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My Home is My Sanctuary and My Work Defines Me!

 I wear many hats…I am a Wealth Coach, a Wife, a Cattle Rancher and Course Creator….

However, back in 2012, I was also locked into a career that was wearing me down

I had it all….a very lucrative career, a farm that was growing, a husband who was working towards his goals and yet….

I was stressed to the max; my body was so inflamed, and sleep was never recharging my battery….

And one day as I was driving 110km/hr down a busy highway and I feel this sensation of heat was building in my chest and moving up into my head, I blacked out for a few seconds….and I hear my mind say “I don’t have time to be sick”….totally not giving any thought to the fact that I was hurling a pickup truck down a busy highway!! 

There had been a feeling inside of me that began about 3 years prior to this moment…I just knew that when the company I was working for was making a pivotal business adjustment, I was not going to be a part of that change… 

And this blackout moment was my wake-up call to make the change necessary for me to step into my purpose driven life and honor my calling!

And this is how I changed it!

So In 2012 I walked away from a that career to focus on doing what I love and loving what I do….I took a few months to decompress and then one day I was at my computer and I typed in ‘new age business’…and the system that I use today to help my clients came to me in that moment…

When we ready to step into our purpose, the Universe Supports Us.

For the last 8 years, I learned, studied, tested, experimented and shared this system with my clients….and today I am grateful for The Human Design System as it has allowed me to stand in my purpose in my life and in my business…

And I get to live that purpose everyday…full of satisfaction and feeling like I am living  ‘on point’ and no longer stressed or distracted…

My heart is full of gratitude and my life is filled with effortless momentum!! 

Thank you. Your friend, I appreciate You!


 P.S. My Hope is that I can assist you in living your best life as well!

My credentials:

BG5/OC16/Profit Potential Consultant - BG5 Business Institute

Human Design Analyst *includes partnership, cycles, and transits sessions)-IHDS

Family Practice (pending final assignment submission), Child Development- IHDS

Holistic Analyst and Differentiation Practitioner (pending Thesis submission) - IHDS

Business Coach- Life-Work Resources INC

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