How to Connect with Your Sacral Response

Dec 15, 2020

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Ahhhhh…the elusive Response: what is it and why is it so challenging for the Generators and Manifesting Generators to recognize it?


First, let’s take a trip back in time to a place where the Manifestors ruled the world….they ruled the world with little communication and an iron fist….for centuries (and still to this day), there has been a culture of “I will tell you what to do and I expect you to obey me.” There is usually a lot of fear embedded in this way of Rulership as Food, Shelter, Water and ‘having enough’ is held over the heads of those that are being ruled. This has caused most of humanity to shift the fear into a place of mental decision making and coping mechanisms to appease the master….which at one time was the ruler….however, today it is the conditioned mind….the incessant nagging of the polarity of the conditioned mind….


If you would do this, we could have that….

You should do this so this could be the result….

If you just do this, that could be ours….


The constant negotiating of the conditioned mind that keeps 99%+ of the population in a tail spin of confusion, doubt and lack of self trust….Mental decision making is based in REACTION. Something happens, the mind lashes out and forces your body into action….the end result may be frustration and a little bit of anger but the ‘job’ got done….Causing Mental Drain and Mental conversations that are not nice to listen….

So how can the Sacral Being, which is 70% of the population, break free from the mental dialogue ruling or running the life?




First let’s get into the Center and learn more about it!


What is the Purpose of the Sacral?

The Sacral Center is designed to be Open and Enveloping which attracts others towards it’s energy for the purpose of creating, working and to be ‘used’ well.

The Characteristics of the Center are as follows:

34- Be Self-Empowered to survive, honor it’s own convictions, be charismatic. This is a transformational frequency with the purpose of living a good life.

59- Supportive Intimacy for the purpose of creating more in terms of people, products, and relationships.

27- Supportive Caring and nourishment for the purpose of initiating consciousness

14- The empowered Treasure Trove of Energy Capacity for Transformational purposes

3- Ordering the Mutative energy into Consciousness for the initiating transcendence

42- Sharing Consciousness and maturation that comes from experiences with others for the purpose of Initiating the expansion.

29- The purpose of commitment to discovering oneself when interacting and sharing an experience with the other

9- Focusing on the patterns that are present in the universe and sharing the transformation when honoring one’s place

5- Sharing the wisdom of flow for the purpose of transformation


We are Called Builders

This powerful motor is the energy we need to bring consciousness, bonding, and transformation to the earth. This takes an enormous amount of energy to keep the life force of our existence moving along in time and space!


One thing you may notice from the above image is the Sacral Center is not present in the 2nd Quarter of Civilization; Purpose Fulfilled Through Form….so why are we called builders? We often hear that the Generators and Manifesting Generators are here to work…and this is truthful. However, working and building is not to be done with ‘hard work’ or frustration.


That is the reason we have 3 gates of the Sacral in the 1st Quarter of Initiation….this is the space where we master the mental plane….never letting the conditioned mind run the show…mastering the mental plane is critical for everyone, however, the builders need to master this the most so we are not enslaved by the conditioning. When we are enslaved the generative energy becomes very degenerative (just take a look at the mainstream media right now…pure destructive energy). The Sacral also has 2 gates in the 3rd Quarter of Bonding….we need to let people in and co-create for the betterment of creation. And then lastly, we have 4 gates in the 4th Quarter of Transformation. A life well lived is a transformative energy.


So Builders are designed to master the mental plane, co-create and to surrender to the transformational flow that is empowering us.


This again is not about ‘hard work’ this is an energetic surrendering of one’s place in the game of life!


Ok, so what is Response???

This beautiful red square is designed to be asked….


It is designed to have this energy REQUESTED….


To be used well, is to wait for the requests to present themselves….And no, you can not ask yourself if this idea is good or if that idea is good and listen for a response. If you are in your own head asking questions, the whole point of co-creating with others has gone out the window!


Response is a guttural noise, a giggle, a movement, a head nod…it will be initiated from outside of you….


A bird chirps and you look.


Your Dog barks and you look to see what is happening.


Your neighbor asks you to help lift a new couch into their house and you hear ‘uh huh’.


Your boss askes you to make a PDF outlining the procedures for hiring someone and your body takes a step backwards.


The Universe is tickling your awareness and you let your body accept something new is on the way and your body ‘feels’ satisfied.


You find yourself ‘doing’ work and it is satisfying.


You are in a conversation and you hear yourself grunting with agreement and leaning into the conversation or you are hearing ‘hummmm’ and leaning out of the conversation.


You read a social media post and find yourself creating a blog, video or podcast to assist others. (the reason you are reading this)


Sacral Noises are created by:

Correct Questions Can change the Response:




Response is at the heart of the Human Design System….if you were to color the entire Mandala in (see image) we get an Emotional Manifesting Generator….The universe is a response mechanism…Ever  heard of the Law of Attraction? …Asking the Universe and then surrendering to the Flow…that is the how the Law works and this is how the Sacral operates. Let people, animals, birds or the Universe ASK/Request Your Energy and then Surrender to the Response….


