Marketing for your Human Design Type and Profile

how to use human design in business human design marketing strategies your ideal marketing plan by design Nov 18, 2022

Your Marketing Plan is similar to your Brand Message. 

Your Profile is key to how the public sees you and how to position your marketing message.

Your Type is how you will interact and participate in your marketing strategy. 


  • Marketing is based in information….
  • What are some things you are moved to bring attention to?
  • Example, you notice a piece of baren land and you see a new way the land could be used….once you recognize it you are then moved to innovate. Tell people and watch as the path infront of you clears and the doorway you create
  • You are designed to initiate others through informing….
  • Making an impact in your unique way can initiate others into the correct movement for them….

Generators/Manifesting Generators:

  • What are the vehicles you Respond to for getting Your Message Out to the People Who need it?
  • For example, I responded to creating videos for YouTube which has now expanded to Bitchute, LBRY and I am looking at my own TV platform!!
  • What is the Process that Brings you Satisfaction?
  • Do you love to write? Do your love to scupt? Do you Love to Paint? Do you Love to Cook?
  • Who has requested your energy? What were they asking?
  • Clients asked me for coaching programs and video training….


  • As you have Moved Through Your Experience so Far….when have you been Recognized the most and then invited to advise?
  • For Example, have you been recognized for your ability to write instruction manuals? Or Was your one person play so touching that that you got a contract to assist others?
  • Know that you don’t have to do it alone!
  • You are designed to ask for others to help you so their talents can be used with satisfaction
  • Success is a cellular feeling….
  • Can you recognize the most dynamic aspects of your experience that felt like a deep success?
  • In the mean time….MASTER YOUR PASSION



  • What are you being initiated into?
  • Pay attention to the groups that are asking you to engage your wisdom….
  • Objective Evaluation and Assessment is required in our world….
  • Consumer Reports is a perfect example of what you can offer the world.
  • An Objective assessment of the claimed features and benefits…Again, there will be a platform that is best for you and one that you are can be in awe when engaging with it


Please watch the video for a more detailed look! 



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