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Aura/Electromagnetic Field

As Advisors, the best way for the Projector to really guide the Generators and Manifestors (Gens & Man/Gens) is to have an aura that penetrates into the other; an aura that moves past the bulls**t of the conditioned mind's victims story and delves deep into the real strengths the other is carrying within themselves. 
This is the dominion of the projectors aura - penetrating into the other and then you, the projector, absorb the other person. Yep, that's right. You absorb the energy of the other! 
And this interaction is taking place without any conscious thought! 
So, you are meeting someone for coffee, you penetrate in, you absorb and then you focus... The focus in not mental, it is aurically. Your energy field completely focuses in on the other person! Staying focused on the other allows you to truly watch, witness, and BE present so you can ask the best questions to move those Gens & Man/Gens to their response! 
So, as a recap... your aura will penetrate, absorb and then focus.


Your perfectly built aura gives you a 'leg up' per se in the conversation because immediately, your aura is recognizing the other as long as you are being you.
What do I mean by that? Well, recognition starts with you first. It is critical that you have recognized your skills, strengths, shadows, weaknesses, and power before you go around poking that aura into others.
Remember, you have been absorbing other people your whole life and what the conditioned mind has done is turned that into a victims story of:
  • "You need to work harder"
  • "You should tell someone your idea right now"
  • "Hurry up and take action before someone thinks you are lazy"
  • "Defend your position on this matter right now"
  • "You could do great things if you were just..."
  • "If you just keep pleasing that friend, she will eventually listen to your advice"
  • "You would be great if you did the same thing she is doing"
  • "If you just work as hard as that guy does, someone will promote you"
All of this is keeping you distracted from your own recognition and in turn, the conditioned mind will keep you distracted in the interaction. The distraction is measuring you against them, comparing you against them, and creating the above narrative. You have now gotten lost in your head and are brewing another story up within yourself.
Let's just take a look at an example so you can see what I mean.

Here is an Example

When she stands in her recognition of self and relaxes into her strengths, she will be recognized by others as the perfect guide on how to be tenacious in the adversity of life and no matter what life throws at her, she exudes the strength of curiosity. This curiosity spills into her conversations and she loves to share the details of her experiences with you when invited. She is exuding the taste of success as she communicates how she concentrated on her creativity as she stood in the face of adversity. and she then asks you about your struggles and experiences. She's curious about the work you do and how you nurture yourself amongst the progressive momentum forward. She is curious how you will keep a balance with work and commitment and how you keep your body healthy as you walk your path! (Cole's Notes Version here of course)
However, if she is steeped in the bitterness of life and is comparing herself to all the working Gens and Man Gens, the conversation will look like this. She is pissy because 'every time' she shared her struggle people tune out or avoid her altogether. She is filled with anxiety that life is gonna kick her ass again so she avoids life and works harder trying to solve her problem of what direction she should take to be as successful as the neighbor. She pulls herself out of bed every day, exhausted and pissy that she is working at a job that sucks. She meets you for coffee and the conversation sounds like this, "I stayed later at work than anyone else. My boss never recognizes this about me! I feel so friggen lost and I just avoid the lady in the next office because she makes me nervous..."  She then asks how your day was and as you are sharing your experiences, she says, "You should just avoid that and you should get pushy, etc, etc". 
Of course, this is an exaggerated example, just so I can get a point across. However, if she just knew that the struggle she is experiencing is to enhance her tenacity so she stays curious about life and that it is not there to beat her into submission. The energy of her aura would have a taste of success and not bitterness.
This recognition is the CRITICAL piece of the puzzle. She must recognize herself and her unique way to maneuver through life so those that are ready for her tenacious curiosity can invite her in.
And this leads us to invitations...


