The Actual New World Order; It's You

May 11, 2020

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Has the Distraction that is happening in our world pulled you into mental unrest?


As we move closer to the 2027 shift, I wanted to bring you another video to assist you in deepening your connection to your own power. The Program is empowering us now to trust in the self-reflected conscious application of the human experiential way.


The mental plane convinces us to ‘buy’ into it’s agenda and the program is providing us with ample opportunity to trust our esoteric nature and get ‘re-paired’ to the consciousness field!


Self-Awareness is witnessing our bubble of biology interact on this material plane by using the correct strategy i.e wait for response; wait for recognition and invitation, wait for a lunar cycle or inform prior to action. Once we release the mental conditioning force of being the decision maker, many miracles can happen daily.


More money, better relationships, harmonious family dynamics, self-reflected consciousness, to name a few of the benefits.


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I am so grateful that my information has found you. Today we discuss the actual New World Order. 


I am an incessant researcher and what I get to do every day is to help men and women all over the planet to stand in their Self-Mastery, by recognizing the patterns that are holding them back. We walk through their past and learn who they are designed to be. They can become abundant, have healthy relationships, have family dynamics that are recognizable and harmonious.  


What I want you to understand is that the 'Cross of Planning', which also has the 'Cross of the Maya'. They have been doing their job for 400 plus years and they're going to continue to do the job for the next 7. 


Right now the world feels very torn and we are moving over to the 'Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix'. When the cycle we are in comes to a close in 2027 the 'Cross of Planning', and the 'Cross of the Maya' will no longer be the keys. 


Our behavior has been around focusing on logic, our creative self-expression, continuity, or the lack of continuity. The temple, the actual love of the body has been this aloneness, yet the 40th gate is also the Foreman, meaning we have had to put our bodies through work. The rule of our leaders has been to identify with logic, future, details, focus, and continuity. It has been about working hard for that continuity. There's this been identification and honing in of skills. 500 years ago we didn't have the majority of these skills so that's been our pattern. Now the cycle is coming to a close and it just so happens that this particular shift is going to open a new cycle. Our language has changed. In 400 years our vocabulary went from very simplistic to having numerous dictionary entries. 


We've matured into this and a big part of the way has been family. We have procreated a lot in the last 400 years, increased the population drastically but now, 'our way' is no longer the family, the friends, or the bargain. 


The 61st gate is our inner truth. This is our connection to Source and is an individual gate. This is about witnessing having self-awareness,  this bubble of biology interacting and interfacing with the world we are designed to witness. We were designed, in this last 400 years, within this 'Cross of Planning', and this channel is all about bargains, community, and contracts, and giving away our inner authority to government and big pharma and that was the plan and what the Cross of Planning was all about. It did its job and the entire time we have been witnessing the truth of this within ourselves, knowing that we gave away our power. In these next 7 years, we are going to drop back into our power.  


The new world order, no matter what you believe, means this era is coming to a close. We can feel that anybody who is deeply invested or rooted in terms of their livelihood, is very concerned about this upcoming change. The global orchestrated directory is changing meaning we can unlock the beauty of who we are as humans. Our nature is going from very logical and focused energy to personal power. 


The 34 isn't about giving your personal power to anybody else. Rather, it is about using your power for your charismatic manifestation in the now. It is about using your power to live life by your convictions and to survive spontaneously in the now. This has absolutely nothing to do with anybody else but you, hence the reason I was called to develop the 'Self Mastery Movement'. This is the movement into personal power. 


Intuition, our creative self-expression is going to be intuitive clarity. 


The temple is about achieving union with the power that we hold within. We worked our asses for 400 years and now the key to this in that for the next 400 years starting 2027 is to achieve union with our self-power. 


Our leadership going forward with this 7th gate is all about a brand new cycle. They are potentially going to bring some of the best parts and possibly some of the worst parts of the last. Every new thing is built on old ways and the pattern so we were identified with logic, future, skills, and naming things. Now the pattern is contemplation in the now. They plan came to a close, now the plan is shock - let shock move us and initiate us into our mystical way. The 51 is a part of the 'Mystical Way'. Gates 19, 49. 37, 40, 51, 25 10, 20 - this is shocking us and initiating us into the power that we hold within us. There is nothing outside of your skin that can hold you back from the power that is held within your bubble of biology. 


Over the next 7 years, we are going to see this tested. We are going to be shocked and initiated because this energy is visible a few years before and a few years after. We are going to be shocked into the initiation of just how effing powerful we are as human beings and the way was family, to populate, procreate, create these bargains. Now it is dropping into the spirit of self, how this innocence of the 25th gate will be unlocked when we allow for that spirit to absolutely ride the pain and the pleasure of life. 


