Nature vs. Nurture in the Human Design System

Jan 14, 2019

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In Design, when you look at your chart, there is going to be centers that are colored in with red, gold, green or yellow and some that are white (in the rare case of the Reflector/Evaluator the centers are all white and in some rare quad splits, the centers are all coloured in).


The centers that are coloured in are your Nature, this is the energy you came here to operate from. The energy that is your instrument to play in this human existence. Your nature is consistent and reliable. This is what we call your True-Self. This is the student.


The centers that are white, this is your Nurture. This is the music you are playing in this lifetime. This is the curriculum you are going to learn/experience in this lifetime. This is what we call the 'not-self' as this is not your energy, this is the energy other people will bring to you so you can learn from it. This is also a place of great conditioning if you are making decisions from the mind. Because of the energy of others and transits flow through these centers, it is either a place of wisdom or a place of conditioning. The conditioning comes when you make decisions from the mind as all this energy creates chaos and distraction and unhealthy decisions. However, when the mind is clear from the task of decision-makers, these places of nurture can bring a massive amount of wisdom.
We attract what we don't have so we can influence and fulfill our purpose. If the mind is making decisions, we are unable to see what we need to nurture and what is our nature. What tends to happen is we try so hard to get better at the things we are not designed to do, be, and have, and we disregard the beauty that already is us! Trust that the decision making that happens within the body is the guide that is consistently showing you the way.
If there is disrepair or dis-ease in the physical body, this is your indication that decision making has been happening in the mind and is creating discord in the body. 
The cells of our body will repair if we are not putting them under ginormous resistance as the mind plays us like a marionette doll! The design has all the answers, so remove the decisions from the mind and follow your nature!
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