The Actual New World Order; It's You

May 11, 2020

2 Min Read + 47 Min Video

Has the Distraction that is happening in our world pulled you into mental unrest?


As we move closer to the 2027 shift, I wanted to bring you another video to assist you in deepening your connection to your own power. The Program is empowering us now to trust in the self-reflected conscious application of the human experiential way.


The mental plane convinces us to ‘buy’ into it’s agenda and the program is providing us with ample opportunity to trust our esoteric nature and get ‘re-paired’ to the consciousness field!


Self-Awareness is witnessing our bubble of biology interact on this material plane by using the correct strategy i.e wait for response; wait for recognition and invitation, wait for a lunar cycle or inform prior to action. Once we release the mental conditioning force of being the decision maker, many miracles can happen daily.


More money, better relationships, harmonious family dynamics, self-reflected consciousness, to name a few of the benefits.


As I have said before, my filters are adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice.


I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon.


Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you.


We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

  1. Have autonomy through decision making.
  2. Attract resources (money, information and people) by trusting your purpose.
  3. Witness the Global Consciousness Instructions and take advantage of the shifts.
  4. Experience the Relationships in your life at a new level of awareness.
  5. Get out of your own way and move into a place of Self Mastery!


Are you tired of the what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.


Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your heath care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices.


Self Mastery Movement Application Process


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