The witness moves out of this 61st gate of inner truth to ambition and there's going to be this fuel that will provide this ambition for us to stand in our power on the material way and hone into the correct ambition. What does that look like in human design terms? Well, depending on your strategy, you should wait for the response, wait for recognition and invitation before action and wait for a lunar cycle. That is the fuel for the correct ambition. Then we get to stand in our charismatic power and be initiated into standing in our mystical way, knowing our spirit and achieving union in this whole brand-new cycle, within the global orchestrated directory. It is empowering us in such a deep way - it is supporting us and sharing with us exactly how we can do this. We have all the tools in the human design system so the actual New World Order has absolutely nothing to do with tyrannical people out there who are trying to suppress and hold back human beings. They are using these last 7 years to catapult us into the power that we hold within ourselves.  


I am so passionate about this and want to share with you this profound encryption in every single one of these gates and lines are so deep and juicy. There is this last little craziness in this world that's trying so hard to hold on to this cross that is diminishing. 


It's moving away and I want to bring you this 36 gate which is so profound in the human exponential way. The human exponential way is the 41, 30, 36, and 35 - how do we progress? There has to be this gate of crisis so we have to have this darkening of the light every single new cycle. The rule of cycles in which decline is a natural but not enduring state. This decline can't endure because every time a cycle comes to a close in the 42, the 53 is right there to start a new cycle. We are always beginning - middle - end, and this is so the decline isn't an enduring state. 'The Sleeping Phoenix', we bring down these ashes, and then we rise out of them so the 36th gate is a part of the right angle 'Cross of Eden', so you carry a light in your heart of how life can be filled with love yet you encounter much crisis, it is a lifelong journey to return to the Garden of Eden and that place of love, light, and intelligence. 


So the 36 gate knows that there is love out there but it is going to encounter the crisis and it needs to come to a place of love, light, and intelligence. The juxtaposition of this particular gate is the 'Cross of Crisis' so you become an expert in becoming the bridge between crisis and trust in oneself. 


You have numerous experiences in life that guide you to peace and unity. The left angle cross of the plane. We're in this experience so your karma is to assist the disadvantaged to walk through crisis onto a smoother path. 


Now, why am I bringing you the crosses within the gate? Once you understand each layer of it then the whole encryption uncovers itself. Within what's taking place right now in the world we feel all this crisis. This is an experience we're all going through collectively and within that, the beauty of this gate presents itself so the 1st line is always the foundation of crisis, resistance, the energy, and determination to persevere in the face of opposition. The emotional power to handle a crisis. An over principled resistance that, rather than being selective in resistance and thus less at risk will maintain normal patterns and incur opposition resistance to change that will always bring a crisis. So here's what we can do in a crisis.


If you're awake, aware, and trusting your strategy and authority you know that the program is there to help you and share the emotional power to handle a crisis. If we're resisting the change, it's always going to bring a crisis. If you understand your human design and you know this stuff in the wider world at a deep level is not real, you can watch these changes happen on the outside and the inside and you just blend with it and walk with it. You can go with the flow of it so whatever tyranny is out there pay attention to what's happening on the inside. 


Are you experiencing any of that tyranny or are you fully in this emotional power? Can you handle any kind of crisis or are you resisting it so deeply that crisis is constantly on your doorstep and in your experience? 


The 2nd line is The Natural so it's about support, the assistance to others in times of decline. People that have this natural ability to hold this love in their hearts are there to assist us. So the application of imagination to schemes which benefit others, so feelings that can benefit others in times of crisis or the more practical and individual assistance, but only when unavoidable and not as a general principle selective assistance in times of crisis.  


Here we have a higher and challenging expression of it. Where are you in that? Are you trusting your strategy and authority? Are you being selective about who you assist? Now if you don't have this gate, to be clear, we have the whole matrix within our DNA. 98% of that 'junk DNA' that sits there - that's how the openness is still there. We should be allowing it to flow through us and gain the wisdom of it. If it is activated in your DNA you are designed to represent it. 


The 3rd line is Transition, the point at which decline has exhausted its power. As the darkening of the light takes place, the non-enduring stage of the decline is going to exhaust its power so the ability to establish a new order out of the ashes of the old, the emotional depth to endure crisis and embrace change. The 3rd line is telling us if we want to continue and move forward into the progress of the 35th gate, there is going to be a transition period and we have to embrace change. We have to know that decline will exhaust itself and its powers. The tendency is to try to assimilate the remains of the old order into the new, with the risk that it may rise against the new order once it has regained its strength. The old always wants to still sneak in. What is so important to know is that there's always going to be an old order and a new order, a good and a bad, dark and light. 


