Ready to Live Your Purpose and Embody Your Uniqueness?

This 1 year program is designed so you can up-level every area of your life. 

Attract the Wealth, Health and Relationships that you are designed to experience. 

Through a process of  Self-Discovery, Self-Honoring and Self-Trust you will have a space to study and experiment with every aspect of your Human Design. 

Leave doubt, confusion and lack of self-trust behind and step into the powerful being you are! Let go of the fear of what others may think and the mental pressure to stay in the same old rut. You can have it all by trusting why you came here and by letting yourself be who you are designed to be.

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There is No Magic Pill....


What 365 Days You Could See Your Life Through a Whole New Perspective?

What if....You had the opportunity to be experiencing a new Level of Awareness....

What if You could be Experiencing Wealth with a New Motivation?

What if....

By Following a Methodology You Empowered Yourself....

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'to call to mind'

In the Online Video Modules, you have an opportunity to explore the depths of your own Human Design. Remembering who you are with the inside look of your Uniqueness.


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'to benefit from a new perspective'

In the Weekly Group Coaching Calls, we have the opportunity to reframe the experiences and transform this information into wisdom.


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'to change the structure of activity'

Experimenting with the information you have learned and make decisions to align you to your purpose. 


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Your Life is Pretty Good Now.

significant other

✔ career

✔ friends

✔ possibly a family

....and yet....

😬 you become easily frustrated with the work you 'have' to complete.

😖 you feel like no one hears your advice and you are exhausted most days

😞 disappointed and feeling like life is whizzing by

😠 angry you never take action on your creativity

🙄 Still working at a job you dislike

😕 Still don't have enough money to do everything you want

🥱 Still don't have the time to do everything you want

Most days, the mind is so full that the decision fatigue, body burnout, and the life stresses get super overwhelming.

You've taken personal development courses, you've read the self-help books and yet, the old patterns keep you in the same old place.

Let's take the guess work out of coaching and move into the most intricate of systems on the market today: The Human Design System.

The science behind this system is mind blowing.

It combines the ancient ensoteric sciences of astrology, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu Chakra System, and the Chinese I'Ching and it combines it with the leading edge sciences of Quantum Physics and Bio Mechanics. 

The Human Design Chart is a blueprint of your:

  • Money receptors
  • Strengths
  • Skills
  • Communication style
  • Abundance potential
  • Partnership style
  • Correct nourishment for the body
  • Enhanced awareness of experiences
  • Purpose
  • Public role
  • Business plan
  • Family Dynamics
  • Mental Plane Mastery
  • is all encompassing and easily embraced when experimented with daily


This is the Leading Edge when it comes to personality and career testing; as well as, business plan creation!


There is no more trying to answer copious amounts of quizzes and hoping you answer all the questions right so your employer sees your value.

There is no more searching for your purpose.

There is no more mental fatigue trying to figure out how to be happy.

There is no more trying to fit in a box

There is no more self-doubt


There is self-love

There is a direction

There is an acceptance of self, family and co-workers

There is a new perspective and motivation

There is fulfilling work 

There is purpose


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The Self-Mastery Movement Teaches You How to Live Your Best Life From the Inside Out.

Which Means:

🔜 Ditching the decision fatigue and constant second guessing for confident choices 

🔜 No More working yourself to the bone; you will be doing what you love and showing up each day with a renewed expression for the world

🔜 No More doubting your worthiness; being honored for the value you bring

🔜 No More letting the fear stop you from your success

🔜 No More letting the emotional ebb and flow keep you from the life experiences you are designed for

🔜 No More anxiety over money; Prosperity and Abundance becomes your new direction in life

🔜 No More mental pressure or physical stress as you have the mental capacity and freedom to live your best life


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Life Transitions are Tricky! Let me help you Discover Your Greatness in a Quick 30 Minute call to Ease the Burden of Figuring it out!   

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Life Will Always Throw You a Curveball or Two....

But Now You Will....

