Human Design Self - Paced Business Training

Maximize Your Potential By Aligning Your Business and Life with Purpose and Self-Actualization

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All Inclusive Human Design for Business Training

My Coach said,

" Don't Stuff Your Bra."

                     ....But I Did Anyway!


This all - inclusive training won't be found anywhere on the internet! 


As a 1/3 Express Builder with the  Strengths of:

21-45- Money/Management, 34-20 Charisma, 

and 53-42 Maturation/Cycles.

I just had to fill this business training with all the juicy information and application available! Even though my coach told me not to! 

I break all the rules so that you can have the  necessary foundation to operate your business with purpose. 

The Education and Self-Actualization of my Tribe is my entire life's work! As the RAX of Contagion, I am choiceless in that my deep studies and time spent researching and implementing Human Design into my life must be shared so that my tribe is supported and empowered to live their best life!

There is 10+ years of Ra Uru Hu's teachings filter through me and simplified so you can operate your online empire and help your fractal of people! 

Self - Paced Human Design Business Training

Tried of searching all over the internet for Human Design Information? 

This all - inclusive business training will guide you on how to use your Unique Human Design Chart for maximum profit, grace and life fulfillment. 

Start it NOW!

On Demand Trainings

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  • Aligned Manifestation by Design

- Participate in your Life at a WHOLE new level.

-This playshop will have you and your design interacting with life in a fully aware state so that self-actualization is your reality.


  • Coaching By Design

- This self-paced program will up-level your coaching skills and honor your energy in WHOLE new ways. 

- This playshop will help you and your clients be aware of deep emotional, mental and somatic pain, integrate/disperse the pain, and take aligned action into a life that is well lived. 


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