You are designed to be asked or to have your energy requested…And then, the Sacral response (guttural noises, leaning in, moving towards, stepping backward, not moving, head shake, head nod) is the INDICATION as to whether or not you actually have the energy to engage with the request…AND if the request is correct for the strengths and qualities of your frequency. (the definition of the gates and channels in your #bodygraph)


If you have the energy, it will be a yes. If you don’t have the energy, it will be a no. If the timing is not right, it will be a maybe.



You may only experience movement of this swift energy of Charisma….the request comes and you are in motion before you realize it….


What if my Inner Authority is Emotional Solar Plexus….

You are still responding from the Sacral….however, the Emotional Intelligence needs to gather ‘intel’ about the situation. Clarity of moving up and down in a range of emotions provides all levels of ‘awareness’ of the request. Once Clarity is within the cellular experience, you no longer are nervous to engage with the request. There is clarity of the yes, or no and the timing is correct….


34/20’s with Emotional Authority: Pay close attention to your movement as I said before, there may be a lightening fast movement into action. Recognize it and allow yourself time to gather the emotional intelligence of the situation…



Know your two, three or four islands of energy and train yourself to place your awareness into the region of the body below the navel or into the testis area….When interacting with others, are you using the sacral response as the inner guide or the other islands of energy?


Some Experiences that May Be ‘blocking’ the Response

We can’t forget that even though the Sacral is defined, is can still be conditioned by others….


The biological function of the Sacral is the Ovaries, Testis, Womb, Bones and Bone Marrow (stem Cells).


Some experiences that may be hindering your connection and witnessing of response may be…

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Abuse of Your Personal Power
  • Toxic foods
  • Refusing support and Giving too much
  • Incorrect usage of energy (enslaved in a job, over exercising, not having satisfaction)
  • Having Children because you felt obligated
  • Being ‘ballsy’ even though you knew the action was not appropriate


If there have been experiences of such nature in your reality, it is a good time now to begin to re-frame and re-member them though the lens of now….to let your body re-pair and your healthy mind to re-connect with source. We are bubbles of biology that are intertwined in the mental plane….the conditioned thoughts and experiences may embed as dis-ease within the body. If the Response is elusive, the above list might be a good place to start.


Comprehending Initiation

This is another topic can get very distorted the more degrees of separation from the original teaching.


Initiation of self is reserved for the Manifestors and Innovators.


Builders are designed to have bonding as a fundamental piece of their reality because the Sacral has 2 gates that are in the quarter of bonding. So it is totally ok to reach out and call a friend. Or invite your friend to a lunch. One thing Ra always said was to then have that friend ask you if you can go to lunch and wait for the response….make it a two way conversation and let each other’s strategy and authority be heard and honored.


Builders are not designed to initiate themselves, we have an open and enveloping aura….we are not designed to ‘make shit happen’ we are designed to respond to what is requested of us.


For example:

I have a website with a scheduling app for clients to book appointments. I put out to the Universe what I have to offer and others respond to it….but the creation of this system happened because clients were requesting appointments from me….and I responded by creating the scheduling page.


Initiation is creating “before’ the request….the conditioned mind says ‘hey you should do…” so you do it and then no one buys it. OR. The conditioned mind says “hey, you could go here and make…” you move to the new place, and create this magnificent offer and there is no one there that is interested….you spent time and money and you have no buyers.


This is initiation from the conditioned mind…..Now you may say….there was an intuitive hit or inspiration to make such and such happen….and yes, the universe can request us and ignite our response….however, this is not a conditioned mind voice. This is the connection to source and it takes great practice to know the difference.


Here is an example of the Universe.


I was driving to town to get groceries and I find myself at a store that I never go to. My body just does not feel (my cognition is feeling) good when I am in this particular store. However, this day, I find myself in the parking lot and walking into the store. I surrender to this movement and less than 30 seconds after walking in the door, I see a friend who I have not spoken to in about 2 years. She has battling cancer at the time and the moment she saw me, she burst into tears and we hugged for a good minute and I held her while she cried!


My body was responding to her requests from an energetic level. And my job was to surrender and let myself move….



Generators, Manifesting Generators, Builders are here to use their energy through response. Surrendering to the flow and engaging only when it is correct. Mastering the mind and recognizing the shoulda, woulda, coulda and relaxing into witnessing who or what is requesting your energy.


If there is a nasty, nagging voice in your head and your body is reacting to this voice and taking an action to appease it….this is NOT response this is reaction.


The polarity of the mind can never make a decision because it is always wavering from this to that….Inner authority is about witnessing the body….and responding to the requests.


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