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Living Your Design - Wealth Alignment Formula

Foundation for Wealth Formula Alignment

Do you easily find yourself frustrated at the end of a day? Feeling very overworked and under appreciated? 

Is the role you are playing in the corporate world just not fulfilling you and your passions?

Would you like to stop working so hard and begin to align with wealth in a whole new way?

In this playshop, we learn how the leading edge personality test called the Human Design System, can align us to a purpose driven life...and it starts with the simplified process of making decisions from an internal GSP.

You will learn that our minds were not created to be a decision making mechanism....and once we learn to let go of making decisions from our minds and we use our authentic nature to interact with the world, all of a sudden we begin to see that purpose unfold in front of us. 

Please join me as we navigate the new personality test that is sweeping across the world as we all searching for 'something' different...and that difference is written in your DNA/RNA! 


See you in the playshop.


What you'll get:

  • Remove Decision Fatigue from the life
  • Understand Your Unique Human Design
  • Learn how the different interaction styles are designed to work in coherence with one another.
  • Learn the big picture Role you are Designed for to begin the process of Aligning to your Wealth Formula

[ Your correct birth data is required so a Human Design Bodygraph can be created for your Uniqueness ]