There's a lot that has to happen in our reality at this time for us to recognize this world that we're living in is a duality. 


The embrace of the change, with feelings that will not let go of the past. So, where are you in this? Are you embracing change or are you not? Ready to let go? That 'Cross of the Planning' is coming to a close, so I would suggest in the next 7 years to drop into the change and re-establishing and repairing your connection to your higher self. This is so that this meat suit can repair. 


Espionage is in the 4th, the ability to prepare for and anticipate decline through the accumulation of secret or privileged information. The realization that knowledge, both covert and esoteric, is necessary if one is to be prepared for crisis and change. This means insider information and a pure connection to your higher self, necessary to walk through a crisis. The tendency to recognize the strengths of the opposition, to accept that the inevitability of decline, and rather than resist offering one service to guarantee survival. That double agent, crisis knowledge, that is available to others for a price. Hence, the reason there's always a price when it is being used for the darkening of the light. The highest expression of this is the underground. The perfected survival regardless of conditions. Immunity to a crisis as both generator and survivor and nervousness that can lead to self-betrayal in times of crisis. Self-betrayal equals zero connection to the esoteric and the higher self. Once there is this self-betrayal the crisis will continue to show up in life. 


Justice, the inevitable survival of right. The knowledge and attendant faith that the powers of darkness eventually destroy themselves. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. The correctness of crisis when it arises out of pure feelings. 


Do you see how powerful that is? 


When we absolutely can trust that we all have the emotional power to handle the crisis because the human design matrix is saying, 'I will share this with you, that will we allow for you to know your own ability to handle crisis', and then we assist others in times of decline.  


Where we can recognize that to transition we need to embrace change because there's always a point where decline exhausts its power. Making sure that we have privileged information. This comes from covert and esoteric connections and then there's an immunity to a crisis. There is an absolute perfected survival, regardless of the outside condition, and knowing full well that the darkness eventually destroys itself. 


Alternatively, the profound sorrow and cynicism that is not diminished by the understanding that darkness is self-annihilating, or the sorrow of cynicism that comes with seeing that despite the correctness of feeling, there is always a crisis. This means the higher expression of this is indicating there's a resistance to change.  This is all pretty's selectively bringing all that old energy, never letting go of the past. 


When I evaluate my experience in all of this crisis that's happening on our planet, for the most part, nothing has changed in my life except I have made more money over the last 6 weeks staying true to who I am. I continue to operate the frequency of the God code that is within my Bodygraph and which resides inside this meat suit. Money isn't evil, money is a reward for correctness. Any of the stores I've gone to has always had a plethora of food. There's no craziness happening, no social distancing, there's none of that's happening because inside of me I have justice as part of my design. I know that those that are going to be destroyed are going to go mad first and why? Because the mental plane is so strong that if there is no connection if there's been pure self-betrayal and no connection to the esoteric, no way to handle a crisis or to embrace change, that is going to make people angry.  


There's mental unrest happening there so evaluate what is your experience. Evaluate how you are operating your human design. Or are you letting the human design operate you - this is how it should operate because there's nothing to figure out. There's nothing to get in the way of the beauty of that design. When it works through you there properly, it is a pure connection to a higher Source and is the wisdom and the absolute empowerment and support. It is sharing what the program has for us, for our evolution. 


My question to you is, 'What is the cost to you to continue to let your mind run the show?'. I am richer today in integrity, correctness, and have more abundance of joy than I ever have.  The human design brings us grace. The 22nd gate has been sitting there and the grace of God is saying 'I have you, I am empowering you', through this mutate of energy that we're walking through right now.  


Pluto is still and is going to continue to go in and out until 2022 so it's empowering us. The 22nd gate of Neptune has been gracefully empowering us, the 60th gate of Saturn is here to empower our transcendence. We get caught up and distracted on the mental plain but the cycle is designed to come to a close and this is what is approaching.


I encourage you to run your life by getting letting your human design show up. If you want to walk this with me then 'Self-Mastery Movement' is the place to be.  



As I have said before, my filters are adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

  1. Have autonomy through decision making.
  2. Attract resources (money, information and people) by trusting your purpose.
  3. Witness the Global Consciousness Instructions and take advantage of the shifts.
  4. Experience the Relationships in your life at a new level of awareness.
  5. Get out of your own way and move into a place of Self Mastery!


Are you tired of the what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.


Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices.


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