  • Have a community and a coach to turn to for guidance
  • Have the structure and the tools to be aware of the situations
  • Have a whole new perspective on the experiences from your past and present
  • Trust yourself to make decisions
  • Be kind to yourself as you unravel the lifetime of stories to reveal the wisdom
  • Stand in the abundance that is yours to experience
  • Have a new mindset around the outside world and the inside world
  • Recognize the difference between fear and awareness
  • Grow in new ways
  • Blossom into the powerful being you were designed to be

You know you want to up-level your life - why does it feel so paralyzing to take the first step?

Not knowing is the one thing that tries to hold us back. 

The conditioned mind is throwing up all kinds of roadblocks.

"I don't know if I can afford it." "A year is a big commitment."

"What is the result going to be?" 

It is time to beeline straight to what works:

Full knowledge and trust of your Unique Human Design and the Full Potential that is stored within your DNA/RNA.



The Self Mastery Movement is for you if you are READY to:

  • Unlearn the self-destructive patterns that have lived in the back of your mind for years
  • Be yourself no matter what the outside experience is throwing at you
  • Have the tools to see yourself through new eyes and see the world through new eyes
  • Believe in your strengths and the wisdom you are here to share with others
  • Learn a fool proof method to making decisions you can be confident with
  • Go deep within to see the gremlins and let the vulnerability of those gremlins re-frame the next phase of your life. 
  • Receive the Wealth that you Deserve and live in Abundance 

If this sounds like you....then we are Ready for You Inside the Self Mastery Movement
















You are tempted to join but are worried about how you'll find time to keep up with these life-changing tools and teachings?


I See Your Overthinking Brain!

Just drop into your body. This is the very first thing that we will cover in this movement - how to make decisions from the guidance of your body vs. the chaos of the mind. Please honor the body. If you are moving away from this as you read it, then the body is saying no. If you are leaning in and you can feel the push to be the movement, then please join us!

You have been in so many courses, Facebook groups, and mentorship groups, and you are tired of still not getting results.

Rest assured this is different. There is no guessing here. Your Self Mastery is written within the Human Design bodygraph. 

As a professional, I am here to decode the information and be of service to you as you step into the greatness that is you!


You Deserve to Live the Self-Mastery that is You!

You Deserve to Receive the Abundance that is Waiting for You!

You Deserve Relationships with Mutual Acceptance!

You Deserve to Feel at Peace with your world; Satisfaction with your work; Success as your guiding light; and Awe of the Grace there really is to be explored. 


And the Best Part....You will have this for a lifetime!


Your timing of Self- Mastery is not something I can dictate! So you have access to this program forever. There is no time limits at all. Move through as fast or as slow as your body is requiring!


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Life Transitions are Tricky! Let me help you Discover Your Greatness in a Quick 30 Minute call to Ease the Burden of Figuring it out!   

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Our 1 Year Journey Together Includes:


🔯 Deep Immersion in the Human Design System:

  • Know Your Distractions
  • Know How to Make Decisions
  • The Mind and Becoming the Observer
  • Your Role
  • Strengths and Characteristics
  • Accomplishing the Purpose
  • Relationship Code
  • Wellness Code
  • Wealth Code
  • Entrepreneurial Code
  • Family Dynamic Code

🔯 Methodologies for Mastering the Mental Plane

🔯 Powerful Personal Transformation based on your unique Human Design Chart

🔯 35 Weekly Group Calls with Leann 

🔯 Lots of time for Q&A's and direct coaching with Leann on the Weekly Group Coaching Calls

🔯 Private Community Forum to chat with those in the same process as you

🔯 Powerful Lessons, Experimental Practices, Interactive Workbooks to assist you in getting the depth of your energy 


This Program is For You:

If You are willing to be truthful

If You are Ready to step into your power

If you know the excuses are holding you back

If you know that you are meant for so much more

If you feel a deep knowing that the universe has divinely guided you to this page.


This Program is NOT for You IF:

You want a quick fix

You think you don't have to put in the effort


Life Transitions are Tricky! Let me help you Discover Your Greatness in a Quick 30 Minute call to Ease the Burden of Figuring it out!


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