leann!"



If I could bottle Leann up in a bottle and keep her at my desk at all times I would. The information she shared with me about my chart has been so eye opening. BUT it's not just that. She was able to help coach me through where I have been blocked. It's only been a day since I talked to her but I've already started to work through my goals. Something that I have been procrastinating on for so long. I have a better understanding of who I am and the reason why I've approached things in certain ways and where I need to adjust to manifest more. I'm excited to see how her magic will work through me.




“My intention for my session with Leann was to get to know myself better and to explore what Human Design could tell me about myself. In retrospect, I also wanted to get some answers from my design about whether my goal of starting a YouTube channel and putting myself out there was right for me. I had struggled for months about whether I wanted to take this “risk” of starting my channel and the fears I had around doing that. Within the first fifteen minutes of our session together, Leann helped me transcend my fears. She showed me how my design was speaking to me about how to move ahead in life and the aspects that I needed to be aware of. If you are curious about how you can harness your innate design and how to move forward with intention, I recommend having a session with Leann. This investment will truly open your eyes to more of who you are and what you bring to the table.”