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Everything about becoming a Master is about experimenting. There are two requisites for attaining mastery.

1. Verify the Pattern is Correct 

2. Spend a lifetime of repetition in order to Master the Pattern.

It takes time to recognize the patterns. You have to learn all the 'notes and chords' as in step one. Only then does the process of experimentation truly begin. And just because you learn to 'play' without thinking does not mean you stop experimenting! 

That is simply the moment that experimentation art, because is is the moment in which you are liberated from technique

- Ra Uru Hu

You're ready to move into living your best life every day. 


I See You. I Hear You. I Empower You.

Your Life is Pretty Good Now.

significant other

✔ career

✔ friends

✔ possibly a family

....and yet....

😬 you become easily frustrated with the work you 'have' to complete.

😖 you feel like no one hears your advice and you are exhausted most days

😞 disappointed and feeling like life is whizzing by

😠 angry you never take action on your creativity

⚠ Still working at a job you dislike

⚠ Still don't have enough money to do everything you want

⚠ Still don't have the time to do everything you want

Most days, the mind is so full that the decision fatigue, body burnout and the life stresses get super overwhelming....

You've taken personal development courses, you've read the self-help books and yet, the old patterns keep you in the same old place....

You are Not Alone. There is a Solution.

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After years of Study, A Leading Edge System Found Me; So I Can Help You

This system is a structure in which we can pinpoint the issues and the reasons behind the experiences you are encountering. Also, it highlights your strengths, skills and the mastery you are designed to bring into the world. 

Wouldn't a perfectly crafted structure that caters to you specifically Sound Good?

Stick with me as I reveal this technology.


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How Does This Work

  1. With the Use of Your Birth Data, A Human Design Chart is created using software. 
  2. From this point....the self mastery can begin

The chart brings together many sciences from ancient teachings and marries this ancient wisdom with today's leading edge quantum physics and bio mechanics. 

What is most important to you is this....this is  the blueprint of your strengths, your skills, your communication style, your abundance potential, your connection style for relationships, the correct nourishment for the body, and the awareness of experiences. 


So....the Leading Edge Technology that I am referring to is actually YOU!

There is nothing that compares to the magnificence of Your Physical Body and the Capabilities of Your Mind....

We as Humans, have the capacity to become aware of our existence at a consciousness level that still is not explained in the scientific world. 

What your blueprint provides, is a map you can use to navigate this existence with, and then, be aware of who you are in the existence....

It sounds deep....and it is....

My role in this is to bring you back to your own self-actualization by chunking down the information and helping you see the power you have to attract money, relationships and best life ever through the Self-Mastery Movement.



What Does the Process Look Like?

Structure of Self-Mastery

  • Online Modules- Here is where you will discover the Structure of each aspect of your design. 
    • Decision Making - Navigating decisions with the power of the Body's Intelligence
    • Shadows-where we get pulled off our self mastery
    • Mindset Motivation - Using the minds unique abilities
    • Relationship Mechanics - Have No Blame relationships with others
    • Skills and Communication Style for Optimum Group Interactions
    • Abundance Attraction and The New Currency
    • How to Feed the Body and Mind
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing of Self

This is the 'What' you are bringing to the life experience. This is a 'mechanical' view of all the aspects of the life. 

You will learn the condensed and simplified Human Design Information so you can Apply it easily in your life.






Application of Self-Mastery

  • Online Coaching- Group and One on One
    • How the Decision Making is designed to come from within
    • How the Strengths are designed to attune you to your life
    • How the Shadow is designed for a place of wisdom
    • How the Mind is designed to be motivated and perceive the experiences
    • How to make money with ease
    • How recognize your role and the skills you are designed to bring to a group
    • How Leadership in your own life translates in to the relationships, career and business worlds
    • How to communicate with the most influence possible
    • How the food and experiences 'fuel' an aware and awake life
    • How to sell yourself, your strengths, your skills and your wisdom. 

This is the Application piece of the structure. How are you designed to experience this life.

This is YOUR Experiment. As the Observer of your life, You get to enrich the group and your life by speaking about how you see the mechanics come through you and how the "God Code' Frequency is expressing itself in the world.

The Self-Mastery Movement Teaches You How to Live Your Best Life From the Inside Out.

