$1,597.00 USD

Human Design Self Study

Save time from searching endlessly to find information on Human Design. Learn from one of the best Human Design Analysts and start living your aligned life.

Earn money by being you, attract healthy relationships and keep your body and mind healthy. This is the trifecta of life. 

Participate in life differently and life will reflect back the magic of your design. 

Side Effects of Embodying Your Design and Learning This Skill

You Will Have:

  • More Confidence to ask for what you deserve
  • More energy to experience life on your terms
  • More Certainty of the Direction Your Career or Business is going
  • A deep Awareness of Who you attract into your life and What You are here to Learn
  • A Fun Perspective that is not clouded by the beliefs and judgements of others
  • A Grounded Sense of your Purpose and a way to share your services and products in a passionate manner
  • The ability to see Trial and Error as wisdom and use them to build a 'better mouse trap'
  • Be Motivate to Take ALIGNED Action and Surrender to the Magic the Life has in store for you
  • Create Wealth on purpose and Spend it on the Ones you Love
  • Better Offers because you know exactly what problems you are here to solve
  • Trust yourself and your Decision Making, even when it doesn't make sense to your friends and family
  • 160+ video explainers, PDF's and PowerPoints to enhance the learning and Application


Material Available in this Human Design Self Study:

  • Foundational Level of Knowledge includes Decision-Making Strategy, Strengths and Characteristics (Channels and Gate), Centers (the Wisdom of the open and the teaching of the defined)
  • Streams of Awareness
  • Profile - Your Public Role
  • Incarnation Crosses and Quarters - How does the Purpose get fulfilled
  • Your Wealth Code
  • Your Entrepreneurial Code
  • Your Wellness Code
  • Your Relationship Code
  • Cycles and Transits
  • Family Dynamics

The Value of this offer if you were to take each of these classes separately would be:

Living Your Design $300

Rave ABC’s $400

Rave Cartography $750

Professional Training Levels 1-4 $6,130

Advanced Differentiation Degree $7,700

Variable Teacher $4,000

Holistic Analyst $1,400

Family and Child $1,000

Business and Career $19,750

Ra’s Jovian Archive Material $5,000

Total Value: $66, 195


Today You get all of the above for a Steal of a Deal 


 [It is important when looking at Human Design that you have your precise birth data. As we are going into levels of the information that requires precision]

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