Invitations in today's world are most likely not going to show up as a beautiful invitation in the mail that is scented with the smell of gramma's fresh baked bread! 
Our digital life has really created a conundrum for the projector. How am I supposed to know a 'good invitation' vs. a 'bad invitation'?
First, let's clarify a few things. Invitation is really for the big things in life career, business, home, car, having kids or not, etc. These big things in life MUST have an invitation or the burnout factor is going to be tremendous!
However, invitations in everyday life are also critical because it is everyday life where the bitterness or success builds up! 
Look back to the beginning and take a look at that image of the aura. It penetrates and focuses on the other! Now just for a moment, we will use the example of our struggling projector vs our tenacious projector.
Would you like to be waving around an aura that is filled with struggle, exhaustion, and bitterness or would you like to be waving around an aura that is tenacious and curious and experiencing life through the eyes of success?
Here is what I want to tell you. As someone with a totally open G center or Identity Center, the diamond shape in the middle of the bodygraph, I get physically nauseous when a bitter projector is fiddling around in my aura! 
The totally open G center in my bodygraph is like an 'authentication meter' for me. If the place I am in does not 'feel' correct, the people in that place are not 'authentic' (Again, Cole's Note version). I have experienced this sensation my whole life, it wasn't until I met design that I could understand it though. If a bitter projector penetrates into my aura, the first thing they do is recognize this open G center, and immediately, they want to 'fix me'. They think I do not know my direction in life so they begin to tell me what I 'should' and 'should not' be doing OR they energetically make adjustments without my invitation. Now, my experience with projectors that are aligned to their true nature. This is a totally different experience for me! These are the projectors that 'feel' authentic and I can't wait to be around them because enveloping their success and inviting in their guidance is powerful for me.
Now, it is not always up to the projector to be aligned; it is about the Gen and Man Gen being aligned as well. Take me for example, if I am living in my conditioned mind and totally frustrated with what is going on, being mentally defensive and pushing my mind's agenda on people, and I am not ready to 'see' what is happening, I most certainly do not want a projector absorbing that shit either! So it is not all about one or the other. It is just that our focus is on the projector right now.
So back to the invitation...
The successful projector will be invited into being a guide to those that require the strength and mastery that a particular projector has to share.
So when our example projector is waving her aura around, the Gens and Man Gens that are requiring guidance on the struggles they are having around how to find their direction in life or how to feel more valued. Those Gens and Man Gens will invite her in.
But, if that Gen or Man Gen is tasting a bitter struggling projector, they will run for the hills and wait for the next aligned projector to show up, which in turn creates more bitterness in the projector because that projector is not recognized as the tenacious fighter and risk-taker that she truly is. She is recognized for a struggling pissy projector.
And the loop continues...
But once the mechanics of your design are revealed to you through an HD reading, your retrospective view, and forward-moving experimentation. The bitterness can then be seen for what it is meant to be and that is a guidepost to keep you as close to your authentic self as possible!
How can you recognize a 'good vs bad' invitation?
The energy behind the invite and the response of your inner authority is how you will recognize if the invite is really real or as fake as three dollar bill!
The energy of the invite can be explained like this. How is the other meeting you? Are you putting in all the effort? Or is the other meeting you or coming all the way to get your successful guidance?
Again, I will use a simple example but you will see what I mean.
Your friend is going to the movie...
  • Scenario 1. She tells you that you can come and she tells you she will meet you there.
  • Scenario 2. She asks you if you wanna meet her at the movies for the 10 pm late movie because she is going.
  • Scenario 3. She calls you and invites you to go with her to watch the latest thriller that is playing at the movie theatre.
She knows you don't like to stay out late so the 7 pm showing has available seats. She offers to pick you up and you know she always brings you your favorite tea when she comes!
Again, this is a simple example, but clearly, you can tell the real invite from the three-dollar bill invite!
So for us non-projectors, it is so important to know that the projectors in your life require you to bring the energy, meet them more than halfway.
This goes for the invitations for you, the projector, share your advice. If the other person is not inviting you in, leave it alone! If you are unclear if they are inviting you to share your expertise or advice, ask the person that is in front of you if they would like your advice or are they just venting.
If that Gen or Man Gen is just venting off the frustration, you will use a ton of your precious energy trying to advise a deaf person! They can't hear you at that moment. Maybe tomorrow when they cool down they will be ready to invite you in, but today that is not the case.
AND be aware of the hook. Do they hook your bitterness to join in with the frustration so the 'pity' party can loop and loop? This is usually what happens so be aware of what you are aligning yourself to. Your bitterness or your success.
And herein lies the whole reason for the blog. When you recognize what you are bringing to the table and what you are aligning to bitterness or success, know that whatever side of the table you are sitting on, bitterness or success, that is where the invitations will originate from! You will be invited to spew more bitterness or play in success! 


1. Recognition begins with you and how to recognize which witch is which, is the signposts. Bitterness and success and also exhaustion and health (if you have not done so, please have a human design reading by a professional; knowing your mechanics is critical to this process).
2. Invitations will be a clear indication of how your alignment to your true self is going. If the invites are requiring that you put in all the effort., most likely you are trying to act like a manifestor, generator, or manifesting generator and the hook to your bitterness is what is being called out of you. Success and the invitations to guide by sharing your success are what alignment brings and it also brings you many open and willing Gens and Man Gens that are craving your mastery! As a Manifesting Generator, who gets very investigative and deeply self-absorbed in my studies, a welcome breath of fresh air happens when successful projectors appear in my life. There is no better taste than the taste of success!
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