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3 Steps to Align to Your Wealth Code

Simply integrate these steps for greater abundance and clarity. 




Simply integrate these steps for greater abundance and clarity.


You are a Coach, Leader or Mentor and you are ready to uplevel your impact and success.

You recognize that the Business Landscape is shifting and you feel that by adapting now, you will be seen as the Go To Authority in your field who will bring a deeper awareness to clients, community and loved ones.

You know that living your best 3D life is priority for you and your clients, and having a 5D awareness through the Human Design System is the most efficient way to get there. 

If you're overwhelmed with all the business tactics & strategies, the overflow of ideas that create uncertainty, undecisive direction and the lack of focus


you'll want to Learn, Apply and Align to your Human Design Decision - Making Strategy, Strengths and Purpose so that your new level of awareness attracts abundance, wellness and high quality relationships.

What if These Things.....

The lack of clarity you have for your business that keeps you chasing all the shiny objects but leaves you exhausted and overwhelmed.

The difficulty you have in communicating your wants and needs so you find yourself arguing with yourself and then with the people in your life.  

The never ending 'time-management' you try to stick to, that ends up leaving you feel like you are in a prison within your own business. 

Could Turn into These Things....

You have a clear path to the purpose unfolding by trusting your inner guidance system.

Your communication with others, and yourself, bring deep levels of relaxation, peace of mind and compassion. 

You no longer worry about time management as you lean into a magical energy management practice that unlock the internal compass to your destiny. 

I help you focus on the Solutions that are waiting in your DNA/RNA.... 


Solution-Oriented coaching and mentorship helps you focus and be receptive to:

  • The Solution, not the problem - "No Problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it."-Albert Einstein. Problems will never resolve themselves by thinking about the problem. Focusing on the solution leads to a solution. 
  • Operating from your Strengths, and not the weaknesses - Stop trying to motivate yourself with negative self-talk and learn to trust your innate abilities.
  • Your UNIQUE Decision-Making Style - Use your inner wisdom to cut out all the noise of what everyone else is doing and re-claim your sovereignty.

Uncover the Solutions and....


Embody a sense of Empowerment as you shift your focus internally vs. externally. 

Share the most valuable version of the your process vs. complaining about the problem.

Remove the limitations of the problems and expand into the potential of the solution.




Not only are you living this new life, operating your business like this and creating relationships in this new way....You are also helping your community, business partners, clients and family operate differently as well.

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About Me


My name is Leann, 

When Human Design bumped into me in 2012, I knew....I was about to embark of the permission slip of a lifetime and remember the profound wisdom inside of me.  

The response was undeniable when it bumped into me, I jumped into the learning with both feet and took every class of Ra Uru Hu's material I could get my hands on. 

A decade+ later, I am mentoring and teaching others to lean into the Human Design System and use their own unique design and bring it to life so they can align to the life they are destined to have. 

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Learn, Apply and Align

Complete Learning Experience: Basics, Business, Health, Wealth, Family and Relationships. 

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Awareness, Acceptance and Aligned Action

Solution-Focused Coaching to unlock the magic in your Unique Human Design.

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Collaboration, Community, Connection

Multiple Monthly Group Sessions to Strengthen your Skills

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"Leann is helping me create structure and clarity around my 20+ years of corporate America experiences. I have experiences that can continue to help others grow. Figuring out how to use those experiences and help others is my next step. Leaning into the work with Leann is helping me take my work to the next level. I recommend you explore work with Leann if you are interested in knowing what else is out there for you and your career."




"With so many people out there claiming to be a Human Design expert these days it can be hard to know whom to trust and who not only has invested time, money and energy to study HD but also LIVE in alignment with their design. Leann Wolff is one of those people who knows her stuff. We’ve been HD for Business students together and we’ve taught Making Money By Design classes together, so I feel totally confident letting you know that when I have a question about design that I either don’t understand or I just want to geek out on, Leann is my first choice! 

I have one word of caution: If you just want someone to share what’s popular or trending, or even totally made-up in the world of Human Design, don’t go to Leann. If you want straight-up, legit information delivered with the clarity & confidence of years of study and just enough attitude to make it fun, she’s your gal."



"In my coaching session with Leann, she helped me to see that the resistance I was feeling was okay and needed to be embraced. It was my resistance that was showing me what I really needed, which was rest and space for nurturing. I absolutely loved how Leann integrates the teachings from my Human Design chart into my work, my purpose and my core fears and desires. She helped me understand my frustrations and see them as guideposts for my journey. I sense I will be seeking her wisdom again and unlocking more insights from my Human Design. Thank you Leann!"

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