$18,000.00 USD

MBA - Magnetic Business Alignment

The MBA combines 2 powerful courses into a 12 month container. And Multiple Weekly Live Calls for Embodied Professionalism.

What you'll get:

  • Once a Week Live Calls with Leann
  • Access to the True Creation Mentorship Community with Live Mentor Coach calls 6-8 calls per month. Network, Mastermind and Embody
  • Every level of Human Design Material to learn the mechanics of Human Design so you can specialize in your business. 
  • Manifestation and the Laws of the Universe. This is the animation feature for the mechanics. Experience your best life leveraging the Laws. 
  • Marketing DWY (1 month paid) so you can get your offer or your next level offer into the market place swifter.
  • Licensed Software to help you create offers with ease.

[ Accurate Birth Data for Human Design is critical and your level of participation and aligned action  is the ONLY way to change your current situation. You MUST be willing to push past the conformity of your mind to see new levels of Quantum Leaps]