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The Skill of Human Design will be fundamental to all coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs in the next 10-20 years. Awakening, Relationships, Wellness, Family Dynamics, Business and Sovereignty are all available within the Human Design System. Have more confidence in your chart analysis by being in a community that plays in the material and honors the process.

Human Design Leadership and Coaching Skool

Looking for a Solid Foundation and a Community To Practice your Skills?


Learn. Apply and Thrive

As the world goes through this 'eye of the needle' shift, your opportunity to lean into the best version of yourself is awaiting. 

With the complexity of Human Design to it's deepest levels, this self-study course will open you up to an understanding that is unparallel to conventional teaching. 

Why Chose this course?

Implementing Human Design into coaching programs offers unique advantages and deep insights that can significantly enhance the coaching experience.

Here are ten compelling reasons why a coach would want to learn about Human Design and integrate it into their coaching practices:

  1. Individualized Approach: Human Design provides a detailed blueprint of an individual's energetic makeup, allowing coaches to tailor their approach to each client's specific needs and potential.

  2. Deepens Self-Understanding: It encourages both the coach and the client to explore and understand their inherent traits, strengths, and challenges on a profound level, fostering personal growth and self-acceptance.

  3. Enhances Decision-Making: By understanding one's Human Design, coaches can guide clients in making decisions that align with their true nature, leading to more satisfying and successful outcomes.

  4. Improves Relationships: Coaches can use Human Design to help clients navigate personal and professional relationships more effectively by understanding the dynamics between different energy types.

  5. Identifies Life Purpose: Human Design can provide insights into a client's life purpose and potential paths, empowering them to pursue goals and careers that resonate deeply with their true self.

  6. Optimizes Energy Use: It teaches clients about their energy type and how to best use their energy, which can improve productivity and prevent burnout.

  7. Facilitates Conflict Resolution: Understanding the diverse energy types and communication styles can help resolve conflicts more peacefully and constructively.

  8. Promotes Emotional Intelligence: Human Design offers valuable insights into emotional mechanisms and sensitivities, enhancing emotional intelligence and empathy towards oneself and others.

  9. Supports Stress Management: Coaches can guide clients in recognizing and managing stress triggers based on their Human Design, promoting better mental and physical health.

  10. Encourages Authentic Living: It empowers clients to live authentically according to their design, leading to a more fulfilled and harmonious life.


What You will Get:

  • 210+ Video explainers
  • 300+ PDF's 
  • Specialization when applying this to your coaching, leadership or entrepreneurial journey


Bonus 12 month Mentorship Included:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Learn and Apply Human Design

Book Recommendations: Immerse Yourself in the best books to uplevel your connection to the Drivers mind. 

Transit Reports: Sharing the upcoming changes so you stay CENTERED in your Decision-Making and Manifest from the Field of Potential

Prompts: Build your business, enhance your relationships and increase your wellness with prompts that encourage self-awareness

 Community is the Key to the Learning Process

-Gain confidence and Clarity in analyzing charts as well as a space to share your wisdom

- Have a community where you can ask questions and be provided support. 

- Join the calls (6x/mth) and learn the depths of the Human Design System. 

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