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Let's Look Past 2020 


Hey Friend, It's Leann. And I am grateful to see you here!

The entire landscape of business and career shifted overnight in this 2020 year! 

All year long, I’ve read your comments and your requests for advice. I heard you loud and clear.

You are tired of feeling stressed. Life is overwhelming. The rise in anxiety is impacting you. You've been scouring the internet for solutions on how to make a living going forward..


What is My Purpose?

This has been the recurring question this year. 

Every life has a central motivating theme that is aiming you towards a fulfilled life and this is called Purpose!

Purpose can guide your decisions making process, influence your behavior, shape your intentions, offer a sense of direction and create meaning in your life and work.

It is important to know that sense of purpose so in the ups an downs of life, you can keep a healthy perspective and refocus on how each of the experiences bring you deeper into a direction and inspire you to move into thriving.   

The need for purpose is a defining characteristics of what it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Without purpose, serious psychological difficulties can impair our outlook and impede our awareness. 

Purpose is vitally important and having a sense of purpose leads to longer healthier, wealthier lives!


I want to Help!

And that is why I created the #PurposeDrivenWealthFormula program.

Within the cells of your body, there is a formula for peace, satisfaction, success and delight. And my role is to re-introduce you to this powerful formula that is deep within so you can have the life that you were designed for!

It's Empowering. It's filled with 'aha' moments. It's life-changing.


Stop Searching! You are in the Right Place.

Why do I know this? Because serendipity has brought you here. AND, the methodology used in this program is leading edge.

With the simplicity of your Birth Data (precise time, date and place), together with your determination to align to your direction of purpose, the program is structured to guide you from where you are now to having a complete awareness of  how you are designed to have the wealth you deserve. 

There is no more second guessing or worry about why you are here or anxiety of about never finding your true purpose. 

At the end of this 16 week process, your dedication to the process may result in a 'business' plan that is purpose driven with profitable solutions you are designed to offer your target market....whether that be in a career or business.

You are the Currency of the Future and you have the opportunity to Create Your Own Economy. 

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No More Second Guessing 

The formula is in your birth data and all we do over the course of 16 weeks is bring it to surface so you can attract the wealth you so deserve!

Let's Put Your Purpose to 'Work' for You!  

Module 1: Trusted Decision Making Process

Module 2: Character Strengths

Module 3: Distraction Awareness

Module 4: Abundance

Module 5: The 3 Aspects of Communication

Module 6: Solutions for Your Clients Problems

Module 7: Marketing for Your Type

Module 8: Who Needs Your Solutions

Module 9: Influencing Through Your Intrinsic Motivation

Module 10: The Wisdom of Repackaging Your Experiences

Module 11: Leading a Team

Module 12: Creating Systems for Maximum Exposure

Module 13: Honoring Your Self

Module 14: Happiness is a Mind Game

Module 15- Turning Failure into Gold and Being the Authority of the Process

Module 16: Refine, Re-Frame and Play


A fully Interactive 16 Weeks Includes Live Coaching so You Get Maximum Benefit!

(Introverts, please know that I honor the process laid out in your #humandesignbodygraph so there is no pressure to interact unless it is correct for you to do so!)

-Build a World Class Resume


-Create the Business of Your Dreams

Either Way, the benefit of the #PurposeDrivenWealthFormula is intended have you living a purposeful life while discovering your calling!


Building a business isn't just for the MBA's or 'natural born' entrepreneurs.

It's for anyone who is ready to get out of their own way and step into their purpose

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Learn - Video Content

Learn the Information as you are designed to do. If you need to take numerous rest periods or consume the content in one sitting. You get to decide how you take in the information. 

Apply - 24 Coaching Sessions

Learn and then Apply! This is the critical element to success. Twice Weekly Sessions for Support as You Stand in the New Empowered You!

Refine - Access Anytime, Anywhere

Learn, Apply and Refine! Keep refining as you move through and experiment. Refinement brings wisdom and knowledge. 

What are you waiting for?

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Here is the Big Question....

When you are 80, will you look back with regret that you let the excuses cost you a life well lived?

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