Which Means:

🔜 Ditching the decision fatigue and constant second guessing for confident choices 

🔜 No More working yourself to the bone; you will be doing what you love and showing up each day with a renewed expression for the world

🔜 No more doubting your worthiness; being honored for the value you bring

🔜 No More letting the fear stop you from your success

🔜 No More letting the emotional ebb and flow keep you from the life experiences you are designed for.

🔜 No More anxiety over money; Prosperity and Abundance becomes your new direction in life.

🔜 No More mental pressure or Physical stress as you have the mental capacity and freedom to live your best life

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I Know This Because I Tried It All Prior to Human Design


My childhood was riddled with Alcoholism, Sexual Abuse and Violence which gave me a foundation for the curiosity that moved me....

I did well in school despite the chaos in my childhood home and have always been enrolled in one class or another gaining wisdom about how the universe works. 

Why do some people come out of traumatic situations with more strength of conviction and others not?

Why do the people in the world dis-respect themselves so much that they would inflict harm on another person?

Are we really just here to grow up, pretend to be someone we are not, work at job we don't enjoy and then die with tons of regret from all the things we never accomplished?

After Years of Filling the Voids with more purchases, more junk food, more toxic relationships and substance abuse....I made a declaration to the Universe....I AM READY TO LIVE MY PURPOSE.

And within a few quick key strokes as I searched for 'new aged business ideas' and the Human Design System came into my world. 

This structure; this blueprint....has totally changed my life. 

I was able to see for the first time, the power I have to experience Self Mastery.

I was able to explain the knowings deep inside of myself that I had stuffed away for later....

And it gave me the strength to live my purpose and stand in my Power!


I began using this same tool to assist my friends and family live their best life as well. 

With conscious practice and deep seeded knowing, my clients also stood in their power and began to get out of the way of themselves and let the flow of life be the direction!



Life Will Always Throw You a Curveball or Two....

But Now....

  • you will have a community and a coach to turn to for guidance
  • you will have the structure and the tools to be aware of the situations
  • you will have a whole new perspective on the experiences from your past and from your present
  • you will trust yourself to make decisions
  • you will be kind to yourself as you unravel the lifetime of stories to reveal the wisdom
  • you will stand in the abundance that is yours to experience
  • you will have a new mindset around the outside world and the inside world
  • you will recognize the difference between fear and awareness
  • you will grow in new ways
  • you will blossom into the powerful being you were designed to be

The Self Mastery Movement is for you if you are READY to:

  • Unlearn the self-destructive patterns that have lived in the back of your mind for years
  • Be yourself no matter what the outside experience is throwing at you
  • Have the tools to see yourself through new eyes and see the world through new eyes
  • Believe in your strengths and the wisdom you are here to share with others
  • Learn a fool proof method to making decisions you can be confident in
  • Go deep within to see the gremlins and let the vulnerability of those gremlins re-frame the next phase of your life. 
  • Receive Resources by being the Influence you Are Designed to Be

If this sounds like you....then we are Ready for You inside the Self Mastery Movement

What's Included and the Details You Want to Know

Online Modules to Learn the Structure in Bite Size Digestible Sessions

Pre-recorded videos that are set up to walk you through the structure of the Human Design Bodygraph

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Weekly Deep Dive Group Sessions

There will be a combination of Q&A's and Focused sessions.

This is where you get to share the application of the knowledge and ask questions.


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You are tempted to join but are worried about how you'll find time to keep up with these life-changing tools and teachings?


I See Your Overthinking Brain!

Just drop into your body, this is actually the very first thing that we will cover in this to make decisions from the guidance of your body vs. the chaos of the mind. Please honor the body....if you are moving away from this as you read it, then the body is saying no. If you are leaning in and you can feel the push to be the movement, then please join us!

You have Been in So Many Courses, Facebook Groups and Mentorship groups and you are tired of still not getting results.

Rest assured this is different. There is no guessing here. Your Self Mastery is written within the Human Design bodygraph. 

As a professional, I am here to decode the information and be of service to you as you step into the greatness that is you!


You Deserve to Live the Self-Mastery that is You!

You Deserve to Receive the Abundance that is waiting for You!

You Deserve Relationships with Mutual Acceptance!

You Deserve to Feel at Peace with your world; Satisfaction with your work; Success as your guiding light; and Awe of the Grace there really is to be explored. 

And the Best Part....You will have this for a lifetime!

Your timing of Self- Mastery is not something I can dictate! So you have access to this program forever. There is no time limits at all. Move through as fast or as slow as your body is requiring!


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